A Promise & Taj Heritage

It was evening around a year back on the fateful evening of November 26, 2008. I logged in to twitter and there was something about an attack on Mumbai all over my timeline. When I switched on the television there were live feeds about how ten terrorists brought intense pain and suffering to the entire country. It was a moment where you feel the pain for the country, the system, the traffic, nothing was relevant. All that was relevant there were some intruders who had captured hostages and were killing people who were so related to me by my nationality. I can never forget the tragic event, though I was at a distance away and in oblivion but still something was boiling inside, something wanted to react.
When finally the whole ordeal ended I was looking into the TV how the things have ended. One of the most prime hotels in India The Taj Heritage was still smoking fire and things seemed so bad. It felt so sad and connected. I promised myself that I am going to visit this place as soon as possible. This was a very emotional reaction and an illogical one too but somehow it did mean a lot to me. It was my way of belonging to the country, associating myself with the legendary history of a place which set examples in crisis. A place where the general manager was on duty the next day even when his family passed away in the tragic incident and I feel so proud to say that I belong to the same alma mater as him. A place where the staff was still there to help the guests when the bullets were being fired and people were dying and we thought it was Vijay Malya who treated customers as guest.
So a fortnight ago I visited Mumbai and as I had promised myself, I went to the Taj Heritage. The place simply took me by awe, though I had been there around 5-6 years back but that was a quick visit and it was just another hotel but this time it was different. I actually cruised around the hotel could see the wooden planks in the heritage building which were made to cover the previous entrance for renovation after the terrorist attacks. I could close my eyes and relive the scenes of disaster. I gave my car to the valet, I felt an immense respect for the people out there. They might have been the same guys who put up the brave face that day. I went inside the restaurant, they had closed the entire Heritage building for renovation but still I felt so proud to be at that place and it felt so being an Indian.
It was such an amazing experience, we did click some pictures will be updating them with the post here very soon. I was so encompassed on the greatness of the place and the legend it would be that I was totally lost in it. When I stepped out there were only two things in my mind “I will come here again, I promise.” and “F**K the god damn terrorists just hang them in public”.

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  1. Sri Reply

    Such a feel good post. I am not sure whether I would have done the same promise like you. I might have visited the place when time permitted but may not have thought about it the same way you did. I salute the brave souls of the hotel, who with so much integrity choose to work in the same place And the hell with terrorists! feeling proud to be indian is a great feel!

    • Prats Reply

      @Sri: I totally agree with you and I was so proud of seeing the people working in the hotel and thinking these were the same people who made the brave choice which made our nation proud.

      Don’t worry about the tag do it whenever you feel like.

  2. Smita Reply

    I can totally relate to your feelings because I went thru them recently!!!!

    Even now my blood boils when I think how easily these idiots could penetrate our security & got away so easily!!!

    • Prats Reply

      @Smita: Leave alone getting so easily. They are acting like celebrities while attending trial talking of Kasab trial and look at us the kind of importance we are giving to the guy. Just hang him quickly and publicly right?

  3. Tanvi Reply

    Hi…Sorry i had promised to write a comment on this post…but kinda slipped my mind.

    Very touching article..I am a bombayite…but still havent got a chance to visit Taj…not even before 26/11.

    But ur post definitely makes me experience the feelings.

    hope to see pics soon.

    • Prats Reply

      @Tanvi: Oh please do visit that place. Its really great experience it is a monument of the resilient spirit of our country. I also wanted to go to the Tiffins at Trident but left that for another visit. Would be uploading the pics soon.

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