Day before yesterday I visited Punjabi by Nature. I would certainly classify this is as one of the premium eating out joints in Hyderabad. A Delhi based chain; which has set its feet in Hyderabad is yet in a very nascent stage. A lot of improvement is required to meet the expectation of the customers who had been to the other PBN outlets in Delhi, However when compared to other eating out places this stands as one of the must go places.

The location of the restaurant is right in the heart of the city, at Banjara Road Number 12. The parking is congested and the Valet Parking also doesn’t turns out to be effective as at peak times the Valet are too occupied with the rush.

The restaurant has a grand look with two floors and a dark wooden ambience with blue lighting. The seating is comfortable, not as good as Tandoor or Tadka (More about this later) but can be classified as fairly good. The cutlery is all with a silver tinge and gives you a royal feeling for the overall restaurant. There are plasma TVs in the Restaurant but they are not appropriately placed as the view gets obstructed from most of the seats. However strangely I tried three tables and each one of them was wobbling in nature which was a great disappointment. One arrangement was so pathetic that u can’t even rest your hands on it while eating or talking.

The service in the restaurant is very good; the table assists are always attentive and cooperative of the customer demands and requirements. The treatment was amazing and royal with the relevant advice and suggestions while ordering not a desperate sales pitch to boost restaurant sales.

The menu was very restrictive in terms of choice and options. There were not many dishes to choose from. The menu was grand made of wood and heavy in weight but didn’t had too many options and restricted the customer choice. One more thing which actually was missed was no Liquor being available (On enquiry it was told that their license was awaited and the liquor would be soon available).

We ordered for a paneer lahori masala, mixed vegetable raita, aloo gobhi parantha and lacha parantha all the dishes were wonderful. Specially the paneer was cooked in a very dexterous manner where the gravy and softnesss of the cottage cheese cubes were almost melting in my mouth. The yoghurt or the curd was not natural but tailored so as to make it sweet and thick and tasted very good. The breads were huge in size and very filling. One parantha was sufficient for one person. The food is one of the best I have had in numerous restaurants.

For all this Punjabi by Nature would classify as grossly expensive. Our total bill including taxes for the above order was thousand bucks. A decent dinner here might just go above six to seven hundred bucks per head easily without any liquor. The vegetables are generally priced at Rs 325 and above. While the lentils at Rs. 295 and Youghurts at Rs. 125. The breads were priced at Rs 50 for normal breads and Rs 100 for the stuffed breads (But given the size of the breads the price is quite justified.)

Overall Fun-jabi by Nature is a must go place for special occasion.

  • You should go to Punjabi By Nature because –
  • You want to enjoy awesome ambience
  • To have amazingly good Punjabi/North Indian Food
  • Just to pamper yourself royally in terms of food
  • Enjoy a place with very good service.

You should not go to Punjabi By Nature-

  • Grossly Expensive
  • You would like a wide variety in the menu
  • You prefer liquor with the food.

3 comments on “P(h)UNJABI BY NATURE”

  1. Rizado Reply

    hey!! i never knew YOU blogged either 🙂
    i quite liked PBN in delhi, is the Hyd one very different?

  2. Vinni Reply

    thanks for the info. i hope they have non veg there. vegetarian punjabi places suck big time. 🙁 i am going here to eat non veg! 🙂

  3. Prats Reply

    @ Rizado: The hyderabad one is pretty ok; but you miss somethings in the menu like the golagappa shots and Gulabjamun with Brandy and stuff. But you wont be too disappointed if you expect a nice dinner.

    @Vinni: Oh man they serve one of the most amazing non veg Kebabs there. Do try sth called Dahi Kebab there. my frnds told me its really nice there.

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