Delhi Belly & How It Got Released

I am wondering if I am not blogging enough, I know you folks would agree. But in my defense I have been terribly busy at work. However, what makes me wonder about my blogging frequency of the folks at WordPress. This blog is hosted on the WP platform and these days I get more WordPress Updates than the posts I write, so either I am writing very less, or the guys at wordpress are working their asses out. More I think of it, and I feel sorry for those guys. Imagine the project manager/product manager at wordpress would be after the life of the poor chaps writing the code upgrade, to deliver it in time for the customers to use. And here I am one of their customers who do not even write a post as frequently those folks churn out and upgrade.

So coming back to “I have been terribly busy bit”, amidst all this busyness of my business I found time to catch up with most of the movies. I am sure even you guys would agree that the recent times were like gold rush for movie fans. I mean you had movies like “X-Men, Cars 2, Transformers 3, KungFu Panda, Pirates of The Carrabian, and Harry Potter, Delhi Belly, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” and I might have forgotten mentioning few. So I have watched them all, and I must say most of them were pretty good. As a matter of fact I loved all of them except Transformers-3, which was painstakingly boorish and dumb.

But what was icing on the cake was Delhi Belly, I must say I absolutely loved the movie. I was surprised and shocked to see that movie where the abuses and F words weren’t beeped out by the censor board. I actually watched the movie twice because I just couldn’t believe that the censor board hasn’t actually beeped out the movie. The reason that this movie actually passed censor board is a very interesting story, from what I hear on my non-existent grapevine.

Place: Central Board Bored of Film Certification

Time: Fake Approval Screening of Delhi Belly

Aamir Khan (AK)- So this a movie about youth, about India, the reality of this generation.
Leela Samson (LS) – Wow.
Shubhra Gupta (SG)- What wow? Asha ji tells me he used the same line for DCH.
Arundhati Nag (AN)- These commercial actors I tell you, can’t come up with something original. They will steal stories from Hollywood, and now they have become so shameless that they remake the old Bollywood classics. Look at that Ramesh Sippy guy he made Sholay again such horribly.
Pankaj Sharma (PS) – Errr AN Ramesh Sippy was the guy who made the original Sholay. RGV was who made the remake.
AN- RGV? Who? Whatever.
Rajeev Masand (RM)- It is Packed with rude humor and made with the intention to shock. This is a filthy comic thriller which would work because it’s a smartly paced wild-ride, it doesn’t have a madly inventive story. Yet with sharp performances.
LS- RM you are not reviewing the movie, please stick to the censoring right now. Pankaj Vohra (PV) what do you think?
PV- Since this has nothing to do with Thackreys and Pawars so this is ok.
Annes Jung (AJ) – I think this might be objectionable and we need to beep the abuses. AK can you come back with a beeped version of this.
AK- Oh I already have it let me play it for you.
*plays the movie*
*Bhaag Beep Beep Beep Beep bhag beep beep Beeep*
goes on for 5 minutes.
RM- What the hell is that?
LS- After beeping this is not in English or Hindi, the movie seems to be in Morse code.
AN- Yeah but does movies in Morse Code lie in our jurisdiction.
LS- Actually no.
AK- so you mean to say that I can release this movie in MORSE CODE?
LS- Yeah, if you want you can dub it in English or Hindi. GO ahead.

and that my friends is the fake story of how Delhi Belly got approved from the censor board bored 🙂

On a more serious note, given the success of the movie, I feel our Industry is coming of age. Though I hear some petitions going against it in one of the courts in MP but I am sure the law would take its course and accept the new generation of people and the cinema.

10 comments on “Delhi Belly & How It Got Released”

  1. Vipul Gupta Reply

    It was really a fabulous time pass to watch it. so u have cooked up ur own story. a nice one.
    Reading your blog after a long time. Was missing it.

  2. aarti Reply

    Welcome back to Blogsville Prats 🙂

    I enjoyed the movie.. kinda felt the same as you, that the movie industry and audience have matured… this movie felt like the Phone booth of Indian cinema [in terms of lingo] 🙂

  3. momofrs Reply

    This was indeed a funny take on the censor board 😀
    BTW, I liked the movie too,because it was fast paced and didn’t give me a chance to mull over the profanities !

  4. momofrs Reply

    And oh, I liked your story from Urban Shots
    The best part is that you included locations from B’lore and Pune which are very familiar to me, so it made reading the story all the more pleasant 🙂

  5. Ruchira Reply

    havent seen Delly Belly but now I propbably will. Am a bit worried though if I wld be able to stomach all the crude langauge !Keep writing prats !

    • Prats Reply

      @Ruchira: Its really not that bad… As a matter of fact its one of the movies which make you laugh out loud. But then make sure you aren’t in a company where you might be embarrassed for the language being used in the movie.

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