Mother's Day

I was thinking of posting on some other topic, but then someone on twitter actually posted a link of this site. My instant reaction was “What the F**K”. For the People who haven’t opened the site, The site is called Mom Sourcing, the homepage goes like this-

“You know you should call your mom on Mother’s Day. But in today’s fast paced world, work, hobbies and “me time” it can be hard to squeeze in.”

I mean who would have actually thought this kind of an idea. They actually have a sample call on their site. The sample call goes like this-


May I please speak with Lauren

Mom, This is your child Michael. I am calling to wish you a happy mother’s day. You have always been there for me and I love you very much. I hope today is magical and full of enjoyment.

Your Confirmation number is 4444444”

* The text in bracket is conversation from the Listener (supposedly the Mother)

So let me get this straight the idea is that idea is your customer is some smartass doesn’t has 30 seconds of time in his 24 hours to make a call to a person who gave birth to him. So that very much defines his love, attachment, commitment, relationship, emotions towards his mother and you expect him to pay you to call on his behalf. Did I hear a yes, well hilarious, I feel choked with your optimism.

Then your proposition is that someone in a foreign accent and different voice would call the customer’s mothers as the person. Now let me get this straight a mother who can identify her baby’s voice by howling which is not even a perfect English syllable. You expect her to believe that the voice is her child’s. And to ensure there are no stone unturned in making the mother believe that this is her son, you give out a confirmation number. Oh yes I do it every time when I speak with my mom and I am sure this is the practice from standard protocol of calling your mom, “Rule # 11 (Std Protocol for Calling Mom)- Always leave the confirmation code when you end the call, lest she forgets if really her son called or she was dreaming”

My heart goes out for all the mothers who would actually get the calls from the service, the thought this message drives along “Excuse me ma’am your child was too busy to spare 30 seconds to wish you a Mother’s day, but yeah he is doing well he had enough money to outsource us the work of calling you. Happy Mother’s Day”

Mother’s day I feel is a huge marketing gimmick, but still essence is to love the woman who actually brought you in this world, respect her for what she is and what she has done for you, reach out to her a step more than you usually do, communicate that you do miss her and feel connected to her. Mother’s day is a festival, a day to celebrate emotions, most important woman in your life. It’s not a duty or liability or a fashion statement which you can boast in your friend circle. The above service would have been awesome if it would have been positioned as to support you to wish your mom by playing specialized messages (aka greeting cards) or singing custom made jingles but not by outsourcing your “work” of calling your mother. If you really think it is work, then I guess you shouldn’t be calling her.

And actually If I tried this service on my Mom, I am in for a 2 hour lecture. One hour on respect for elders and appreciating people in my life and second one on why am I squandering on an outsourcing service to wish her Mother’s Day.

On a lighter note “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the woman in the world who have blessed this world with the Human race. Hope you have a great year ahead and yes you do
n’t need a confirmation number telling you that you have been an awesome mother for your child.

8 comments on “Mother's Day”

  1. LOVE Reply

    Wonderful idea na…
    Mother’s Day….
    Hindus celebrate the same for 9 days conyinuously…in the form of Navratra !

  2. Prats Reply

    @Love: Yep Brilliant Idea.

    @brocasarea: I know. My wishes to your mom too. Happy Mother’s Day.

  3. partywithneha Reply

    I just opened the site…and you know what? It says due to large volume the site is down…. How sick is that! People are actually using it!

  4. Megha Reply

    Haha! It’s a joke. A brilliant one at that. They are making fun of all the americans that don’t have the time to do the things that they should!

  5. Prats Reply

    @partywithneha: Really, Thats really pathetic

    @Monika: Yeah, the levels the word has stooped to

    @Reema: Me too

    @Megha: I hope it is a joke. If ain’t this is real sad.

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