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Winters And Wedding

As most of my readers would know that I am getting hitched this week, for those who don’t you can visit the details here. Despite my all frivolous attitude towards marriage, I finally found someone who I actually wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

So my wedding this week, and the weather gods, don’t seem to be too pleased with the idea of me getting married. I would like to think that they are not very happy with the idea of my bachelorhood expiring. However, I was also told the reason might be they do not want a trouble maker in the Whyfee’s life.

I am actually scared that there might be chilly cold on my wedding day. Freezing the newly wedded couple to death, I mean there are vows “Till Death Do Us Apart” but the underlying assumption is that the chilly winters would not be the visiting guest in the marriage ceremony. Thankfully our city doesn’t entertains Blizzards and snow storms too much otherwise right now I have been sitting on a wedding like Phoebe Buffet of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Though situations are not much different and I am still having the day of my life like her.

So folks I am signing off for now, will be on a short break from blogging for the obvious reasons. Plan to come back soon. Till then I leave you with some thoughts from a poster I saw in an Odyssey about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Everything I Know in Life I Learned From F.R.I.E.N.D.S

1. Never use “We were on a break!” as an excuse.

2. Remember it’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy and it is a big deal.

3. Everybody has a Lobster.

4. Quitting the gym is just as hard as quitting the bank.

5. For space in bed, use the “Hug & Roll” technique.

6. Yemen is a good place to escape unwanted girlfriends.

7. You can do a lot with just cups and ice.

8. Always say the right name at the alter.

9. Powder & lotion will not help remove hot & sticky leather trousers.

10. “Man Bags” aren’t manly.

11. Don’t count “Mississippily” while in a spray tanning booth.

12. “How you doin’?” never fails.

13. If stung by a jellyfish, pee on it.

14. Never let a monkey near a TV remote.

15. Only in prison do they “cup” whilst measuring pants.

16. It’s not Smelly Cat’s fault.

17. Always read make-up letters all the way through, even if they are 18 pages long and FRONT TO BACK.

18. You should leave your synth keyboard in the 80s where it belongs.

19. A nap with your best friend could be the best nap you ever had.

20. Never let it slip to a child that they are in fact adopted.

21. Meat is not an ingredient in trifle.

22. There’s no such thing as “shark porn”.

23. Your first name is not your “family name”.

24. Throwing your own wake is not a good way to meet women.

25. A “Day Of Fun” is a good way to get to know someone.

26. Everyone has an identical hand twin.

27. Eating too much meat can cause “Meat Sweats”.

28. It’s never too late to resurrect The Routine, just don’t change it.

29. Regina Falange and Ken Adams make great false names.

30. It’s possible to drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds.

31. When moving a couch upstairs, pivot.

32. A silent auction is not a contest to guess the right price.

33. Always double check your measurements when making an entertainemnt unit.

34. Playing too much on arcade machines can lead to getting The Claw.

35. Ugly, naked, and guy do not make for an attractive combination.

36. Never pose for a VD poster campaign.

37. “Pheebs” is short for Phoebe, it’s not just what we call our friends.

38. Never let a duck & a chick near a foosball table.

39. Wooden spoons & trucks make great massaging tools.

40. Never put your head in a turkey.

41. Taping oven mitts to your hands will prevent you from scratching chicken-pox.

42. Never bet your apartment in a game of “Who Knows Who”.

43. Don’t leave teeth whitening gel on for longer than recommended.

44. W.E.N.U.S. stands for. . . Uhmmm . . . ?

45. Everyone is entitled to a “Freebie” list of 5 celebrities they can sleep with if the oppurtunity arises.

46. There are 7 basic erogenous zones. Start out with a little A 1, 2, a 1, 2, 3, a 3, 4, 5, a 5, 6, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7……. SEVEN!

Birthday Blues

I recently celebrated observed my birthday two days ago. Somehow I didn’t feel the enthusiasm as I used to over years, this lack of enthusiasm might have been because of multiple reasons. I actually thought about it and realized that birthdays are a lot more fun when you are a kid, there are loads of presents, party, and people, and did I mention loads of presents?
Somehow when you grow up the enthusiasm for the Birthday fades off. Presents generally loose value as you tend to buy almost everything you desire, except for the secret carnal desires of owning a Rolls Royce Phantom. I know it feels like air pumped into the chest, but let’s not kid ourselves, no we are not getting a Rolls Royce Phantom on our birthday. Not unless we are dating someone from the Ambani clan, but then If I had been dating someone there then firstly I won’t be writing this blogpost and secondly they would have lost their riches by now. So we can all be sure the above possibility ain’t gonna happen.
Left is Party and the people, generally party only leaves a big hole in your pocket. Until now you never bothered it was always dad who paid for the party and the big cake but now as soon as you pay for the party the mobile phone rings with an SMS alert Rs. XXXXX have been debited from your ICICI Bank account for Restaurant Name and you account balance is Rs. XXX. The XXX indicate the quantum as compared to figures. Now the people when you have had a life spread across half a dozen city and friends spread across more than a dozen, generally birthday are left for the wishes at midnight on phone. Which are again frowned upon as the Romantix Taalks on the late night calls with Wifeee /Girlfriend /Fiancée /Girlfriend in Pursuit being interrupted.
More or less I think beyond an age the enthusiasm for the birthday diminishes over time and came up with the below chart. I have a strong feeling that l recently entered in the quadrant two this year. Do you think the chart applies to you too?

Birthday Enthu

Birthday Enthu

5 Reasons I Don't Celebrate New Years

Well for one lets make this one thing clear, new years party is something which I don’t get very excited about. I hardly go to new years party, actually I prefer to sit quietly inside my room may be reading a book or watching a movie, wrapped in a quilt. It’s not that I have never tried to be the “Hot and Happening” at new years. Actually I have made desperate attempts to enjoy New Year and failed miserably every time, to give up finally. Seems like I simply don’t get the Frikkin spirit of the new year, I am not just not meant to enjoy it. So here yours truly presents the 5 reasons that he hates the new year bashes.
1-No Alcohol Free Parties– Now every time I go out and inquire about a party I wouldn’t mind going to at the new years, there are two common factors in the response to the inquiry. The common factor being, Obnoxiously High Prices, and Unlimited Liquor on the House. Now when you combine the two for a teetotaler like me the party becomes totally useless. I mean actually you think I would pay Rs 5000 per head for some DJ Tamacha playing? And you think I am okay to pay this money because you are offering free liquor to anyone coming? Not Happening.

2-Too Many Jerks on the road drinking and driving– Almost every second person driving on the road is high/drunk/consumed alcohol. The roads are exceptionally unsafe and driving patterns are erratic, given that I am completely sober so stunts like wavering cars on the road seem like dangerous and idiotic.

3-Too Much Checking by Police– Because of the drink and drive cases galore, the police is extremely strict and you are stopped at almost every couple of kms to get checked for alcohol. Now that might be for good, but still reaching anywhere becomes a pain.

4-Jam Packed Places– Almost anywhere you go, restaurants, bars, lounges, everything is jam packed. People and more people everywhere, you have to wait for a seating for hours which you might not get at all. Even if the lords of Murphy don’t strike and you finally got a place, rest assured you would be getting extremely slow service. The dishes might even reach you half cooked or messed. The places which you can vouch for till a day before suddenly turn ugly.

5-The Jinx– You know the old adage goes, the thing you are doing on the new year’s day you keep doing it in huge amounts the entire year. So to ensure I sleep and then sleep some more. Hog on desserts and avoid anything to do remotely with bathing. That’s my ritual for celebrating the New Years.

So these are my reasons, nevertheless keeping the spirit of the new years, I wish all the readers of Ginger & Cardamom who would be celebrating “A Very Happy, Jam Packed With People, Congested With Traffic New Year”. Adieu 2009!!!

Of Barbeque, Bloggers and Beer

The bachelorhood of yours truly is heading for an expiry date with a speed faster than the ball being hit by Sehwag for the boundary, you can safely tag these times as a desperate times. As the old adage goes, desperate times call for desperate measures; yours truly has developed a tendency to lap up anything that has delicious food, hawt babes, and awesome fun around. Now from my past experiences that has been honestly mentioned here, was that you get all this and more (Disclaimer: More here can be read as watching drunk friends acting crazy, weird and funny) when there is a Fosters’ Art of Chilling Party.
So this time when I get an invite again from Indiblogger and Fosters, I knew this was like my pre-bachelors party. Now being the narcissist I am, was thinking the bachelor would be the key word there but as it turned out to be later it was party.
So basically, what happens when you leave some blogger friends in a party where there is spicy barbeque, spicier models in the pool, and spiciest beer in the town, all free flowing? Well its all conversations, jokes & jibes, formation of beer can towers and some memories. Sitting by the pool, at the rooftop looking out to the Pune skyline, you know some moments in life cannot get better, and the Fosters’ AOC party was one of them.

I spent a gala time playing with beer cans, hobbling starters and joking away to glory, with Alps, Gaurav Saha, and Doc. I think we stepped down from the party only when the music was closed beers were over and in the glass elevator of the hotel when the Doc cracked the jibe on the water flowing on the glass wall, “Is it the beer on me or the wall is really pissing” we were ROFL quite literally.

Long after the party was over we were still in the hotel lobby trying the cake shop, sitting with each other and cracking jokes, none of us actually wanted to go. I being the teetotaler, could sense a difference, it was four blogger friends who went in the party but it was like it was four friends who were bloggers that came out of it.

Thanks to Fosters for the Art of Chilling and giving me a unforgettable story of the Barbeque, Bloggers and the Beer. Cheers to new friendships.

Thanksgiving, I am Thankful for

I was never aware of what thanksgiving was or what it meant and what the significance of the festival was. Working with US clients and a regular dosage of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I Met Your Mother introduced me to the concept. So basically the festival was originally celebrated to thank god for the harvest, like we celebrate Baisakhi in India. However, later the aspect of the festival changed to be Thankful in general and also to People around you and it prominently involves a Thanksgiving dinner which involves, Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, other fall vegetables, and pumpkin pie.
I liked the idea of being thankful on a day, gradually I understood the depth of it I have fallen in love with it. Basically my thanksgiving doesn’t have a dinner involving turkey and moreover people don’t celebrate this festival in India. I decided that I would be celebrating this festival on my blog, by being thankful. This is the least I can do, so here are 5 things/people I am thankful to-
1- I am thankful to my parents to give me education, values and love that have lasted me this far and the belief in them which would last me for my entire lifetime.
2- I am thankful to the girl who despite my flaws thought I was okay enough to spend rest of her life with me, for being the angel of my life and making me feel special in way I have never felt before.
3- I am thankful to my God for the character to accept the things I cannot change, strength to change the things which I can and wisdom to know the difference.
4- I am thankful for the age of technology I am living in, for vesting in me the power to speak my minds and blessing me with great people who I can share my minds with.
5- I am thankful for life and all the great pleasures I indulge in.

These are things I am thankful for, I know they are a bit gyaan and serious types but honestly speaking I mean it too. So are you thankful for something around you? Share it here…

200 Posts, 4 Years, Story of G&C

November 16, is a very important date in my life. A birthday of two people who matter a lot in my life, My Mom and My Blog.

Happy Birthday Mom, Happy Birthday G&C

Happy Birthday Mom, Happy Birthday G&C

Image Courtesy: Google Images
It was a mere coincidence that I started blogging on the same day as my mom’s birthday. And now it’s been 200 Posts and 4 years since I started blogging. At an average of 50 posts a year, I almost managed a post a week on an average basis. This has been one long journey with loads of up and downs, a lot of writers blocks, lazy times, National Blog Posting Month Blogathon, Awards, mentions and more.
Bogging used to be very different when I started on November 16, 2005, It actually took me hours to come up with the name Ginger & Cardamom (more about it later in the post).
Though somehow none of my real life friends were much into blogging and were hardly interested in what I wrote. But I made new friends and connected with a lot of people through blogs, and I have seen a lot during these 4 years. A lot of blogs dying over the years and that too of some people who I thought were better writers than I was. Somehow they didn’t survived in this world and I still pity for those dead blogs and I am so grateful to the almighty that I did survive. There were a lot of times when I felt letting it go but somehow I stick to it and glad that I did.

So on the fourth birthday of Ginger & Cardamom, I have decided to share with all of you the story of how I named my blog.
I was always an obsessive competitor by nature, especially more when I was a kid (you know something like Monica Geller in Friends). So I had this need to be acknowledged as the best or the winner every time. So when we were kids me and my cousin Ekta used to come to stay at my place. We were both small studying in 4th and 5th standards. She had recently learned how to make tea, and would do it for elders in the house and was appreciated a lot for that. Me being the snob I am couldn’t digest it too much, so I learned making tea too, to get into the competition. Now we took turns in making tea and the idea was who makes the better tea. Now I took a great lead by discovering two secret ingredients (I don’t remember from where may be heard two elders talking or something) that made my tea near perfect. I would crush a few cut pieces of ginger & mash it with a couple of cardamoms and add to the water while boiling for the tea. I know this is not something rocket science but for 10 years old it wasn’t exactly expected to be known and my tea was always better until Ekta discovered the art. But somehow the pieces of Ginger & Cardamom actually added spice & aroma to my life as a kid. Though I don’t consume tea at all and do not prefer pieced/shredded ginger in my food but the still the pieces of Ginger & Cardamom mattered to me, for it was a part of my childhood, my eccentricities and more than that it was a lesson that sometimes small things like pieces of Ginger & Cardamom add all the spice and zing needed to the tea and your life.

Since that day, have loved the Ginger & Cardamom the spice & aroma of my own life.

Hope the Ginger & Cardamom of our lives never die.

Indiblogger of the Month

The best wishes of my precious readers, votes of the esteemed fellow bloggers and blessings of the social media, I managed to win the Indiblogger of the Month Contest for September-2009.
The category for this month was Original Poetry. It was a really tough competition, with an all new format and 185 participating poetry blogs. I actually visited everyone of the blog nominated and realized how tough the competition was and how every blog listed up there deserved to be there. This kind of quality blogs and nominations made this contest at Indiblogger such a coveted one.

Indiblogger of The Month- Original Poetry

Indiblogger of The Month- Original Poetry

Thanks to everyone who voted for me at the contest and believed in the writing’s at Ginger & Cardamom.

Thank You!

Thank You!

Special Thanks to Poonam who despite being in an accident, remembered to mention me in her post asking her readers to vote for my blog and Pal who herself was a worthy contestant for the award mentioned my nominations to her readers and asked them to vote.

Happy Diwali

Last year I wrote a post on Diwali which is one of my favorites, you can read it here. But somehow this year I could not come up with something as meaningful as last year so this time its an odd limerick coming your way for Diwali wishes instead.

I woke up this morning and the festivities were on my mind,
The sounds of celebrations, never hard to find,
Diwali wishes for everyone was the order of the day,
and I was unable to produce any rhyme to my own dismay.

Nothing to write, and no new idea anywhere in near vision,
All I am going to do is a past & present’s comparison.
Diwali from the memories and the look into the past,
Diwali today and wondering how long will the traditions last

Times have past and all the world is so different,
Festivities of Diwali stood the test of time, retained it’s scent,
The legend of yesteryears, and the festivity today,
The reasons have changed but the spirit does stay.

The prince on exile coming back to his people and Kingdom,
Now is the return of the lights, fireworks and Bombs,
The era of washing, painting and getting away with stuff too old,
Only to be survived by the glitters, dry fruits, and Gold.

A Time for being together, pray eat and set the crackers on fire,
This time its the recession in the backyards and prices just going higher,
Diwali Wishes everywhere for friends, family and everyone dear & sweets,
Hiked SMS tariffs this Diwali, I guess it’s gonna be only 140 Character Tweets.

Recession, Price Hikes and a million other problems bray,
The festivities of Diwali together the country Prays,
The reasons have changed but the spirit still stays,
The Zing to shout “Happy Diwali” never does faze.

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

Wishing a very happy and prosperous Diwali to all my readers.

An Abode

There was a scene in the movie Bluffmaster where Boman Irani tells Abhishek Bachan about how moments define the life. You can watch the scene here . He points out the life is not measured in the days we breath, life is measured in the moments that take our breath away, like first car, first kiss, first time you touch a girl. It was a really powerful dialogue and quite true.

This year I made two huge decisions which would mark as life changing moments for me, some moments I would always remember. The most important one being this and the second important one is the one which I am talking about here.

I have been waiting to write this post since quite a few days but somehow one thing or the other kept coming in between. More than that somehow I didn’t felt so strongly as I thought I should have or I would have. But a few days back when I came back home there was a slight change near the entrance. I saw this and I felt a strange kind of rush in me. It was such a sight for me which was an indication of I have achieved something in my life.

My Name on the Plate

My Name on the Plate

Yes, yours truly managed to obtain a “Chat” (roof) over his head by committing next 20 mortgage paying years of his life to the State Bank of India. Yeah it is the banker to this Indian too, and now I can relax at least someone does care I am alive (and yes making my home loan payments too).
So I finally managed to get a decent roof spread over three room and not spread across the two terrace balcony in the city of Pune. It was tough ordeal in a new city (though I have spent couple of years here but still buying a house is a lot different) which involved doing background searches, haggling with builders, spending countless Saturdays and Sundays zeroing down on the exact place which you would like to make your home.
One of the most beautiful moments and most significant moment of my life was on July 1st 2009 when I came to the house with all the Pooja related stuff for the moving in Puja which i did myself as I still was a 27 year old single bachelor staying far away from his parents. My hands were trembling when I found this door closed on my face and my name written on it and the keys of the lock to it in my pocket. I am not sure what my story would be with this house and how good or how bad it would be. But I know one thing for sure I have made my second most important commitment with this place. And this place belongs to me.

The Door of my house

The Door of my house

Somethings in life make it worthwhile, because they are the milestones of your journey. The milestones through which you would recall your memories and this very same journey asking the most important question of my life “I gave my life to become the person I am right now, Was it worth it” and something deep within tell me that the key to this answer might be kept in my pocket like the key of the door above.


I have been away for a long time but this time I promise to bring some more posts for all you people. Right now its time to flaunt my awards. I always adored the lovely award thumbnails on various blogs I used to follow. Pal finally bestowed the honor of these adorable awards on my blog here.

Thanks a lot Pal, you zimply rock 🙂
And continuing the tradition I pass this award to
Anshima, Srivats, Meera and brocasarea