Sea Swept By Nora Roberts: A Book Review

Sea Swept By Nora Roberts

Sea Swept By Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: PIATKUS
Price: 257/-

This book was recommended to me by Poonam, when we met in the offline world. She wanted me to read it, and observe how a guy reacts to a book which she categorizes as a chick-lit. Well I did read the book and here is my two cents on the book.

Sea Swept is a part of series which is based in Chesapeake Bay, around 3 brothers Cam, Ethan and Philip, who had a troubled childhood and were adopted by Ray & Stella Quinn and provided a better life. The plot of the book is featured around the death of Ray Quinn in an accident, when he had just adopted another troubled boy Seth.
This part of the series focuses on Cameron or Cam Quinn and his romance with the gradual inclusion of Seth in the Quinn family. Though whole series is focused around all three brothers and the mystery of Ray Quinnโ€™s death, this particular book concludes at the successful romance between Cam & Anna who was the social case worker on Sethโ€™s adoption case.
The flow of the book, is very well done and the author has maintained a consistent sequence of events to engage the reader throughout the books. The descriptions are just right giving the details for an elaborate picture but not overdoing to be a drag or boring. The romance between the two, though main theme of the book is at the back seat for the first half and the plot of the series takes a greater mind space of the reader. However towards the end she has done justice to both the aspects trying to maintain the balance between the two tracks.
The writing style is simple and easy with fair amount of stress on the emotions of the child and the romance. The best part of the book is the engaging writing style of Nora Roberts which doesnโ€™t lets the reader get disengaged from the book. The pace and flow of the story just keep going, she has beautifully used multiple tracks in the story and left some loose ends for the sequel while answering all of the questions relating to Cameron Quinn which is one of the tracks in the story.
Summary: A fiction book with interesting storyline, not much take away but a general time pass read. Can be picked up while travelling or when you want to have a light and quick read. A sweet well paced romantic family story, more of a soap opera kinds, if you like them might as well pick this one.
Rating: For this one 2.75/ 5

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    :)…i like book reviews by people i know..:) sounds good..but still i have a long list pending before i start this..:)

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      @Reema: Yeah, was doing it of and on… Then thought can do it better and more religiously hence Review and same thing with the quizzes too ๐Ÿ™‚

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