The Dame's Love: Professionalism or Emotionalism?

I got one more forwarded mails today, I sometimes wonder that what purpose these forwarded mails serve except for informing that sender is still alive and has at least one of his hands in his place so that he can press the forward button. In some cases it is good to know that while in other it doesn’t matters. Though this one triggered made me write this blog

A cute love story…..!!!!!

Two butterflies were in love. One day, they decided to play Hide n Seek during the play
girl Butterfly – “A small game within us”
boy Butterfly – “OK”
girl Butterfly – “The one who sits in this flower tomorrow early in the morning that one loves the other one more…..”
boy Butterfly – “OK”
Next morning, the girl butterfly waits for the flower to open so that he can sit before the boy butterfly does…..
Finally, the flower opened…..
What did she see?
The boy butterfly had died inside the flower he stayed there all night so that early in the morning as soon as he sees her he can fly to her and tell her how much he loved her. This is true LOVE Life is LOVE.

This may sound ridiculous and I may sound like a male chauvinist pig (which I don’t mind being tagged) but the women are not worth the love they are given. All this fiasco about love and everything is an absolute crap when you see what has been happening around you especially in this area. The increased professionalism in the fairer sex can be noticed the way the relationships are becoming more professional than emotional. I understand there might be a lot of exceptions to this but the fact is the male counterpart always suffers the irrecoverable loss. The Bharti Yadav issue is one of the glaring examples of what I am talking about. A person, a real living person, was murdered brutally at a very small age. His only fault was that he loved someone who was a daughter of a politician. His fault was that he never cared for the end and just flowed in emotions. What is the end, someone he gave up his life for denies the entire romance in their relationship, when she is supposed to accept it. She says he was just a friend when there is a 20+ Valentines Day photograph album of him and her. Was the love smaller than blood relationship? If she could not take a stand, then why did she start a relationship in the first place? Why allowed things to get so worse and then quit after some one who trusted you with his life.

I know it is not only problem with the females; a lot has been talked about males ditching their girlfriends. But the point I am making is not what males did, they were wrong. All I want to say is it is an equal sin when you break someone’s trust, when you refuse to take a stand where you should have irrespective of you are a guy or a gal. There is lots of talk about how males cannot be trustworthy and how they tend to leave someone they love. Its just that females also do it and they generally get away without making too much of noise. But that is not a right way to go I know a lot of females would be fuming when they read this, but there is no point fuming about it. The best you can do is stand by the person who is willing to stand by you, or don’t get into a relationship first place when you know it. I am still unsure and too immature the question I have raised in my title, but the problem is the question exists…..

4 comments on “The Dame's Love: Professionalism or Emotionalism?”

  1. neha Reply

    an example of failure is not a model ..n Y see the world with one dimensional view anyways…

    different ppl have different priorities,using some arbit instances to genralize for all
    won’t be fair at all…

    its the same thing as saying all men are dogs…which is obviously not true..
    men are good,women are good too,situations can be complex..n we all can be week….make peace

  2. sheereen Reply

    y would anybody leave someone he/she loves? The truth is somewhere the desire, the longing ws not dere or probably bcz they were very weak to stand up for what it takes…

    i think you should nvr feel betrayed when someone leaves you…Thats the best thing they did for you…Imagine wasting yourself for someone who would have never truly reciprocated your love from the heart…

  3. freak Reply

    well i dono if i m anywhere near the topic or not….but my frnds dad told us once…………..women r like a plant creeper. which will hold on to anythin that comes their way as a support(men) n whenever she feels weak or anythin she wud cling on the most easily available support………… but i agree to wat shireen had to say that may be there wasnt enf in it in the first place n it happened for good……….

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