A Passing Thought

Another of a passing thought which came in my mind, just leaving for anyone who would like to say anything about it…

Hum unko yaad to aye, yeh humari kismat hai,
Kisi aur main aap humein dekhen yeh humara asar hai ya uski kudrat hai

2 comments on “A Passing Thought”

  1. tenalirama Reply

    arre unki kismat hai phuti, bolo ki itna mat jaliye
    Bas iodex maliye aur kaam pe chaliye 🙂
    just a paining thought!

  2. priyanka singh Reply

    Dur rehte rehte waqt guzar jaayega
    Ek pal main lamha saal main badal jaayega
    Asar ho ya kudrat bas jee len ye pal
    Kal kya pata waqt kahan se kahan le jaayega…….wah wah wah wah..kya sher maara hai ..

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