I have decided to change the about me section of my Blog. I was quiet a bored of the present one which has been there since the inception of this blog. It was actually relevant till I was doing my post graduation but then more out of laziness I just added one line to make it relate to my current phase of life. However Now that I have decided that I will be making this as my personal blog, I decided to remove the professional me out of here. So here goes what used to be About me in my Blog-
A lone son, an argumentative Indian, A loyal freind, an ardent admirer, a dreamer, a believer, and an egoist. Went through the process of being an nasty engineer, and a cynical MBA. Now a k(NO)w-it-all IT Consultant

To replace this I came up with this-

I am someone,
I am the lost page from the chronicles of Time,
I am the lost note of the music divine,
I am the lost aroma which is fleeting smell,
I am the lost piece which the Jigsaw puzzle compels,
I am the lost word which completed the book of truth,
I am the lost map for the fountain of youth,
I am the lost droplet in raindrops & dew,
I am the lost breath fighting for survival,
I am the lost civilization hoping revivals,
I am the lost king amidst the battle,
I am the lost spectator in this babble,
I am the lost soul searching eternity,
I am the lost link of the human fraternity,
I am someone.

But then I ended it on a very different note.

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  1. Prats Reply

    @ Aditi: yeh aap meri Taarif Kar rahi hai ya meri wat laga rahi hai???

    @Anonymous: Thanks bro!!

    @ Trinaa: Thanks a lot… But which one you liked on on the Blog or one in the about me section?

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