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I have always wondered that how fast the world has changed around us, a few years ago the words and conversations had an entirely different meaning.  The tablets were something we dreaded when the doctors prescribed them, Galaxy was a collection of Stars, Tab was just a key above caps lock on the keyboard, honeycomb always came from the bees and if anyone told you about Samsung, one might have asked ‘Sam Who ?’

Things have changed now tablets are a form of computers, Samsung is one of the most respected and tech savvy corporations in the world, Galaxy is a series of smart devices, honeycomb is a mobile operating systems now made by the geeks instead of the bees, and Tab has an absolutely new definitions which looks like this-

So as you would be aware that the Galaxy Tab 750 India launch happened yesterday and there is a contest going where one gets to be the Samsung Mobiler. So I am supposed to write a blogpost about the feature that excites me the most, and this is what is the most difficult part. The Tab does has a lot of features all well explained on the Samsung Website here ( and to make the matters worse each of them is as exciting as the other. After seeing the launch and viewing the website I was still unable to decide what feature excites me the most. This is when I felt that the feature that excited me about the Tab wasn’t listed anywhere but was in my mind and it was nothing but how well a Tab would seamlessly fit in my normal lifestyle.

I think that is what takes the piece of cake when it comes to Tab, where it effortlessly slips as a part of our lifestyle while adding efficiency and zing to it. So this is how a Galaxy Tab fits in the life of management consultant by the day and a writer by the night.

Day Start-

6:00 AM- Wake up on the Alarm set up in Galaxy Tab, have a look at the time, weather updates right at the home page.
6:30 AM – Mild Cardio with the favorite music playing in the background  on the Galaxy Tab.

7:45 AM- Have breakfast, check the latest news, and updates on twitter, facebook on the Tab. Also keep a track of daily diet and calories taken on the fitness app of Androind on the Galaxy Tab.

8:15 AM- Take the office shuttle/bus while checking emails and reading newspapers on the Galaxy Tab

9:00 AM- Start working while attaching my Galaxy Tab to the keyboard dock.

10:00 AM- Conference call with the client again happening on the Galaxy Tab with the front camera and  a portable high quality 10.1” 149 ppi screen .

11:00 AM- Check Emails and update statuses and on various social media platforms on the Galaxy Tab
1:00 PM – Lunch

2:00 PM – Rush for a meeting with the client, carry the final document and presentation in the Tab. Review and give final touches to the presentation using the powerful office features of the Galaxy Tab

5:00 PM- Travel back home, while streaming the highlights of the match or surfing the web on the Galaxy Tab
6:00 PM- Reach home and watch a movie or couple of episodes of FRIENDS on Galaxy Tab in full HD while having a cup of coffee


8:00 PM – Dinner

9:00 PM- Retire to bed with your Galaxy Tab with your book in the Readers Hub getting engrossed while you actually turn the pages on the Tab.

10:00 PM- Go to sleep waiting for a brand new day

So for someone like me a gadget like Galaxy Tab fits into my life almost every hour when I am awake and to do that all I need to do is keep this 8.6 mm thick tablet which weighs at 565 grams all the time with me. No wonder for me whatever time of day we talk about “It’ Time To TAB

All Images Sourced from Samsung Galaxy Tab Website

28 comments on “It's Time To Tab”

  1. Psych Babbler Reply

    Interesting post and yet, in some ways it seems scary that one can be hooked on to technology almost every hour of the day. Call me a traditionalist but it’s scary to think that’s how the world seems to have become. Given my line of work thankfully I’m not stuck to the computer all day but even so, we still have to use it for reports and updating our statistics on clients we see. I actually saw someone at the gym the other day who was working out (cycling) and watching a movie/show on her ipad. Apparently it’s going to change from people just listening to music soon…

    • Prats Reply

      @Psych Babbler: I know what you mean but then in my line of work, technology is last thing on earth I can avoid and probably I do what I do is because I am so passionate about technology and its use in life. Well I have seen people using treadmills that have an attached TV on it…. So Ipad/tab only changes it to the point where you can choose what you watch.

  2. Deepti Reply

    dude…many many congratulations…for the Tab…:)

    baaki tera routine to 1 dum sexy hai yaar….6 baje uthna….10 baje sona….awsum…:)

  3. Gaurav Reply

    Amazing to see how you integrated the TAB in the daily schedule. Though it eases the flow of life but a day without all the technology purely being with oneself would be great..maybe just watching a movie on the TAB out in the open 😀 !!

    • Prats Reply

      @Gaurav: It is a fact that technology has penetrated our life so deep that actually it feel likes handicapped without it.

  4. Atul Reply

    Dude, You forgt to plug in power to your Galaxy tab, I hope this gadget will still run need electricity to charge, or will it download charge from cloud 🙂 🙂
    Nice Post..

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