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Hogging Spree

Out of all the Hyderabad which was tucked cosily in their beds and engulfed in deep sleep. Five brave musketeers went on for an attempt to enhance the food grain crisis in the world and support “The Global Bully’s” (read president Bush) claim that “Indians are eating more food”. Sob Sob!!! for all the poor Americans who were deprived of food because of 5 desi’s. Don’t worry folks we will return the favor, you know the guy who would fix your software yes yes the same low wage Indian guy, Will fix your softwares as cheap labors. Anyways getting US out of A this was how we proceeded for the glorious evening-

2030 hrs: Met Di & Ru
2040 hrs: Cafe Brio- Ordered Iced Mochachino & Cottage Cheese Croissant
2100 hrs: Cafe Brio folks threw all three out as they were about to close.
2110 hrs: Update call J-Knee, Bossty on the way
2130 hrs: J-Knee, Bossty, Ru-Di & Me out of McD deciding where to eat
2140 hrs: J-Knee gets McVeggie & Iced Tea for Ru-Di
2150 hrs: Operation Water started Di & J-Knee finish the Iced Tea
2200 hrs: J-Knee and yours truly add water to Ice Tea and pass it to Ru.
2215 hrs: Place still not decided and J-Knee & Ru buy more Ice Tea.
2230 hrs: Place decided Taj banjara.
2245 hrs: Reach Eat street to kill time for midnight buffet to start
2310 hrs: The guard starts the third degree whistling torture to throw the musketeers out
2320 hrs: The musketeers give up ride back to Taj Banjara
2335 hrs: Midnight Buffet menu pathetic everyone back to square one.
2336 hrs: Phone calls to Novotell, Hotel green park, consideration goes on.
2350 hrs: Ohri’s suggested
2351 hrs: Di gives us a warning that she would talk about how Integral equations for complex number have a direct application in French Manicures & Padicures if Ohris was considered.
2355 hrs: Urs truly to save the disgrace on the likes of Integral Calculus pushes for Novotel
0000 hrs: Eureka happens Ru Calls Taj Deccan & Krishna
0010 hrs: the group settles for Taj deccan & ransacks Taj Deccan
0030 hrs: Buffet Starts
0035 hrs: Initial Prospecting Finish. Starters Start
0050 hrs: Starters phase 1 finsih
0100 hrs: Soup & Starters Phase 2 continues
0105 hrs: J-knee insists on the Taj guys to burn some bread for the soup.
0110 hrs: Urs Truly & J-Knee continued while Bossty &Ru-Di took a break
0115 hrs: Cute gang of Girls entered the hotel
0120 hrs: J-Knee went to check out them chicks on a pretext of walks
0125 hrs: Bossty follows and then Ru-Di ( I am not sure why)
0130 hrs: The girls happen to come to the Restaurant from their room to check out urs truly ( I know it happens with me quite often)
0130 hrs: Starters round 3 & Cut Fruits continued (all the while expert opinions from Bossty & Ru continued on how to eat more without filling the stomach, They have some weird logic abt the permutations and combinations of eating. Like eating watermelon would enhance the digestion cycle and would lead to more space in the stomach. I always thought it added to the roughage)
0150 hrs: Main Course Round starts
0155 hrs: Parallel Desrt processing start
0215 hrs: Desserts round 1 starts
0220 hrs: Dessert round 2 starts, manager ordered to refill the desert section of the buffet now looking like a ransacked battleground.
0220 hrs: urs truly emphasized on the caramel custard and Ru goes after the strawberry mousse ( which was strawberry mousse I am not sure, becaus ewaiter brought something out of the world when asked for the strawberry mouse)
0230 hrs: Manager comes back telling that we have gobbled everything that could be classified as caramel custard and offered some chocolate pastries instead.
0232 hrs: Pastries finished
0233 hrs: Everyone picked up fruits kept for display & decoration and started eating them.
0235 hrs: The terrified staff closed of the buffet and they have submitted a plea of mercy to the CEO of Taj group to stop the Buffets in all Taj Restaurants across the globe.

and the five musketeers struggled to lift their heavy bodies outside the hotel and our Hogging Spree came to an end.

Ps. Ru-Di have been hogging before I met them at Mochas savoring Dutch truffle Shakes & Club Wraps.

I knw Mr. president you are absolutely right!!!!

1 Year in the System

I have completed one year in the system. The most interesting question in front of me right now is should I mourn or celebrate.

Interestingly a year before I used to be a focussed guy; with a planned life and now have a look-

  • Who am I? An aspiring Business Development Executive or a Growing Supply Chain Consultant
  • Where I am? Pune (My Base Location- total stay 3 weeks) or Hyderabad (I am here on a short term transfer for past 6 months)
  • What am I doing? Preparing for sales roles or Getting billed for my company
  • What is my area of Expertise? Marketing (My MBA Major) or Supply Chain Planning (My area of work)
  • What am I learning? How to sell IT Services or Oracle ASCP
  • Motivation? Organization’s Policies or Self Respect for the work that bears my name
  • Passion? IT Sales or Custom Components
  • Parameters for best place to work? Productivity & Recognition or Gymnasiums & Fountains
  • What drives me to work early on Monday Mornings? Awesome work that lies ahead or the parking space on the lower floor in the car park.
  • Who is more important? Employees or the Buildings

There are million questions in my mind of similar nature. I know I am totally confused but if anyone of you could provide answers to this poor soul. Answers Anyone????

A gesture more than 1000 Words

I always wondered about the actual disconnect which happens between the team working together like mine in a consultancy world. A lot of people I interact with, discuss things and together we work as a part of team. I have never met most of them personally for us the existence of each other is confined to a voice on the phone and the emails. The disconnect is further when it comes to the client whom the interaction is limited and very formal. The major challenge is how to get in sync with people. How to actually say how appreciative we are of each other and how we enjoy the discussions and perspectives arising for them. Amidst the lot of interaction which happens between us it is very difficult to convey the feelings of value of a team member. Often in the FMCG scenario it is done through parties outings. I was amazed by a way my client found out a way to say that how he valued out efforts. Me & few others from our project got this personalized note from director from the client side and signed by other stakeholders from the client and my company. It was something like this. It really made me feel that I was a part of the project and a huge team. Just wanted to thank everyone in the team for this.

No-Fun-Jabi by Nature

I recently wrote about “Punjabi by Nature” “here” but my recent experience there has turned out to be a disaster and I have decided never to visit that place again. As the readers of this blog would be knowing that I am hardcore vegetarian and I ate one morsel of chicken (I know it would not be a big deal for a lot of people, but for me it is) because despite conforming thrice the waiter couldn’t distinguish between the Keema Parantha and Gobhi Parantha. I mean is this how the people from an up-class premium joint act. Is it too difficult to have different colored plates for Veg & Non Veg. And after that the people were far from being apologetic; We left the food in the middle and the captain instead of being sorry for the mistake his staff had done was more worried about we will clear the bill and if we can take the leftover food with us. The tone of the staff was so rude when asked for the bill; the reply was “La to raha hoon”. Though the main manager seemed to realize the gravity of the situation but till then never in any of my corporate parties or personal parties by me and my friends I would visit if it is going to be in a Punjabi By Nature. They haven’t made a mistake but have broken my trust and have been proud of it. From now on for me NO-FUN-JABI by Nature.


Day before yesterday I visited Punjabi by Nature. I would certainly classify this is as one of the premium eating out joints in Hyderabad. A Delhi based chain; which has set its feet in Hyderabad is yet in a very nascent stage. A lot of improvement is required to meet the expectation of the customers who had been to the other PBN outlets in Delhi, However when compared to other eating out places this stands as one of the must go places.

The location of the restaurant is right in the heart of the city, at Banjara Road Number 12. The parking is congested and the Valet Parking also doesn’t turns out to be effective as at peak times the Valet are too occupied with the rush.

The restaurant has a grand look with two floors and a dark wooden ambience with blue lighting. The seating is comfortable, not as good as Tandoor or Tadka (More about this later) but can be classified as fairly good. The cutlery is all with a silver tinge and gives you a royal feeling for the overall restaurant. There are plasma TVs in the Restaurant but they are not appropriately placed as the view gets obstructed from most of the seats. However strangely I tried three tables and each one of them was wobbling in nature which was a great disappointment. One arrangement was so pathetic that u can’t even rest your hands on it while eating or talking.

The service in the restaurant is very good; the table assists are always attentive and cooperative of the customer demands and requirements. The treatment was amazing and royal with the relevant advice and suggestions while ordering not a desperate sales pitch to boost restaurant sales.

The menu was very restrictive in terms of choice and options. There were not many dishes to choose from. The menu was grand made of wood and heavy in weight but didn’t had too many options and restricted the customer choice. One more thing which actually was missed was no Liquor being available (On enquiry it was told that their license was awaited and the liquor would be soon available).

We ordered for a paneer lahori masala, mixed vegetable raita, aloo gobhi parantha and lacha parantha all the dishes were wonderful. Specially the paneer was cooked in a very dexterous manner where the gravy and softnesss of the cottage cheese cubes were almost melting in my mouth. The yoghurt or the curd was not natural but tailored so as to make it sweet and thick and tasted very good. The breads were huge in size and very filling. One parantha was sufficient for one person. The food is one of the best I have had in numerous restaurants.

For all this Punjabi by Nature would classify as grossly expensive. Our total bill including taxes for the above order was thousand bucks. A decent dinner here might just go above six to seven hundred bucks per head easily without any liquor. The vegetables are generally priced at Rs 325 and above. While the lentils at Rs. 295 and Youghurts at Rs. 125. The breads were priced at Rs 50 for normal breads and Rs 100 for the stuffed breads (But given the size of the breads the price is quite justified.)

Overall Fun-jabi by Nature is a must go place for special occasion.

  • You should go to Punjabi By Nature because –
  • You want to enjoy awesome ambience
  • To have amazingly good Punjabi/North Indian Food
  • Just to pamper yourself royally in terms of food
  • Enjoy a place with very good service.

You should not go to Punjabi By Nature-

  • Grossly Expensive
  • You would like a wide variety in the menu
  • You prefer liquor with the food.

My New Love

I never thought that driving can be so much different, a car can be so special specially when I have been driving like since past 14 years. This time its different, its my own car bought with my own money. Just love it, Great product and it gives me a great sense of ownership. I bought it April 16th 2008 at 2110 IST. Here is my new found love.

P.s: Everyone who has been haggling me to drive slowly, FYI this vehicle has not crossed the speed of 60 kmph yet!!!!! I know I have changed ( 🙂 )

Tandoor – Buffet

Being a particular foodie which I am, I am starting to review the places I go to eat out. Based on my present whereabouts I will start with Hyderabad. One thing which I would like to clarify that I am strict vegetarian and all my reviews would primarily based on the vegetarian preparations, the feedback on non vegetarian dished would be based on views of friends who often accompany me on my eating out sprees.

I am starting with Tandoor Hyderabad (Lunch Buffet) review. Tandoor is an exquisite place situated right in the heart of the city in Begumpeth. The place has an awesome ambiance with a royal touch added with huge doors, lavish chandeliers and all silver cutlery. The place is very clean and well maintained. With ample amount of seating capacity, there was no waiting and we were seated immediately. The chairs were comfortable but soft couches would have gone better with the class and ambiance of the place.

The assortment of the Buffet was above average, with 6 vegetarian dishes and 4 non vegetarian dishes accompanied by the soup and starters. The deserts assortment on the buffet was not at all impressive with 4 dishes mostly common and could have been improved a lot and specially a drink is missed a lot in the buffet. The most exotic part of the buffet was the salad selections available, more than 10 varieties of salad both veg and non-veg they actually enhanced the appetite with look and taste. Over all the assortment tried to address the taste of a wide variety of people.

The Buffet started with a bowl of soup and starters. The soup was tomato (one non veg soup was also available) which tasted pathetic it neither was the watery shorba with all the spices nor it was a thick cream of tomato soup. however the starters were mirch ke pakode which were actually nice but served in minuscule amounts between three people. The starters lacked choice and options and if there were options they were not being communicated to the customers. The food however was good all the subzi’s veg and non-veg were good in taste and specially the lentils (Dal Tadka) was a fine preperations. The buffet was served with freshly prepared Fulka rotis which were being prepared on the counter with the buffet. The overall food was nice. Even the Kheer and Gulabjamun in the dessert were mouth watering. In terms of taste the buffet was good except for the soup which was horrible in taste.

The place where tandoor looses its edge is the service levels there are pathetic; waiters are hardly paying attention on the table. You just might have to shout grab their attention; for something you need. The service times are longer than usual with other restaurants. The dishes which went empty were not even being refilled. Specially for desert I did spotted very small empty containers which told stories of pathetic service levels in Tandoor.

The best part of this buffet is that it is very competitively priced at Rs. 225/- + Taxes which makes it a value for money deal given the assortment and taste.

Over all it is a decent place to visit, nothing that would leave you in awe of the amazing food and time you had but this would be one of the better places to eat and time good spent.

You should go for Tandoor Buffet because-
1- Value for money in lunch buffet
2- Wide assrotment specially for the salad enthusiast
3- Good north Indian food
4- Good in taste specially the Dal Tadka which was very authentic in taste.
5- Great ambiance

Why not to go to Tandoor Buffet-
1- If you love your soup
2- If you expect great service
3- If you are fond of a great variety of starters

Over all a decent place to visit, especially for corporate parties or lunches (P.s. There was no south India dish as a part of Buffet)

Location: 3rd Block White House Building,
Adjacent to Lifestyle Building,
Begumpet, Hyderabad.

Disclaimer: The views are personal of Author and are according to his taste. The author is not related to the above mentioned Restaurant and hold no liability or responsibility for the Restaurant,in any respect. The review is based on the buffet available in the restaurant as of today and might change in future.

A 2 Z of India

This was initially Vinni’s idea to write something like this, but it stuck to me and I came up with this –

A: Alphanso Aam, one can not find sweeter and juicy fruit than this.

B: Bagha Beach, Goa. Life zimplly rocks here. There can not be a better stress buster than just lying idly on the bagha beach.

C: Chutneys, the food in India can never be complete with these Add-ons which are so varied and add such a flavor to the food. No ketchup can ever meet the traditional Indian chutneys

D: Dal Makhni, The butter soaked lentils my favorite among all India food.

E: Entrance Examinations, CAT, XAT, UPSC, JEE, and a lot more India is a home ground for the world toughest competitive examination. I have always loved the sense of challenge with every entrance examination requires in India.

F: Functions, India has been a house for most plush and lavish functions with a splendid and exorbitant display of wealth

G: Gandhi Family, The Gandhi family is one dynasty which rules India. Though their significant contribution to the country has been close to zilch for almost two decades but still they claim to be hope for the next generation India.

H: Hindi, The national but most ignored language in India (People who want to raise a voice against this point, remember what happened in Mumbai last month)

I: India & The ‘I’ in everyone who is an Indian.

J: Jalebi one sweet dish which makes me go bonkers, goes as well with curd as with vanilla ice cream.

K: Kaafi, u might call it passé and say cappuccino is in but we still prefer our own Filter Coffee oops Kaafi.

L: Lassi, Traditional Indian drink often prepared in washing machines.

M: Makke ki Roti & Sarson ka saag, the traditional Punjabi food makes you fall in love with India all over again.

N: Nano, It is not available yet but this one surely got India the respect and pride.

O: for me its always the India’s pride Aryabhatta’s zerO

P: Pondicherry, One of the most serene beaches one can find, in India, No pomp & show no glamour, just peace of mind.

Q: Queues which are seldom followed

R: Radio, All India or Vividh Bharti though we have numerous channels on FM but still the All India Radio, Ameen Sayani and Cibaca Geetmala (my mom said it used to be Binaca before I was born) all remain a characteristic of India

S: Sahyadri Ranges, a place with awesome treks and amazing weather. A mirror of natural beauty especially in the monsoons.

T: Tata’s one group which would touch your life through out the day no matter what you do, or where you are in India.

U:Udupi Hotels, One of the world’s most viable low cost restaurant business models.

V: Vishakhapatnam, One of the underestimated and undervalued tourist destinations. The clean blue sea bed of Rishikonda beach can’t be found elsewhere.

W: Weddings, If you be a part of you would realize how lavish ceremonies numerous in number happen in India.

X: Xerox, equipment which has an important contribution in building of India with immaculate amount of professionals using it to pass exams by studying with all the photocopied material, Notes, guides, books and much more.

Y: Y2K, it passed away without any flair but this one event was responsible for a lot of IT talent recognition for India

Z: ZEE TV, The company owned by Subhash Chandra which brought Indian Entertainment to new age with pioneering cable television, Direct to Home Television and now the T20 cricket

Now I tag Vinni

Then & Now

A conversation with a very close friend, made me realize this. I know a lot of you would be aware of this, and a fact of the matter is even I know this but do I actually understand this. One thing which I think Indians, especially the young professionals who are getting exorbitant sounding salaries, need to learn from the America and Americans is the concept of debt in the economy. One thing which we learned from our parents was ‘Utne Paon Pasariye Jitni Chadar hoye’ (One should not spread his legs beyond the bed spread.) which actually means that one should not spend more than his available means.

However now around me, I see people with multiple credit cards total credit limits whooping in excess of there entire months or may be six months salary. To add toppings on this cake almost every second day I get calls on my phone I hear (not so sweet, decline in quality of call center talent is evident) voices who are willing to give me personal loans for foreign holidays, for buying diamond necklace for my ex-girlfriend with whom I broke up with almost a year ago and even for a third honeymoon when I am waiting for the first one to happen. With all this comes a temptation, a temptation to indulge now and pay for it later.

However the confidence of a high figure salary might just turn into over confidence with the cost of things which I enjoyed in a period of 15 years have changed.

1- I had a Samurai Video Game console which cost 3000 in 1996 now for the same I would like to have an X-Box which costs me 19000.

2- Whenever I used to eat out 10 years ago a Paneer Sabzi used to cost 30 bucks for a plate now it does 180 bucks.

3- We were proud owner of a Maruti 800 for which my dad always got laurels and was sign that he was well to do. These days I hardly see anyone flaunting something less than 1000000 in values. The zeroes can be added to the back of prices in a fashion similar to v’s in front of VIPs

4- The coffee I drank in 1999 was Nescafe and it made 100 cups for 50 bucks now my single cup in Barista costs me more than 50 bucks.

5- The usual rent for a 1100 sq ft house in 1995 used to be 1000-1200 bucks and now I am paying 15000

6- Previously a vacation used to be a train journey, sleeper class now the decision is tough do we fly Indigo or Jet.

7- I got my first computer in 1998 that was meager P1 processor based system with 32 MB RAM & 1 GB with a price tag of 55000 now I use a Centrino duo with 1 GB RAM and 60 HDD which cost rs 55000 (no wonder I love the computer and IT industry)

8- Treat used to be 27 bucks Vanilla Ice cream 1L brick now it Baskin Robbins or Gourmet Gelato with 65 buck for a single scoop (I don’t even know how many L is one scoop may be .1 )

9- Fuels used to be half of what they are right now.

10- Affairs used to be in love letters on 75 paise inland which ensured privacy. Last thing I would like to discuss is my phone bills when I had a girl friend to talk to.

So now I get more money and I spend more money so everyone makes more money. Anything to be very happy about arrgghh…. I don’t think so

On The Job: Alternate Careers

The other day I was watching one of the TV shows on M-TV. The show is called “On The Job”. It’s a very fresh concept and with a very different perspective. The show concentrates on the alternate careers. In this show people every week there is a alternate career in focus, something like a product designer, choreographer, DJ, VJ, radio jockey, bartender or a stylist. People are screened in the top 3 make it to the screen where they are provided with the setup and facilities and made to do tasks which they need to do on the job. During the course of the show it provides ample information for people who are planning to pursue the alternate career of the week. Finally the winner of the show who does the given job best gets a chance to be an intern with one of the best names in the career in focus.

First time in India, the alternate careers are being focused by such a mass media. One of the greatest problem with the people who are willing to follow alternate career paths is the resistance from the family. Despite all the cosmopolitan culture influencing India, still the mom’s psyche out when a son says he wants to be a bartender or a daughter says that she wants to be a choreographer. Answers like “Kya tum engg ya medicine nahi kar sakte” or “ Complete your degree from here and do an MBA”. This resistance from the families majorly because of two reasons one being lack of information, and the second being the amount of uncertainty associated with alternate careers.

With M-TV bringing the idea of alternate careers right into our living rooms, makes it acceptable that people are willing to join these careers. There has been a plethora of shows which were necessarily talent shows and they primarily concentrate on the talents of people and career opportunity associated with them. First time with “On The Job” a TV show has tried to sneak peak into the world of alternate careers. Focusing not on the talents of the participants but on the career choices people would like to make.

It is a very good opportunity identified by M-TV, as it connects very well with its target audience. Which essentially consist of youth and the cosmopolitan crowd of India. It not only entertains but also gives a very different perspective to the people who actually are looking forward to pursue alternate careers. With all the monotonous monologue on the television, “On The Job” provides a refreshing change.