This is a confessional post, I visited a restaurant yesterday. I was on my worst behaviour yesterday. There were a lot of mistakes done by the people and initially I lost my temper. After a series of errors, I was rude and inconsiderate towards the staff of the restaurants. I behaved like a spoilt arrogant brat. I don’t know if it is true but I believe I was enjoying humiliating the people in front of me. I am not sure if they will be reading this post ever. But I just want to say I am sorry, this will never happen again!!!!!

4 comments on “Mannerless”

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Man I have seen you in bad moods…
    I am sure the guy wud have nightmare of his life…..

    And you feeling like appologioes….God bless that poor soul!!!

  2. Nidhi Reply

    Poor staff 🙁

    But I will really appreciate your being honest and confessing it…

    Doesn’t matter if any of those staff members will ever read it… What matters is that you make sure it doesn’t happen again… 😉 (Sounds easy but takes a lot to control one’s temper 😀 )

  3. Prats Reply

    @ Anonymous: Yep man it was a bad day for him and me.

    @ Trinaa: Woh waiter nahi tha manager tha.

    @ Nidhi: Thanks for visiting my blog. I will try that I dont loose my temper again so easily.

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