Moving Back to Complete Feed Yay!

As you folks read in the last post, that I decided to move to restricted feed. Firstly, I am reverting back to complete feeds and I am so thankful to all you folks and specially Pratik to help me make that decision. I am very happy about it because as I said I do believe that restricted feeds are an irritant to all the readers.

Firstly thanks a lot for all the support and views in comments and emails. I would like to clarify couple of things. I wouldn’t call what happened as an incidence of Plagiarism, as Pratik was giving a link back to the post and was appropriately mentioned in the shared section of the website which displayed the content he shared on his google reader. That was precisely the reason I think he was not at fault and I never spoke to him about the issue and decided to change the mechanism I publish my feed.

However, I am very grateful to Pratik that he not only removed all the shared posts from his website and also offered to change the mechanism in which the content of the site is delivered so as the completed content is not shared. He has done that in good faith without even me asking for it just to avoid the confusion and to ensure people who read my blog don’t face the irritant.

So I am reverting back to the complete feeds again as asked by many of you. At this point I would specially like to thank one of my readers (lets call him ‘A’ as he has not yet replied to my mail if I can disclose his name) who has come up with a very innovative solution for these kind of problems. What he suggests is to add a Unique footer in every post with due credit to my blog and direct links to my site. So even if in future someone shares my post using reader the ownership part is clarified.

So A I loved the idea, and to say my thanks anytime when you are in Bangalore (or any other city we are in at same time) the coffee and dinner is on me. And I am not sure what to write in this standard footer all the suggestions are welcome.

Moving to Restricted Feed

Now this is what I would say is putting foot in mouth, as I have always been a supporter of complete feed. The idea was why force the user to visit your site and specially that a lot of times some or the other sites are blocked in the offices the user should be able to read the post.

Now recently an event which made me thinking if I should reconsider my stand in the wake of latest technology and things which it has enabled. A few days back I got a pingback from the website of Pratik Patel. I went over to his website and I could see some of my posts on his site word by word. I was about to blast him and inform people that my blog was being plagiarized. It was then I noticed that my post was under the shared heading and there was small link saying that this was shared on the Google reader and there was a link to my blog.

So I was assured this was definitely not a case of Plagiarism but still the idea that people were reading my blog on some other site, without my permission and knowledge is a bit disturbing, specially given that people might comment on the site the post was shared and the opinion would never reach my ears. The fact that we share the same first name was not helpful either. Here is a link to one of the posts which was shared  on the site in case you want to see.

So I feel that I should move to restricted feeds like a lot of other bloggers do, this is something which I felt was an irritant but sometimes you got to choose your priority. What do you folks feel about this issue. Though for now I am going with a reduced feed (which is a knee-jerk reaction) but if convinced I am open to revert back to the complete feeds.

So come on people help me out here.

Delhi Belly & How It Got Released

I am wondering if I am not blogging enough, I know you folks would agree. But in my defense I have been terribly busy at work. However, what makes me wonder about my blogging frequency of the folks at WordPress. This blog is hosted on the WP platform and these days I get more WordPress Updates than the posts I write, so either I am writing very less, or the guys at wordpress are working their asses out. More I think of it, and I feel sorry for those guys. Imagine the project manager/product manager at wordpress would be after the life of the poor chaps writing the code upgrade, to deliver it in time for the customers to use. And here I am one of their customers who do not even write a post as frequently those folks churn out and upgrade.

So coming back to “I have been terribly busy bit”, amidst all this busyness of my business I found time to catch up with most of the movies. I am sure even you guys would agree that the recent times were like gold rush for movie fans. I mean you had movies like “X-Men, Cars 2, Transformers 3, KungFu Panda, Pirates of The Carrabian, and Harry Potter, Delhi Belly, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” and I might have forgotten mentioning few. So I have watched them all, and I must say most of them were pretty good. As a matter of fact I loved all of them except Transformers-3, which was painstakingly boorish and dumb.

But what was icing on the cake was Delhi Belly, I must say I absolutely loved the movie. I was surprised and shocked to see that movie where the abuses and F words weren’t beeped out by the censor board. I actually watched the movie twice because I just couldn’t believe that the censor board hasn’t actually beeped out the movie. The reason that this movie actually passed censor board is a very interesting story, from what I hear on my non-existent grapevine.

Place: Central Board Bored of Film Certification

Time: Fake Approval Screening of Delhi Belly

Aamir Khan (AK)- So this a movie about youth, about India, the reality of this generation.
Leela Samson (LS) – Wow.
Shubhra Gupta (SG)- What wow? Asha ji tells me he used the same line for DCH.
Arundhati Nag (AN)- These commercial actors I tell you, can’t come up with something original. They will steal stories from Hollywood, and now they have become so shameless that they remake the old Bollywood classics. Look at that Ramesh Sippy guy he made Sholay again such horribly.
Pankaj Sharma (PS) – Errr AN Ramesh Sippy was the guy who made the original Sholay. RGV was who made the remake.
AN- RGV? Who? Whatever.
Rajeev Masand (RM)- It is Packed with rude humor and made with the intention to shock. This is a filthy comic thriller which would work because it’s a smartly paced wild-ride, it doesn’t have a madly inventive story. Yet with sharp performances.
LS- RM you are not reviewing the movie, please stick to the censoring right now. Pankaj Vohra (PV) what do you think?
PV- Since this has nothing to do with Thackreys and Pawars so this is ok.
Annes Jung (AJ) – I think this might be objectionable and we need to beep the abuses. AK can you come back with a beeped version of this.
AK- Oh I already have it let me play it for you.
*plays the movie*
*Bhaag Beep Beep Beep Beep bhag beep beep Beeep*
goes on for 5 minutes.
RM- What the hell is that?
LS- After beeping this is not in English or Hindi, the movie seems to be in Morse code.
AN- Yeah but does movies in Morse Code lie in our jurisdiction.
LS- Actually no.
AK- so you mean to say that I can release this movie in MORSE CODE?
LS- Yeah, if you want you can dub it in English or Hindi. GO ahead.

and that my friends is the fake story of how Delhi Belly got approved from the censor board bored 🙂

On a more serious note, given the success of the movie, I feel our Industry is coming of age. Though I hear some petitions going against it in one of the courts in MP but I am sure the law would take its course and accept the new generation of people and the cinema.

10 Day You Challenge- Day 9: 2 Songs

Choosing two songs from a list of thousands which I love is very difficult. But here are the two which often come at the top of my mind.

1- Bazeecha-E-Atfal– The song simply touches every chord in my heart and every time I hear this I just feel tempted to hear it in infinite loop.

2- Main Zindagi ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya– Again a song which is my ideal philosophy of my life.

10 Day You Challenge- Day 8: 3 Movies

3 Movies, now this is an easy one-

1- Guru– I am a fan of this movie and I have seen it so many times that I can’t even count.

2- Choti Si Baat- This again a brilliant movie which deals with a complicated subject of human psyche of perceptions in a very light and comical way. I have learnt a lot from this movie.

3- Thank You for Smoking– This is another movie which has motivated me a lot in life.

10 Day You Challenge- Day 7: 4 Books

Books are again one of my favorite past time and interests and given that I read a lot choosing 4 books becomes very difficult. Obviously both Urban Shots & Down The Road are not included in the list though they are special to me more than any other book. 🙂

So here goes the list of 4 books which I really loved-

1- One, Richard Bach– If there is a book which I think changed me as a person it was One. A lot of my world view was changed after reading this book.

2- Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand– There is so much written about this book that I cannot possibly add anything further. All I will say that I generally have some of my favorite excerpts of this book typed on my comp and I read it time and again when I get a chance.

3- Srimad Bhagvad Gita– This is one of the best philosophies of the world, I have read it couple of times and don’t think have a got even half of the essence in it. Every time I read this it brings out a different perspective in me.

4- Harry Potter Series- Again enough has already said about the HP series and how it takes the reader to the world of fantasy.

Image Source: Google Images

10 Day You Challenge- Day 6: 5 Foods

I am guilty of being a glutton when it comes to food and I must admit that it is indeed very tough for me to choose five foods out of so many things I actually like. Here are the top 5 foods I like-

1- Coffee– I simply love my cup of coffee, this is something I have proclaimed on this blog time and again. I cannot do without my cuppa coffee so undoubtedly in the food coffee goes in first.

2- Brownies– I love brownies and resisting to the temptations of a well made brownie is very very difficult for me .

3- Stuffed Paranthas– I have grown up on them and nothing fills you better than a steaming hot Aloo Parantha

4- Pasta– This is another dish which tops my list of foods, a pasta makes a perfect dinner.

5- Idly– The humble idly is under estimated by a lot of people but I must say that there is nothing more healthy and satisfying than a hot plate of idly served with chutneys and sambhar.

Image Courtesy: Google Images.

10 Day You Challenge- Day 5: 6 Places

Now I am not the one who has traveled across the globe and seen a lot of places but in what ever places I have been here are my picks from those-

1- Kanpur– This is my home town and I have grown up there. A major contribution of who I am and what I am is courtesy this city. A lot of people who I consider my life support system share the essence of Kanpur with me. Though the city is on a decline because of all the crappy politicians who have taken charge of it but still the place adds a zing to my heart whenever I visit there and it will always remain home for me.

2- Pune – again is city which is very close to my heart. I have spent some very beautiful moments in Pune and some of my high points in life have happened in Pune.

3- Bangalore – This is the city where currently my life is. 🙂

4- Goa – Though I have not stayed there for a long time, but in a short trips which I have made to Goa the culture, life and beaches simply take over me.

5- Singapore– I know I am one of the people who find the concrete jungles lovely. And Singapore is an epitome of the concrete jungle. The kind of organized and orderly lifestyle the city has makes my heart yearn for being in Singapore.

6- Cliffs of Moher, Ireland– I visited the cliffs couple of months back and the view is simply difficult to get out of heads.

So before I close this post, I will leave you folks with the view of The Cliffs of Moher.

10 Day You Challenge- Day 4: 7 Wants

This time it’s all about 7 wants, the thing which makes this tag interesting is there is so much to choose from, selecting a few of them makes it very difficult. Like every other human being I too have an unending wish list. You know it is indeed very simple to want everything. So here I list the top 7 wants as of now-

1- Writing an international Best Seller– Come on for a writer there is nothing better than this. I don’t know why I don’t wish for a Man Booker or Nobel in English Literature but all I wish for right now is writing an international bestseller.

2- A BMW Z4 is the model which has all my fancy right now. You can see why don’t you?

3- A Tag Heuer or an Omega Watch– I have a fancy for watches and these two models right now simple make me go “I want it.”

4- A home like this one-

5- A Vacation on a cruise at least once a year

6- Barney Stinson’s Television– If you haven’t seen How I Met Your Mother, and not seen Barney’s TV. You must, its like a dream come true, imagine playing PS3/Xbox or watching movies on it.

7- A La Z Boy Recliner

Phew! This was difficult seems like your wants change a lot with time. A few years before when I used to be a bachelor my wants could have been the images search result for “Hot European Models” 🙂
*Image Source: Google Images, All the images and Trademarks belong to their respective copyright owners.