Naam Hai Nahi Rahega, Prateek Gupta

So Nu posted an interesting post about the movie character.
This was a tough decisions on what characters I would relate to, it was a close call between Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hai, Saif Ali Khan in Hum Tum, and Nick Naylor in Thank You for Smoking. However, I believe a character that totally defines my major traits would be Guru Kant Desai from the movie Guru.

I have awesomely loved this movie and Abhishek Bachan’s character. Here is an insight to a dialogue from the movie which I relate to, a lot.

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  1. Swaram Reply

    I am a fan of the movie’s music only 😛
    But, now that u hv said it,I wanna check out AB Jr’s acting again 😉

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