Recently I was to shift base from Hyderabad to Pune for a period of three months. All those who are exclaiming in the shrill piercing baritones “AGAIN!!!!”. Yes my dear friends yet again and this time to take some enjoyment out of this transfer process and during the course of the transfer; I decided drive from Hyderbad to Pune. Though my mom freaked out on the idea and her constant pestering made me hire a driver for the route. But I drove all the way from Pune and the driver was a jerk who made my trip a disaster.

I was supposed to traverse the green route and he made me drive on the Red one which had not eating joints in the middle. Being the non highway road the ride was very very bumpy for some Km. I actually drove the first five hundred kms without the break. You jerk if you are reading this you lucky that I didn’t killed you for this. I took you for navigation and directions and that where you screw up. I don’t like this.

But the whole experience of driving on such a journey all alone and such a stretch was just awesome, When I entered Pune I was starved exhausted and almost dead. But still I loved the trip.Life ROcks

6 comments on “RoadTrip”

  1. Trinaa Reply

    hehehehehe..i love travelling in a car too!! with music n junk food it sure feels like heaven!!

  2. Vinni Reply

    such a long trip would have been nice man. hope to do it sometime soon! long drives are always good, especially in a good car.

  3. Nidhi Reply

    Hhahha… Hope the next time u travel, it turns out to be more comfortable journey for u 🙂

  4. Prats Reply

    @Trinaa: Yes I had loads of music playing; but no junk food for me….Dhabe da Khana rocks!!!

    @ Vinni: Koi nahi yaar I would be returning back to Hyderabad in near future will call you so we can do it together 🙂

    @ Nidhi: Comfortable, I don’t know but the journey was fun. I chose it despite my company would have given me a flight ticket. Sometimes doing things unusually is fun.

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