Suicide at High Noon

As last time this too is from a team building comptetion we had at our offsite. The rules of the game were that one had to write a suicide note which should include the following-

  • Not more than 80 words
  • It should have one Name
  • It should have two places
  • It should have threee animal (Air, Land and Water)
  • It should have four things

So this what I wrote and it was appreciated generally by the audience and also got the prize-

Hi Helena,

When you saw me naked holding our dog by the rear and I said “Oh Fish”, it wasn’t because I was doing the dog, it would be cuckoo. I wasn’t doing our fish either. I was ironing my trunks for my trip to Los Angeles when the dog pulled it down and the iron fell from the board on my “thing” and I ran to fetch some Ice from the kitchen when you saw me.

But that is not the reason why I am commiting sucide; I am treading this path out of embarrasement. During my interview with the firm from Argentina when they asked me for my testimonials; I probably showed them the wrong thing.

Embarrasingly yours,


Ps. This post might be greater than 80 words because I am trying to recreate it from memory. During the contest I had great help in editing by a dear collegaue Aishwarya who ensured this was compressed within a limit of 80 words.

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8 comments on “Suicide at High Noon”

  1. momofrs Reply

    PRATS!! How did you ever come with that?!
    Here I was , skimming through my excel sheets, bored to death and then I read this 😀
    You made my day buddy 🙂

    • Prats Reply

      @MomofRS: You know actually I was a bit apprehensive when I narrated this note in front of the entire audience which included partners, CEOs and other big shots as it was a bit explicit. But then it worked with the people and I am glad it could make you smile too 🙂

  2. Ramesh Reply

    Ha Ha Ha. But trust a corporate training type to think of asking for suicide notes to be written !!!

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