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Rakhi (No Not Sawant)

Winners and losers are more often than not a matter of perspectives. When I was in school we used to have holiday on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. The day before the Rakshabandhan used to be a happening one. The teachers used to give us the last period off, where the girls would get Rakhis and would tie to the guys and we would carry chocolates for them. It used to be a fun filled day, though the last period was specifically for this purpose, but the Rakhi tying would continue the whole day in recess and between periods.
Now there used to be an unsaid race, competition between the boys as who gets more Rakhis. So we used fight for the coveted post plying all sorts of tactics. The girls whom we generally used to make fun of were treated extra nicely just a week before Rakhi (Nicely= Giving Away Sharing our Lunch Boxes). The hints were dropped the kind of chocolates (Amul, Dairy Milk or 5 Star). I even went to customize my chocolate assortment in preference to the choice of individual and keep an estimate of the number of chocolates I would buy aka number of Rakhis. With all the cautious planning and strategizing on the D-day the war got hotter, results were consistently been updated like any live match on arms of the every guy around.
The real time strategizing used to happen when you used to pass the girls who have not tied you Rakhi repeatedly so she remembers that you are left. Beg, borrow and beg more to get more Rakhis, when the prospective sisters exhausted in our own sections the new Rakhi tying prospects were scouted from other sections and a class senior and a class junior to you. Towards the end of it the both the hands had Rakhis all over it like the Banyan tree outside the temple is wrapped in the sacred thread. In all hot & humid weather and hand wrapped in thread which used it itch. Nothing mattered then, I had the most Rakhis on my hand.
Now you get it, making every girl possible around me my sister and I thought I was a winner. I mean people pay cover charges to get into clubs where they can ogle/approach/hit on girls. And I was at a place where the gender ratio was far more balanced than a government engineering college and all I did was to catch hold of every girl in and around my age and made her my sister. Now this is called a perfect Loser, ain’t so people? Well a lot of mistakes are forgiven when you are 10 years old.
It’s been so many years what used to be being Winners is now being a loser. But invariably the day never lost its significance, if anything it gained it further. It’s been almost 10 years since I have stepped out of home and had missed most of the Rakshabandhan. But this can neither stop me from remembering my sisters and feeling good about them nor can it stop me from tying all the Rakhi love they send me every year on my hand.
So this day for the Sisters!!! Happy Rakhi !!!!

Walk in the By-lanes of Yesterdays

Sri tagged me with this tag about how I actually spent holidays, and had gala times during my good Old-Days. My holidays have never been very happening, I was way different from the normal kids of my age (not that I was any abnormal, just that I had different interests). I was never too much into sports until a year back when I discovered my love for Squash; I particularly sucked at playing cricket which rest of my friends thoroughly enjoyed. Being an only child, and no people in the neighborhood of my age,  so my holidays were mostly alone and self indulging. I would categorize my holidays into five different phases in life.

1- Books, Television and Some more– The earliest phase of my life the holidays were primarily concentrated with visits of cousins either me visiting them or they visiting my place for some days. Apart from the time when they were here and I had company to play all sorts of games etc, I used to watch television most of the time. Specially the DD was the only channel available an it used to specially telecast a holiday special series for children (I think it was called Chutti Chutti, the title score went something like Ha Ha Hi Hi aa gayi Chutti….). A huge part of my holidays went into reading and every year in holidays my reading lists included all the literature (Hindi & English) prescribed in my syllabus for the coming year, Misha, Suman Saurabh, Chacha Choudhary, Billu, Pinki, Nagraj, Dhruva, and sometime Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew or Agatha Christie.

2- Life of a Samurai– Then came the advent of Video Games, I was first exposed to video games through some shop which used to give out the 16 & 32 bit video games on rent which could be connected to TV and played with the joysticks. We used to rent that console for overnight and used play the whole night just to ensure not a single penny of the rent is not wasted.  The video games came big time in my life when I got my first Samurai video game and the trade of 64-KB cartridges 64-in-one, 1200-in-One started. The holidays were spent on the countless hours of practice of Mario Bros., Contra, Arkanoid, Bomber Man, Load Runner, Tetris.

3- C for Coding & C for Computers– Then after that I got my favorite toy, My first computer which was an age old 386 and I developed a keen interest in programming and computer hardware. After that most of my holidays were spent sitting glued to the computer screen or reading something on the topic and trying out things I had learnt. I learnt Gwbasic (if people still remember what it as), Dbase 3 plus and databases,  C, C++, HTML by myself (this is till year 1999, and Web was not evident in India, only a lucky few had access to what websites are, and Java was a distant dream).

4- End of Holidays– Once I got into engineering Holidays became more of Internships, preparing for CAT and other serious stuff. The only fun part we did in holidays was preparing ideas for the organizing the Fests in the college. We started making biking trips to whatever nearby areas we got near Jhansi. After coming to MBA there was hardly a thing called holidays in a span of two years. But whatever small breaks we got we totally explored areas and weekend hangouts in and around Pune.

5- Holidays Now– Sometimes I wish that even work had a concept of long summer holidays where you can take a month off just without any agenda. The only holidays I get now are in terms of leaves and they are availed in case of sickness or visiting family. The weekends are consumed in an endless struggle to get some rest and manage the chores. Sometimes when I look back, I think there were a lot of things I should have done when I had a chance and I had holidays but something deep down tells me the holidays are not coming back any soon.

So friends this was my take on how I had good times on my holidays, now comes my turn to tag people and I tag-

Serendipity– Would like to know how she spent her holidays
Meera– I am sure she would come up with Hillarious Cartoons on Holidays
Thenewbnb– Well Holiday Breakfasts were one things I wanted to mention but let the Breakfast specialist do it .


Being a blogger is tough. I can, as my habit goes give, five reasons why blogging is tough. But right now would not be the appropriate time to go into those details, but producing text after text which makes sense and is relevant is not an easy job, after all there is finite number of word combinations in English language. A major hurdle in any blogger‘s life is, what we writer types refer as ‘Writer’s Block’ (I would be soon be starting a petition to rename it to ‘Blogger’s Block’ as it happens to more bloggers than writers). As everyone in case of a hurdle, me too looked towards the people I admire. In the world of Humor blogging they are Sidin, Jammy, & Aditya are the people I look upto. I closely studied what they actually did when they suffered through the writer’s block. Now the pattern I observed whenever they suffer from this kind of syndrome, the most common remedy is a Wife post. A wife post which is entertaining picked out of mundane household disasters and simply kicks the ass out of the writer’s block.

So for upholding the pious tradition of inflicting torture through incessant ranting on the readers through Ginger & Cardamom posts, I felt that this blog needed a second regular character to feature their antics. So finally yours truly has decided that living up to the marks setup by the great bloggers mentioned above, my little blog would also have a Wifeee (notice the ‘Feee’) posts to flaunt out loud.

Yes peeps given all my resistance which you are already aware of from here and here, I have finally succumbed to the deadly trap by the sinister agents of the Auntyland. Yes this single bachelor is off the single & available market, the bidder for this top position in this blog my life is a beautiful lady Divya, who was sent on a special mission on earth a score and few years back. Being one of the most well equipped, she got me in one shot with her affable smile and demure aura.

So all who are giggling can stop doing it now, and wait till the Next Wifeee update, till then I leave you with my announcement jingle-

Wedding Bells and Sweet Little Cupcakes,
Luck & Destiny their Own Course they take,
All New love blossoms in the air,
When the devil in me wanted the angel in her for his fair share.

Concluding NaBloPo Series (Post 32 Day 31)

31 days ago, I decided to take a step which seemed to be very challanging and thought would have minor impact on my life. This challenge was National Blog Posting Month where I was supposed to post 31 posts in 31 days. Given the fact that generally number of posts by me in 6 months also do not touch this number, it was a huge challenge. When Preeti told me about it, it seem to give me a you can’t do this look. And when I get this look from anything I am generally feel the rush of Adrenalin and I result in saying yes to the weirdest of challenges.

This time as it turned out, that it was less of a challenge and more of a fun. And what I thought will be a minor Impact on my life had a major one. I actually relaized why I really blog. How close and at home I am when I am with my blog. Though this was totally a wrong time to undertake such a thing, as the month of may has been one of the very crucial months in my professional life. This was my first deliverable as a project manager where I had a major bottomline of failure (yeah success as well), and as expected for the first 20 days of May, I actually had to slog to amount of 14-16 hrs a day at office to ensure my deliverables and miraculously I still did find time to write a post. Though I agree some of the posts were too lame, but then sometimes I really couldn’t help it because so many things on my mind.

Apart from everyone who reads my blog and comments there are three lovely ladies with whom I actually share the credit, of my successfully Completing NaBloPoMo-

Preeti– She is the One who started it all. If it would not been for her I would have been living in my comfort zone in a blissful oblivion with one or two posts in the month of may. So she is the one who started it.

Monika Actually I started interacting with her during this period, when we both of us were doing this challenge. I could so well relate to her and her posts that I actually look forward to read her posts and felt a peer motivation kind of phenomenon

Tanvi Udeshi– Now she is a gem of a person, poor girl actually tracked me on Blogs and twitter and kept on reminding me when I was heading towards missing the deadlines. If it hadn’t been to her constant tracking I would have missed posts for at least coupe of days on the account of work pressure or laziness.

At the end of the day, it was a good fun activity and yes I do paln to do it again. As a matter of fact I plan to go on a break till this Sunday and would be back to blogging by Next week. Another NaBloPoMo, well Its on the cards will think about it further for sure. Till then keep enjoying the Pics & Picks of Life.

Happy New Year 2009

Year 2008 has been a year of a high flying roller coaster ride. A year of stagnation but still a great leap. A year of nihllence but still a year of two greatest milestones I wanted to achieve personally. This is going to be a brand new year, a year of new hopes, a year of new aspirations, a year of new goals and a year of struggle to acheieve them. It a bit to too late to say, but I want it to be another happy new year.

Things I want to Accomplish this year-

1- Loose weight- I really have to start loosing some weight. Life has been very irregular since I have come to pune where sports and exercises are concerned and very very regular where brownies, cakes and sweets are concerned. The bottomline is that because of this I have put on quiet some weight which I need to shed till march. Increase the overall fitness and immunity level by the end of the year.

2- New books- I have took a hit down in my reading habits lately and I need to bring that back upto my last years level of 60-75 books a year.

3- Finances- Manage my finances, cut on free spending I generally do.

4- Reach The Next phase in my career- I have to achieve the next milestone in my career invariably. I have reached a stage where I feel that another year doing the same thing would actually be hindering my long term career path.

5- Call back all of my friends at least once a month- I have been such a lousy and lazy guy, that I alwasy miss to call back my friends. This year I will be regualar and prompt to call all you guys back.

Happy Diwali

Here on this auspicious kingdom of honor lived a prince,
The place of joy, euphony, and happiness it was where nobody winced,
Not a day, decades but hundreds of centuries ago,
“Prince well be our ruler”, “long live the prince”, the kingdom roared so.

The fate looked sealed but destiny had other things in mind,
Of course the love for her own real son made her blind,
When the queen and the tantrum bind the king with a promise,
14 years of exile for the step son she asked and led to the king’s nemesis.

The prince went to the forest to keep the father’s bind,
Along with brother and wife, leaving the kingdom behind,
The evil demon had his eye on the prince’s wife,
He laid his vicious plans to fly away, leaving the prince in a plight.

The prince gathered an army determined to end the evil,
He crossed the oceans, with his quiver of arrows and sword waiting for the kill,
War was ferocious the evil demon finally fell,
The prince finally won, and there was a tale to tell.

The wife re-united with the prince and the celebrations galore,
The victory of the good over evil was the folklore,
The conquest was done and the years of exile has passed,
The time to return to his kingdom came at last.

The subjects were overjoyed to welcome their victorious prince,
Lights, decoration, and celebration all it was since,
The prince who conquered evil was back to be the king,
In his praise the victory song they sing.

And the Amavsya of the Kartik month was marked as happy one for ages to come by,
The day to be celebrated by rich or poor, extroverts or shy,
Everyone just forgets their troubles and worries,
Just fold their hands in unison to greet every one A Very Happy Diwali!!!

Wishing a very happy and prosperous Diwali to all my readers.
For those not from India, Diwali is a major Indian festival celebrated every year on Amavasya(No Moon Night) of the Kartik month (Indian Calendar)to mark the return of Lord Ram back in Ayodhya after killing the viscious Ravana. Its celebrated all across the country with lights, candles and fireworks. For more details check the wiki link here.

Centenial Blogger

A blog is like a baby which is very easy to have but difficult to grow. Ginger & Cardamom (G & C) completed 100 posts today. How well it has grown I am not sure, but yes it has given me a feeling of happiness which only a fellow blogger could understand.

May the insanity in the words never die.