Quiz #5 Hindu Mythology Day 13

This time the quiz is based on Hindu Mythology. The images below are some idols of Indian gods and all you have to do is identify all of them and also connect the common link between all the images.

The answer can be submitted using the form below
[contact-form 2 “Quiz Results”]
You can also mail your responses directly to prats@prats.co.in

15 comments on “Quiz #5 Hindu Mythology Day 13”

  1. Swaram Reply

    Oh that ws another form is it .. I hope u got my msg 🙂
    Interesting one Prats 🙂

  2. Aarti Reply

    Nice one…. sent my answers 🙂

    Swaram- i too dint see the form, left Prats a tweet and then saw it 🙂

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