Few Last Words….

I almost killed myself yesterday, not because of the growing trends in MBA crowd to commit suicide. I have no intention to belonging to the elite group of people who had been successful in their great endeavors to be closer to thy almighty. My escapades of yesterday made me realize that though I am not that old to think in these lines, but still something stirs in my stomach, that I might have done with my time. So I think it is a high time that I should tell people that what I felt about this entire gamut around me-

For my mom & dad– mom & dad you people have been the most fabulous people in my life. Irrespective of the time spent with u, it has been the best time. Though I have behaved like an impossible kid sometimes but I never wanted to hurt you. When I will be gone please take care of yourself and try not to remember me much because it will hurt you.

For the woman in my life- I always wanted to be with you at all the crucial moments of life, I am sorry for the things I never told you. I am sorry for leaving you in the mid way. But there are things which you can’t really help.

For my friends- Well you guys, what to say, may be one last joke. Fix your windows and doors, you know I might just decide to comeback. Always remember happy me, I make this request in complete awareness of the sad face that I have and the poor jokes that I used to crack. Please share all my things except my laptop please send it back home and also make sure the things which need to be deleted are deleted from it. You can make a copy if you want to I never objected to do that, pleasure should always be spread. Yes one of you who has the password to my blog please write a post that the author no more exist so that people who visit my blog know of me.

I don’t know why I am writing this but you never know when the lightning strikes.

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  1. Sumeet Reply

    jaldi kar le sale sar pe ka bojha kaam ho jayega but b4 spare a thought to first in ur list in ut blog

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