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Being a particular foodie which I am, I am starting to review the places I go to eat out. Based on my present whereabouts I will start with Hyderabad. One thing which I would like to clarify that I am strict vegetarian and all my reviews would primarily based on the vegetarian preparations, the feedback on non vegetarian dished would be based on views of friends who often accompany me on my eating out sprees.

I am starting with Tandoor Hyderabad (Lunch Buffet) review. Tandoor is an exquisite place situated right in the heart of the city in Begumpeth. The place has an awesome ambiance with a royal touch added with huge doors, lavish chandeliers and all silver cutlery. The place is very clean and well maintained. With ample amount of seating capacity, there was no waiting and we were seated immediately. The chairs were comfortable but soft couches would have gone better with the class and ambiance of the place.

The assortment of the Buffet was above average, with 6 vegetarian dishes and 4 non vegetarian dishes accompanied by the soup and starters. The deserts assortment on the buffet was not at all impressive with 4 dishes mostly common and could have been improved a lot and specially a drink is missed a lot in the buffet. The most exotic part of the buffet was the salad selections available, more than 10 varieties of salad both veg and non-veg they actually enhanced the appetite with look and taste. Over all the assortment tried to address the taste of a wide variety of people.

The Buffet started with a bowl of soup and starters. The soup was tomato (one non veg soup was also available) which tasted pathetic it neither was the watery shorba with all the spices nor it was a thick cream of tomato soup. however the starters were mirch ke pakode which were actually nice but served in minuscule amounts between three people. The starters lacked choice and options and if there were options they were not being communicated to the customers. The food however was good all the subzi’s veg and non-veg were good in taste and specially the lentils (Dal Tadka) was a fine preperations. The buffet was served with freshly prepared Fulka rotis which were being prepared on the counter with the buffet. The overall food was nice. Even the Kheer and Gulabjamun in the dessert were mouth watering. In terms of taste the buffet was good except for the soup which was horrible in taste.

The place where tandoor looses its edge is the service levels there are pathetic; waiters are hardly paying attention on the table. You just might have to shout grab their attention; for something you need. The service times are longer than usual with other restaurants. The dishes which went empty were not even being refilled. Specially for desert I did spotted very small empty containers which told stories of pathetic service levels in Tandoor.

The best part of this buffet is that it is very competitively priced at Rs. 225/- + Taxes which makes it a value for money deal given the assortment and taste.

Over all it is a decent place to visit, nothing that would leave you in awe of the amazing food and time you had but this would be one of the better places to eat and time good spent.

You should go for Tandoor Buffet because-
1- Value for money in lunch buffet
2- Wide assrotment specially for the salad enthusiast
3- Good north Indian food
4- Good in taste specially the Dal Tadka which was very authentic in taste.
5- Great ambiance

Why not to go to Tandoor Buffet-
1- If you love your soup
2- If you expect great service
3- If you are fond of a great variety of starters

Over all a decent place to visit, especially for corporate parties or lunches (P.s. There was no south India dish as a part of Buffet)

Location: 3rd Block White House Building,
Adjacent to Lifestyle Building,
Begumpet, Hyderabad.

Disclaimer: The views are personal of Author and are according to his taste. The author is not related to the above mentioned Restaurant and hold no liability or responsibility for the Restaurant,in any respect. The review is based on the buffet available in the restaurant as of today and might change in future.

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