C’est La Vie

And I am back again with a long hiatus yet again. I have to be ashamed with my lack of drive to post things on this blog. There are two things which I have kind of procrastinated for more than a year the first being updating regularly on this blog and the second obviously being to start working out.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about, there is politics where we are still living in the world full of comical entertainment, then there are short stories and poetries ideas which come to my mind but are killed by procrastination and then there are general happenings in my life which mostly wife inflicted torture on yours truly with television shows like “Big Boss”, “All Random Singing, Dancing, cooking reality shows” all reality shows. To be honest I kind of stepped into the rarified bubble of corporate workload driven self worth, not that I have stepped out of the bubble now but then kind of realized the existence of the bubble and acknowledged the world beyond it yet again.

Surprisingly this year 2013 has flown by so fast that I couldn’t even start going to gym which I could stop later in the year.  For a person who hated Hum Apke Hai Kaun from the bottom of his heart, I kind of live in an extensively large Rajshri production kind of environment where another family function/event engulfs you before the first one is over. For the uninitiated this is more tiring to attend to than a 60hrs+ work week and in some sadistic turn of events I am subjected to both.  I don’t know why but I have hardly watched any movies in the theatre since June, which is kind of record of sorts for the person who even watched Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag (If you are not aware of this movie, I would suggest you buy the DVD as it will serve well for your private torture chamber).

As I write this the New Year is less than 6 weeks away, the 2013 will become a leaf in history. I have had a good year with some significant landmarks but wish I had achieved some more and not at the cost of losing my joy of writing and reading, losing the spiritual side of me in the humdrum of extensive work. No point crying over the past, time to set ourselves to the next set of goals and the plan to achieve them.

Before closing this post it has been more than 8 years since I have been blogging and 8 years of Ginger & Cardamom. How has your 2013 been till now?

10 comments on “C’est La Vie”

  1. tanvi Reply

    Hi, welcome back, thats all I can say. Time is surely flying. Dont worry, u havent missed that much on movie front since not many impacting movies were released this year.

  2. Smita Reply

    Can I say its good to see an update from you? 🙂 I won’t say you are back unless u update this space regularly for next one month and come back in comment circulation!!!

    And I LOL at your Rajshree Films kind of life…don’t all men hate that and still get sucked in it? Well! Its life!!!

    • Prats Reply

      @Smita: It’s good to see your comment too, I thought you would have abandoned me already 🙂 The next update is up will try to get back as much as possible.

  3. Shilpa Garg Reply

    Good to see you here! LOL@ Rajshri Prod environment… yes, the facebook pics are testimony of that! 😀
    Workouts… aah! that’s my achilles heel! Wonder when I will begin ‘walk my talk’, literally and figuratively!!
    Hope to read more from you at this space, regularly! 🙂

  4. Ramesh Reply

    Wonderful to see a post again. Yes, sometimes life is like that, but that’s part of the experience too. I don’t have to tell a professional writer like you this, but just write when you feel like it. We’ll look forward to it and even if “Dil Maange More”, every tidbit is nice as well.

    Wow, has it been 8 years ???? Long may the journey continue.

    • Prats Reply

      @Ramesh: Thanks a lot for the inspiration and motivation sir. I hope I continue writing this time.

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