Author: Martin Nowak, Roger Highfield
Publisher: Canongate
Price: 450/-
Pages: 288

The SuperCooperators is a book written by Martin Nowak who is the Professor of Biology and of Mathematics at Harvard University and Director of Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. The book is about his journey of research on what factors were responsible for the evolution of our species to a state/level we are right now. The book starts with an interesting premise of prisoner’s dilemma and dwells into the implications of same on our evolution, our development, and our behaviors.

The concept of cooperation in the backdrop of the evolutionary theory of “Survival of the fittest” not only raises a lot of interesting questions and arguments which would make one ponder but also gives valid arguments and justifications of the alternatives which are easily conceivable even by a layman. The book enters into a realm of how we evolved from chemicals to evolutionary single cell organisms. A question which almost everyone who has some exposure to the evolution always wondered.

The book will engross you in a fascinating journey of evolution, tickles your thought buds to question yourself on your existence. A book that makes you think about our behavior and why we do, what we do. The pace of the book is slow as the author gets into a lot of details on his theory and quoting and interpreting the research done by other scientists for the understanding of a layman reader. Overall the book leaves you spell bound thinking on the journey of our and many other species from a single cell organism. The book might be boring for people who lack interest in scientific (esp. biological and mathematical) aspects of our evolution and behavior.

Summary: A very interesting read for the non-fiction readers. Do pick up if you like the science genre.

Rating: 9/10


4 comments on “SuperCooperators”

  1. ghanchakkar Reply

    So finally you have finished it :P. Nice to see your review on it. I am astonished at your scoring. 😮 And you are right the pace is slow but I feel in almost all the non-fictions you will find the same.

    Keep Blogging 🙂

    • Prats Reply

      @Ghanchakkar: Yes I finally did it. The score is high because it is an extremely interesting topic and his arguments kind of shake your belief on the Darwanian school of thought. You cannot generalize the non-fictions, there are books which are very fairly paced even in the non-fictions.

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