Destroying a Man

Recently I watched a 1995 flick and a quote actually amazed me by their aptness and forced me to write on one of the most clichéd topics. The movie is called Before Sunrise and the quote is

“Jesse: Maybe there are some biological things at work here. If you had an island and there were 99 women on the island and only one man in a year you would have the possibility of 99 babies but if you have an island with 99 men and only one woman in a year you have a possibility of only one baby.

Celine: You know what? On this island I think there were only be 43 men left because they would have killed each other trying to fuck this poor woman. And on the other island there would be 99 women, 99 babies and no more men because they would have all gotten together and eaten him alive.

Jesse: See I think there is something to that…I think on some level I don’t think women mind the idea of destroying a man.

I know I am going to get a lot of feminism crap from some femin-is-it friends of mine. Here goes a list of men who got destroyed directly or indirectly for the great cause called women in chronological order.

Ravana – The mighty dude he fell for a dame, who was the wife of mythological Super-human hunk, and his downfall started with the diversification from regular administration & governing business to kidnapping. Fortunately for the BJP the business worked; the super-human hunk erected a bridge over the Indian Ocean and set Ravana’s Kingdom and backside on fire.

Duryodhan- he got the run for all his money because of his attempt to rip off the saree of his cousin sister in law. Result he was ripped of all his money, brothers, relatives and obviously out of the Kingship business.

Bill Clinton- Mr. President couldn’t keep control over his tongue and got into a habit of locking it at places with this dame called Lewinsky. Almost got impeached and slammed down brakes and passed over his entire career to another dame, Hilary for saving his backside.

Salman Khan & Vivek Oberoi- poor kids of the block got into cat fight for the damsel in distress. The damsel ran without stress for someone who had better press.

Phaneesh Murthy- The dude had an Infy-nite career opportunities but got stuck on dame led him self from Infy-nite from the exit iGATE.

Nicolas Sarkozy – Fell for the sweet voice and the sweeter looks. The dude wanted all of her the dame had things which were different on her mind. The man of public got his dame on the covers for the public. However her nude portrait is being sold at £45,000

Nitish Katara- The stud boy fell for a dame. Got chopped, sliced and got into grind. However the dame says she never had him in the mind.

So I totally believe with what Jesse said; from now no more girls for this guy. Well will apply this after this flight as the airhostess is so cute. Wait she is smiling back… to u later…. 🙂

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