My Take on Aam Aadmi Party

A lot of things are happening in our country and I believe that India is going through one of the most interesting times as far as politics is concerned. Yesterday the Aam Admi Party won the vote of confidence. I think this is the first time after the JP movement a political party and an individual are receiving such wide spread political acceptance and support across India.

This is one of the best times to jump into the political arena in Indian landscape. After 10 years of corruption ridden rule filled with populist policy with disastrous economics was akin to the extreme dark ages in the Indian rule. At this point of time anybody who provides a believable story board of a corruption free and sensible economic policies will be lapped up in both arms by the frustrated, tired and naïve voter of the country. Two politicians who have managed to captivate these sentiments in the Indian public using rallies, mass media and the new found social media are Mr. Narendra Modi of BJP and Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Admi Party.

Now I do not subscribe to the views of any of the political parties but the politics being played by both Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal interests me a lot. I have nothing against Arvind Kejriwal, on the contrary I really appreciate the way he has matured and arrived at the landscape of Indian polity as a matter of fact I would consider joining AAP but the skeptic in me wants to know the answer to following questions-

1-      The economics about Subsidies- With the subsidies around water and power in Delhi, what is the take on subsidies. How do they intend to finance these freebies AAP is doling out? Is this going to lead to higher direct/indirect taxation?

2-      The Take on Rural Upliftment- What is AAP’s take on the development on Rural areas and upliftment of agriculture.

3-      Take of AAP on terror and the war on terror-  With Arvind Kejriwal’s comment on the Yasin Bhatkal and Batla house issue, I find it really disturbing that AAP’s view is soft on terror. If we really look on of the most serious external threat India faces is terrorism and AAP has displayed a very antagonistic view on the war of terror.

4-      Hypocritical claims on some of the statements made- There have been some instances where they have made claims (like not accepting an official residence) and then went back and forth on it. There have been instances where they have went dilly dallied on the charges of corruption by the previous government. I feel that they should really think through before making large claims and public announcement.

5-      Black Money/Foreign Policy- While AAP has a very clear and distinctive stand on corruption, they don’t have a stand on foreign policy and if they have a plan to declare and attempt return of the black money stashed in Tax Havens.

While the above questions I feel the Aam Aadmi Party needs to answer and bring forward to people in general. While there are things which strongly makes me believe in the Aam Aadmi Party, in my heart I wish this kind of politics becomes extremely successful. These are the few things which I really appreciate with AAP-

1-      The transparency in Political Funding- The most prominent thing which Aam Aadmi Party has brought into the politics is the transparent political funding. They have time and again proved that they have been excruciatingly transparent as far as their political donations and funding are concerned. This kind of transparency is unparalleled in the Indian politics. Kudos to them for establishing the gold standard in transparency in political funding.

2-      War Against Corruption- One of the greatest thing about AAP is they don’t come with the baggage of history and since their inception their stand against corruption is exceptionally clear and transparent. With most of the political parties having history with corruption, AAP provides a utopian vision of corruption free India.

3-      The Common Man- AAP has provided a ray of hope to the middle class Indian common man, which was ignored, exploited and suppressed because he didn’t have any option. They proved that a group of people with honest intentions and very little money have a chance in the democratic system in India. The AAP has given the hope that the common man still has a chance in the Indian Democracy.

I hope AAP provides the required chaos in the Indian Democracy. I wish someday I am convinced enough to join these people and become the change I want to be for the nation.

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  1. Ramesh Reply

    Good balanced stuff Prats – maybe you should have written a more detailed post developing on the issues you have raised.

    My take on AAP – Great politics; Disastrous economics

  2. hemen parekh Reply

    An Unprecedented Opportunity

    While winning confidence vote in Delhi Assembly on 2nd Jan , Arvind Kejriwal re-iterated 18 promises made by AAP to people of Delhi

    One of this is ;

    Open 500 new schools in 5 years

    That is approx one new school every 4th day !

    I was reminded of BJP’s promise to people of Gujarat in its poll manifesto released on 3rd Dec 2012 , before Gujarat Assembly elections


    If voted to power , we will build 50 lakh houses for the poor of Gujarat in 5 years

    which translates to, 2,739 new houses EVERY DAY !

    By now , BJP Government should have built 10,27,125 houses !

    But no one – even opposition – is asking ,

    ” Where are these houses ? ”

    AAP may not be so lucky , with people of Delhi – and BJP MLAs – asking every 4th day ,

    ” When can I send my child to the new school ? ”

    No doubt , AAP , before releasing the manifesto , must have figured out the resources required to build 500 new schools , viz : ,

    > Land ………… 2,500 acres

    > Money ………. Rs 5,000 Crores

    > Teachers …….. 25,000

    > Annual salaries / Maintenance cost……… Rs 100 Crores

    But in case , at this stage , if it appears doubtful to raise such resources , there is a way out !

    Unlike BJP in Gujarat , AAP in Delhi can build 5,00 ( or even 5,000 ) ,


    And do this in 6 months , instead of in 5 years !

    And do this at 1 % of the cost of building physical schools !

    Now all that AAP need to do to impart online education to 3 lakh Delhi children , is :

    > Find 3 lakh donors , each of whom will sponsor ONE Delhi child , by
    donating Rs 2,000 / –

    > With this money , buy 3 lakh tablet computers ( Aakash 4 specs ), which
    are pre-loaded with all the text books and other instructional materials

    > At a cost of Rs 10 crores , cover entire Delhi with Wi-Max internet .
    Google ( or Bill Gates ) would be happy to help out

    > Grant Rs 10 crores to IIT-Delhi , to create ” VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS ”
    for each and every subject ( 1st to 10th standards )

    Prof Rahul Deshmukh ( IIT-Mumbai ) who has created such an
    infrastructure for the engineering subjects , should be happy to help

    > Get Dr Sugata Mitra ( the ” Hole-in-the-Wall ” fame , Delhi educationist )
    to spearhead the entire project – the broad framework being available
    in the Cover Story ( Can Technology Educate Us ? ) of Digit magazine
    of March 2013

    If anyone in AAP has lingering doubts re feasibility of such a project , just send him to look at what Subhash Rathod , Principal of a small school of Sanganwa ( 35 Km from Rajkot ) has managed to do , ( and without any government help ! ) , viz ;

    > Wi-Fi enabled campus

    > Smart Classrooms

    > Digital Teaching Aids

    ( using Rs 5 lakhs of insurance money that Rathod received after the
    death of his only son in a road accident in 2011 )

    > Tablet for every child

    ( cost borne by a local industrialist , Jayanti Patoliya )

    > Syllabus and study materials in Gujarati , using special software

    > No school bags !

    People of India expect AAP to innovate , not just in ushering a NEW POLITICAL SYSTEM , but also in EDUCATION SYSTEM !

    ARVIND ,

    Don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity !

    * hemen parekh ( 05 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

  3. Rohit Ainapur Reply

    A wonderful analysis on the AAP Sir!!
    I myself have been an ardent AAP supporter and my stay in Delhi for 8 years has got me really close with the people there, and the Arvind Kejriwal Government.
    The second time he won, he had matured. He knew what he had to do. While the AAP govt. is faced by controversies, I believe the following reasons for the same :

    1. In a Democratic world, We can never stop someone from talking. In the case of Prashant Bhusan and his controversy with the party, Human greed played a crucial role in him getting ousted from the party. You simply cannot break the ideals of a person who has built the party. Also, the golden rule being, you never question the leader, even if he’s wrong. unfortunately, it was just a combined egoistic frustation for him to start making derogatory comments about the party.

    2. Delhi has never been given a full statehood. While during the recent State Elections, Even BJP and their CM Candidate Kiran bedi had promised for the full statehood; right from Bureaucracy to the Police, everything is in hands of the central govt. This is atrocious and barbaric, because, with this the AAP govt. is left with no power mostly.

    3. The AAP cannot make changes overnight, they have been surely over ambitious and have made some exaggerate promises, but at the end of day which politician doesnt?

    4. I am glad that you talked about the transperency in funding, I have been one of the million doners who has contributed to party welfare both the times and was glad to have done so.

    Overall, I have loved the way you have made an analysis of the whole situation and even the graph. Also, the AAP govt. needs people like you, from what little I have heard about you and seen in all your posts, you already look like a potential winning candidate for me. My vote for you.

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