I have always hated Ekta Kapoor and the likes that produce intense daily family drama serials. But I never knew or had any objective reason why I did.
Surprisingly, today talking to one of my very close friends I realized why. They are the competition; I have it in me to create all those soap operas. Thanks to her that I got a brilliant idea of producing this serial. This is how the Eureka moment happened-
My friend was telling me that she had visited a Fortune Teller (Jyotshi) (yeah, don’t mind she is from the Jupiter) who studied the lines of her palm and told her that she would not get married before she turns 29. She actually believed it, and she shared her concerns with me. This was the Eureka moment which had the potential to change my life. As this is what I came up with in response to my friend let’s call her Jupiter (though she has quiet an enlightening name but let’s keep that undercover lest she might decide to kill me before my TV serial completes 10000 episodes) for a while-
Dil main Pyaar ki talaash
Aankhon main Piya se Milne ki aas
Kya Jupiter badal payegi apne haath ki
Jan ne ke liye Dekhiye Lakeereinnnnnn roz 8:30 pm Colors par.

Now the whole thing is ready for the 10,000 episodes I have to just fill in the small details starting Jupiter’s life from 12 years when she had her first crush till 95 when he grand daughters’ daughter gets married just ensuring that she looks 28 and a half years old throughout the 12 to 95 year journey and allowing a series of accidents, hospital scenes and plastic surgeries as and when the star cast increases their price. Now that I have a script for the next big thing on the Indian Television, I need financers. Takers anyone????

4 comments on “Lakeerein”

  1. Trinaa Reply

    lol!!! due to recession i wont b able to help u..but ol d best in findin other financiers’! 😉

  2. Prats Reply

    @ Trinaa: Ah the recession seems to be the best answer to everything. My boss told me the same when I asked for a raise 🙂

    @ Bhavya: Hope you get rich soon to finance my project

    @ brocasarea: Rebirth, yeh lets add another 2000 episodes

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