Here I mention my obsessions, people who know me would already know how crazy I am about these-

1- Sun Glasses- Well I don’t know what’s between me and them but you know the sunglasses those red and green coloured which you saw on the display window “Yeh kaun pehan sakta hai”. Yes I am that guy, somehow all the sunglasses are meant to fit my face. So I generally keep these killer eyes undercover.

2- Computers- Since the days we need a 5′.25″ Floppy to boot the system and another floppy to load Gwbasic and then another floppy to keep our programs. I have been a computer geek. I have seen the era where a Floppy used to come for 50 bucks which was 1.44 MB to the DVDs in 15 bucks with 8.3 GB storage. My journey has been marked by 5 different computers and I have loved them every bit.

3- Books- I actually started late from most of my peers who had a reading habit. I started in 2001 but since then reading has been my favorite past time. I have read and bought so many books that every time I go home I get a lecture from my Mom to arrange all the 250 books personal library I have managed to acquire and read. I have these weird quirk that when I finish a book i say i will read this again. But this actually never happens.

4- Writing- I started writing in fourth standard in the creative writing workshop I had, and wrote a seriously silly poem-

There was a cat chasing mice
It bit her not once but thrice
but the cat was brave she did not cried
but started chasing the mice.

(yes I was an early starter for Tom & Jerry)
and my English teacher Mrs. John appreciated me a lot (She taught us AA rhyming scheme in the workshop and this poem was a result of that) and since then I have been torturing people with my writing.

5- Coffee- I have always hated all kind of drinks which are served hot but somehow I fell in instant love with coffee. After coming to Pune Barista was like a dream come true and for the next two years my attendance at Barista was way higher than the attendance at my college. The love with coffee and Barista is still on and a late night coffee has become an obsession.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    What about the n number of perfumes placed all in you almirah…. I thought u were very passionate abt them….

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