Zindagi: La Vie Leben Vida Vita

One of my close buddies asked a harmless question “whats wrong with your zindagi or whats right?” I gave him the following answer, Nothing wrong with it. I told him exactly what I was thinking at that point of time, but I am not thinking on these lines at every point of my life. I really believe that if I can carry this form of attitude at all points of time in my life. I don’t know about anything else I would be a better person than I am now-

The only thing right about anyone’s zindagi is it’s mere existence the fact that it is still there, the clock and the beats are still ticking and u have another second to live by and everything other than this what we perceive about zindagi is wrong. It is the weight of expectations that we bind in our own desires and ambitions to the zindagi.The only fact is sometimes the weight is light and the zindagi zips past. While the others its heavy and then we say life sucks but life never sucks, its our expectations from our own life that make it suck so if anything that is wrong with my zindagi is me.

so THINK!!!!!!

3 comments on “Zindagi: La Vie Leben Vida Vita”

  1. Wagas Sonkar Reply

    do agree as we cant restart nething but can only give a better ending, dats y wat we have are just a few more ticks of live coz those ticks can change the meaning of ending to you:)

  2. neha Reply

    exuberance is not what one experiences everyday….but its good to reflect that if i have a choice i will try and live like a upbeat fountain…live everysecond might be a cliche but does not harm ……..bakii “kisi ko muddatte khuda nahi milta…..kisi ko zameen kisi ko aasmaan nahi milta”

  3. Gaurav Reply

    Hey Pratik,
    Even i face the same question a lot of times, esp. in Symbi – As in what exactly is going wrong with me or whats missing in life?
    And the prob is I really cant figure out that and then I console myself by saying that if other guys in college are having a nice time, maybe even I should have…..

    but its a question that still remains unanswered for me and most of us, i guess…………….

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