Disclaimer: Now that it has become an in-trend to sue bloggers so here is my disclaimer.

  1. This blog is a personal blog and it in no capacity represents the views of my current or previous employer(s). It also does not reflect the views of the organizations/institutions I am associated with unless otherwise stated so categorically.
  2. This blog may contain content which may be unsuitable for Overly Sensitive people with no or low self image/esteem or irrationally religious/racial/caste/ethinic/regional (I think you got the point) beliefes. So if you belong to one of the above mentioned you have the option of hitting the small cross button on ur browser window and not read my blog.
  3. I am not a sadist who derives any sort of pleasure by defaming any institution, company or person referred to “they” from here on. When I convey my dislike for any of them, it means “I” as a person do not agree to what they represents.
  4. The comments that are responses to my posts are the opinions of the people concerned and not mine. The presence of comments on my posts do not mean I endorse them in anyway unless so stated.
  5. If you have a problem with my writing or content or you find a factual mistake, please tell me so. I will only be happy to rectify my mistakes if you convince me. Feedback of all kinds is welcome anytime. However, if you cannot give me a logical and practical reason as to why my stand is incorrect, please take a hike to hell.
  6. Any third party link on my blog may carry objectionable content, I, in no terms shall be held -responsible for/associated with- the content carried by the blogs I link to. Niether will anyone linking to my blog responsible for content in my website.
  7. I blog for my own self. Its just an expression of my self and my views, not an advertising campaign or a PR exercise so what content is posted here is determined by my whims and fantasies.
  8. I reference a lot of tit-bits floating around me in the virtual world, If you come across something for which proper credits has not been given to you. Please let me know with the sufficient ownership reference I will be more than happy to give you the credit for the piece or take it off the blog as agreeable.
  9. For the Concerned, No animals/humans/plants were harmed during writing of this blog. No harmful chemicals, radio active substances are used while creating the posts. However the author holds no responsibility in case the reader of the post recited the same to the animals or releases the gastronomic wastes while reading the blog.

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