Corporate Oxymorons

If you remember this old post of mine, where I came up with a list of Oxymoron applicable in the world of business schools, you would know that the time is ripe for version two applicable in corporate.
So here I present 10 oxymoron used in the corporate world-

1- Internet Access
2- Relaxed Working Environment
3- Understanding Boss
4- Executive Director
5- Customer Care
6- Work Life
7- Long Weekend
8- Exciting Monday
9- Friendly Policies
10- Cooperative Administration

Any more additions are welcome in the comments section

16 comments on “Corporate Oxymorons”

  1. Smita Reply

    LOL @ Internet Access 😀

    Can’t think of any now!!! You have come up with classy ones 😀 lemme read & laugh more 😉

  2. anshima Reply

    i keep visit ur blog all most daily..
    just to see if u have posted something new..
    i really miss u and ur posts 🙁

  3. Akanksha Reply

    To add a few

    1- No dress code
    2-Not just internet access but, unrestricted internet access
    3-At least 30 leaves a year
    4-Work from home

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