Prats on March 15, 2012

Editor: Ahmed Faiyaz  Publisher: Grey Oak/ Westland Price: 199/- Pages: 217 Urban Shots Crossroads, is a collection of short stories by multiple authors. The collection tries to capture the various facets or the crossroads of life using the short stories as a medium. The collection spins tales across demographics, regions, and themes weaving tales spanning […]

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Prats on March 15, 2012

Editor: Paritosh Uttam  Publisher: Grey Oak/ Westland Price: 199/- Pages: 204 The Bright Lights Urban Shots collection is the compilation of twenty-nine short stories by twenty-one authors. In the editor’s words the idea behind Bright Lights was to illuminate the different aspects of urban life and he has been successful doing that. The assortment of […]

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Prats on February 9, 2012

Author: Oswald Pereira Publisher: Grey Oak/ Westland Price: 245/- Pages: 266 The Indian fiction is picking up steam with people courting apart from the usual romance, college genres. It was enjoyable to see a book dealing with a new theme woven around the fourth estate. The book is set in the backdrop of Mumbai, plodding […]

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Prats on February 6, 2012

Author: John Grisham Publisher: Hachette India Price: 350/- Pages: 436 I have always loved John Grisham’s style of writing and the legal genre he writes, starting from “The Firm”, “The Pelican Brief”, “The Client” and many more. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his works and when the latest in line “The Litigators” was released I […]

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Prats on February 2, 2012

Author: Ronald Malfi Publisher: Grey Oak/Westland Price: 225/- Pages: 303 I was reading the author for the first time, and the genre which seemed more like a mountaineering travelogue. The book actually turned out to be very different, it would actually fall into thriller more than the travelogue. The story is set in picturesque mountains […]

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Author: Anonymous Publisher: Grey Oak/Westland Price: 175/- Pages: 175 This book caught my attention especially due to the interesting title and a more interesting the anonymous author. The book is a story of a small but ambitious accountant, Hitesh Patel, in a large audit firm, who gets into the maze of political & corporate sleaze […]

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Prats on December 23, 2011

Author: Sidin Vadukut  Publisher: Penguin Books Price: 199/- Pages: 240 I had reviewed Sidin’s first book Dork some time back, if you haven’t read about it you can read it here. I have been following Sidin on his blog (which he hardly updated these days) and twitter (which is a frequently updated medium) since a […]

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Prats on December 21, 2011

Author: Neeraj Chhibba Publisher: Rupa Price: 140/- Pages: 257 I had reviewed Neeraj’s first book Zero Percentile around two years back. I liked that book and thought it was a really good attempt at the story telling. When I saw his second book I knew that I had to read it and hence I got […]

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Author: Jug Suraiya Publisher: Tranquebar Price: 495/- Pages: 350 Anyone who has grown up in the 80s and 90s is not unfamiliar with the name of Jug Suraiya especially with his columns in The Times of India. His columns like Jugular Vein and Dubyaman have been a part and parcel of like of thousands of […]

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Prats on July 11, 2011

Books are again one of my favorite past time and interests and given that I read a lot choosing 4 books becomes very difficult. Obviously both Urban Shots & Down The Road are not included in the list though they are special to me more than any other book. So here goes the list of […]

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