Secured Wireless on a Infrastructure Network

I have always feel good when I do something related to technology. It had been a long time for me with a new association with something different in technology. Today was very interesting for me when I changed the networking of my house. Previously four of us friends used to share one internet connection through a peer to peer wireless network with my FRISKY (for those who don’t know it is my computer, and the long story behind it, will write it some other time). For those who can not figure it out yet it is the one in the picture. I was the one who was the most tied up with this set up. I could not take Frisky with me to all places and specially to Barista.

So finally I decided to change everything, With the help of my friend I managed to acquire a Netgear WGT624 wireless router. An awesome piece, which I configured today with a friend and I finally managed to establish a secured wireless connection, through an infrastructure point(I know this is nt rocket science, but its good to be doing something related to networking amidst of an MBA it is MORE LOGICAL. The device works fine, my frisky is free of the shackles of being at home at all times. NETGEAR ROCKS!!!! And I am happy that I have a new kind of gadget and some extra set of wires and gadgets right under my bed. Another set of LEDs would be blinking when I would be sleeping in my room. The light in my room would mean a lot of things the outbound bandwidth availability from my house and also the bandwidth and traffic inside my house. Gadgets are soothing, aren’t they????

2 comments on “Secured Wireless on a Infrastructure Network”

  1. priyanka singh Reply

    i think there are only wires left in your room now…anyways good job dear …atleast you wont have to have black coffee all alone at barista…

  2. Neha Reply

    I must say…dexterity …thy name is Pratik…I know how you feel…Once i fixed a bulb myself..then this another day I opened my CPU and fixed it again…all by myself..:)..then last year i did the entire diwali lighting(entire house,garden) all by myself…n yes..there were wires too…it was good…a sense of accomplishment…a meaning in life…i know only u will understand….n dude!!!How intersting it would be wid all those LEDs..BRIGHT…anyways…whatever said n done u wil b T GUY to think of now when indulging in new gadgets:) 🙂 🙂

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