So the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is getting launched on August 10, and Indiblogger is hosting an awesome contest where they have some awesome give aways and a chance to become Samsung Mobiler which means you get to have a first hand experience of all the new Samsung Mobile products.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch

Now that the greedy devil and gadget freak I am, and an awesome technology Samsung produces it is pretty obvious that I am entering this contest. So you would get a live view and feed of the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch right here on Ginger & Cardamom. Also there is a post coming on the “Tab” very soon. Till then pray that I get this free Tab :-)

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4 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch

  1. aarti says:

    haha.. nice!! goood lucks!! :D my bday is coming up, in case you dint know.. ;)

  2. momofrs says:

    Good luck Prats!!
    Hope you get one Galaxy :)
    Looking forward to your post on the selected topic !

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