Of Barbeque, Bloggers and Beer

The bachelorhood of yours truly is heading for an expiry date with a speed faster than the ball being hit by Sehwag for the boundary, you can safely tag these times as a desperate times. As the old adage goes, desperate times call for desperate measures; yours truly has developed a tendency to lap up anything that has delicious food, hawt babes, and awesome fun around. Now from my past experiences that has been honestly mentioned here, was that you get all this and more (Disclaimer: More here can be read as watching drunk friends acting crazy, weird and funny) when there is a Fosters’ Art of Chilling Party.
So this time when I get an invite again from Indiblogger and Fosters, I knew this was like my pre-bachelors party. Now being the narcissist I am, was thinking the bachelor would be the key word there but as it turned out to be later it was party.
So basically, what happens when you leave some blogger friends in a party where there is spicy barbeque, spicier models in the pool, and spiciest beer in the town, all free flowing? Well its all conversations, jokes & jibes, formation of beer can towers and some memories. Sitting by the pool, at the rooftop looking out to the Pune skyline, you know some moments in life cannot get better, and the Fosters’ AOC party was one of them.

I spent a gala time playing with beer cans, hobbling starters and joking away to glory, with Alps, Gaurav Saha, and Doc. I think we stepped down from the party only when the music was closed beers were over and in the glass elevator of the hotel when the Doc cracked the jibe on the water flowing on the glass wall, “Is it the beer on me or the wall is really pissing” we were ROFL quite literally.

Long after the party was over we were still in the hotel lobby trying the cake shop, sitting with each other and cracking jokes, none of us actually wanted to go. I being the teetotaler, could sense a difference, it was four blogger friends who went in the party but it was like it was four friends who were bloggers that came out of it.

Thanks to Fosters for the Art of Chilling and giving me a unforgettable story of the Barbeque, Bloggers and the Beer. Cheers to new friendships.

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  2. Nu Reply

    Hi! Liked your personal and HR blogs..please do provide a ‘follow’ button or something to get aligned to this blog..

    Best of wishes for the d-day πŸ™‚

  3. sonu anand Reply

    now i understand…. why i was not able to get updates abt ur post u changed the add…. there was no update on my dashboard Nice look….

  4. indianhomemaker Reply

    Great pics πŸ™‚
    “…it was four blogger friends who went in the party but it was like it was four friends who were bloggers that came out of it. “ Lovely thoughts.

  5. AttetsHummaws Reply

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    don’t quit and keep posting considering the fact that it just simply worth to look through it,
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