Benched: Learning from Supply Chain and IT

Now that I am getting into shoes of my new job of being a Fun(ctional) Con-Sultan-t. Its high time I should write something about it. I deal with Supply Chain Management in my work are so I found it the most appropriate to write something about it. The post has been a result of my thought process during I spent two long weeks on the bench. So here I go about my learning from Supply Chain Management and an IT Organization-

1- People = Resource/Raw Material

2- Resource on bench= Safety Stock

3- Resource under Training = Inventory in Transit

4- Resource Transfers= Move orders

5- Onsite= Interorganization Inventory Transfer

6- Billable Resource on a Project= Sale of Goods

7- Compensation= Cost of Goods Sold (Direct)

8- Buffer Resource on a Project- ATP (available to promise)

9- Cubicle of the Resource= Locator

10- Daily Attendance- Physical Counting

11- Appraisal- Work in Process

12- Head hunters, B-Schools, Engg Colleges- Vendors

Some times this restless soul wonders that all the IT organization who talk about lowering the inventories all across the companies are unable to do it with in their own organization. All this and so more when I was BENCHED……

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Fantstic comparision….Seems the bench time is really getting best of your skills….try publishing this idea in Knowledge Transfer sessions to help other understand SCM(Supply Chain Mgmt) faster.

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