Results Quiz #3: How Well Do You Know Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S

So friends its time for the Results of Quiz #3: How Well Do You Know Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Now as I have already said that I really wanted to do this quiz and was thrilled by the Idea. Secondly I didn’t wanted an easy quiz you know someone would crack who doesn’t follows Friends religiously. We would all agree we would find loads of casual quizzes on Facebook, Orkut and web. So I wanted to make a real tough one for the people who religiously follow friends. So result I made a quiz which tried to capture some aspect of one of my all time favorite TV sitcoms.

Here are the Answers to the Quiz-

1- The first question she asks Chandler is “What the hell is this dog doing here?” referring to the porcelain dog gifted to Chandler by Joey, which was originally gifted by Ross to Joey when Joey had to give up all his stuff after the Credit Card bills came out large. The Dog stays with Monica and Chandler till the end of the series and when Monica and Chandler are shifting to their new house the movers & packers are shown to carry the Dog and Monica tips them if they can let it fall of the truck.

2- Rachel & Chandler was the answer I was expecting but after the answer and justification from Perx I am convinced even Ross has kiss everyone. So the correct answer for this would be Ross, Rachel & Chandler (any of the two and I have accepted it as the correct answer) I would be updating this one with the explanation later.
Update: Directly from Perx’s Response
a. Chandler –
ROSS (in the one where chandler can’t remember which sister, its off screen
and just implied) RACHEL (at a party at chan’s college) MONICA (relationship)
PHOEBE (where she tries to get the truth out of him) JOEY (where he is alone
on new years and shouts “somebody kiss me!”)

b. Rachel –
MONICA (to win apartment)
JOEY AND ROSS (relationship)
PHOEBE (where phoebe wanted to see what the fuss was all about) CHANDLER (at
his college party where she comes to visit)

c. Ross –
RACHEL (relationship)
JOEY (for joey’s audition practice)
MONICA (mistook her for rachel in college party where he thought she was on a
pile of coats on his bed while monica herself was the pile) PHOEBE (when his
marriage with carol breaks off) CHANDLER (in the one where chan can’t remember
which sister of joey’s he made out with)

3- The book is titled “Be Your Own Windkeeper”. Interestingly in real world there is no book by this name but only an Essay.

4- Pheobe and Duncan, Duncan Sullivan was the room mate of Pheobe, who told her that he was a gay. Pheobes married him to help obtaining the Green Card. They were not actually married but legally married and eventually they have a divorce where Monica is offended that she did not share this with her.

5- Mike Hannigan- Just before Pheobe and him got together again he was dating a girl called Precious, played by Anne Dudek. Mike and her break up on her birthday.

6- Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is the Godmother for Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) and David Arquette’s daughter, Coco.

7- The First ThanksGiving Chandler makes a speech that he is happy that all of their ThanksGiving Sucked and they could all be together and he was happy about it. That’s when Ross wishes by raising a toast “To a lousy Christmas” and Rachel follows “and a crappy New Year”. This was shown multiple times in episodes when they reminiscence about their lives.

8- First Picture (Caption First )- Bruce Lee = Bruce
Second Picture (Caption Second) – Wills = Wills
Combining the two Sounds Bruce Wills (which is close to Bruce Willis)
The connect being Bruce Willis made a guest appearance in Charlies Angels, Full Throttle same as he did in Friends as Elizabeth’s Father who dates Rachel for a while.

I got 12 entries answering this quiz and none of them were all correct answers. However the following entries had most correct answers (Not in any specific order)-

1- Perx
2- Deepti Dhyani
3- Ramya
4- Rahul

If you want me to link the names to your blog or twitter please send a mail to I will link the same.

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  1. Deepti Reply

    and dude..this was a Tuff quiz…i guess the most difficult i have taken till now..:))…that picture question….Sherlock Homes types tha..:))

    • Prats Reply

      @Perx: Congrats!!! and Thanks for correcting me in the question. I have used you answer directly on my blog. I couldn’t have given a better answer.

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