Apologies – Day 12

Apologies are something which are one of the greatest blessings of human nature, a simple and sincere apology can cure guilt, ease tension and pressure making one feel a lot lighter.

Some really important people in my life, I owe an apology to-

1- My Parents- for numerous tantrums I have thrown pointlessly, not listening to advices which were for my god and I should have listened too and taking them for granted at times.

2- My Library Teacher in School- She always wanted me to read more books, and I always evaded the library periods. I didn’t realize she was just trying to introduce me to one of my favorite activity.

3- One of My Very Good Friend- for not able to choose what is important, and ditching him for priorities which were not important

4- City of Kanpur- I left you to pursue better opportunities and a career. I always believed you had great potential but I never worked for you. I owe a lot of myself to this city but have been guilty of being selfish and not giving back

5- My IT Team in SIBM- One of my tantrums and way of opposition caused them embarrassment and troubles which was not necessary. Though I didn’t agree with the system but still these were one of the most amazing bunch of people I worked with and I would always feel sorry for being the one to be one their opposite side.

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