Self Love: The Best Love

I was tagged by Monika on this one. This was a beautiful tag, which gives you an opportunity for introspection, chance to flaunt appreciate oneself. So given the slightest opportunity here I go pulling out my obsession with myself.

5 Things, I love myself for-

1- My Good Looks The Practical self- I am a very practical person. I would have an explanation/reason for everything I say or do. The part of my life I call as “Planner” this trait have always stood by me and given me a lot of Yay moments when all my plans were successful and lot of ouch moment when they failed, but most importantly it always gave me a reason why I succeed or the reason why I failed and the opportunity to learn from my own mistakes. A lot of people loath my practicality, but I am in love with it.

2- My Good looks The Joking Self- I can always crack jokes ( a lot of my friends would say accuse me of cracking horrible jokes, and out of sheer love for them I don’t disagree) I can make fun of anything and everything under the sun. As a matter of fact I have chronic history of cracking jokes on everyone around me including myself (I swear this is a medical condition and I am trying to take treatment for it, but doctors refuse to meet me, lest they themselves get infected). So the bottom-line is that I love my joking self and the fact that people have included a tag line with my name Prats – Specialist in cracking bad ones since 1982.

3- My Good Looks The ______vert self- I don’t know if I am an extrovert or an Introvert. By all means I would classify as an extrovert but somehow I reflect one introvert trait that I need to put in a conscious effort in starting a conversation with strangers and I generally think a lot before doing it. So yeah you got it right despite me being a blabbering extrovert. This dream conversation never happened with me-

Me- “Hey beautiful, If you won’t mind can I ask you out for a drink Coffee(damn I don’t have drinks myself)”

Stranger Hot Girl #1345- “Well and Why would you like to do that?”

Me- “(You don’t know this because I feel you are Hawt!! And I haven’t dated a women in 1 year) Simply because from the moment I walked in the room, I felt that there is something special between us. You know some kind of chemistry (and If I am lucky tonight we might have physics too. What Up!!)”

So basically this dream conversation simply doesn’t happen with me. Apart from the lack of the aforementioned situation I love my mixture of an introvert and an extrovert.

4- My Good Looks The Dependable Me- I am a person who believes in managing the relationships in life. I am one of the lucky few who are blessed with large number of friends in life and I mean really good friends. I treasure all my friends and my relationships with them and I think one trait which keeps people hooked to me is that they can depend on me, that I’ll be there for them always, Friend’s style I’ll be there. This trait has given me so much in my life that I am simply in awe of it.

5- My Good Looks The Enjoyable Me- One more attribute which I really like about myself is my ability to enjoy. I can live everyday enjoying to the fullest, at the end of a busy day when people actually think of sleeping, I am generally out driving, partying, enjoying myself. Another part of the same trait which really make it awesome is my attitude of enjoying with myself when alone (Perverts of the World, One at a time please. No I am not talking about Mas****** self pleasure activities people indulge in). Yes I can enjoy all alone reading a book sipping a coffee, going out for a drive alone, watching a movie or play or a concert alone. I know how to be happy simply by myself.

So people these are 5 things which I really love about myself. Before I close one question-

Would I be gay if I am in love with myself for My Good Looks if no then this one tops the list.

And keeping the tradition of the Tags I hereby tag-





And anyone else who would like to take this tag.

10 comments on “Self Love: The Best Love”

  1. Bhavya Reply

    Yup, you would be a little gay 😛
    Kidding. Good post. Not too many people can introspect that well

  2. Reema Reply

    oh!! I dont like such revealing tags 🙂 But as its your first for me…I will do it!

  3. partywithneha Reply

    Thanks for the tag! Post will come up soon…btw thats a nice post by u

  4. Prats Reply

    @ Bhavya: Well thats true. Monika did gave me an awesome post to write about

    @ Vinni: Really, would that be the 6th point 😉

    @ Reema: Ohk won’t tag you on the intimate tags further. Thanks for accepting this one

    @ Partywithneha: Thanks, Looking forward for your post

    @ brocasarea: Yes I think thats one quality that really keeps me going

  5. Smita Reply

    Hmmm I like practical people 🙂

    As far as loving oneself is concerned why wud it be bad?? If we don’t like what we are then how can anybody like what we are 😀

    Main bhi khud ki favorite hoon 😉

  6. Phoenixritu Reply

    Add your bootilicious self to it (always wanted to use that word!)

  7. Prats Reply

    @Smita: Aap bhi khud ki favorite hai… lollzz!!!

    @Partywithneha: Thanks, read it too

    @Phoenixritu: Lolllzzz and u use that on me 🙂

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