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Why Are We Such A**holes?

I sometimes wonder that what is it about us that make us Indians a pathetic bunch of people we are. Is it in our genetics or in the method we grow up or is it a part of our culture? I know a lot of people will disagree with me but if you are going to put a nasty comment before reading the entire post then I am sure you belong right there in the title, you know between those stars and the hole.

Coming back to the point, what is it that Indians in India are stickler for not following the rules at the cost of fellow human beings, citizens, and neighbors? Think about how many times you find that you are in a queue for billing, buying a movie tickets getting in the trains and people will treat it as their right to break the queue. All the more funny is at places you will find that there will be a queue or a file of single person, after 5-10 people it will become two people queue converging to a single file and then 3 people queue and this goes on till at the end of the queue you have a large chaotic crowd.

The situation becomes all the more funny when you are on road stuck in the traffic. Imagine a two lane road, one for incoming and the other for outgoing traffic. Now some block/traffic signal/accident happens and the outgoing lane is stand still for some time. What makes us think that in such a situation the best solution is to take the incoming lane and drive on the wrong side while blocking the incoming traffic too. Why is it people driving expensive cars, speaking impeccable English, well educated and employed in honorable jobs also do that? What makes them think their time is more important than the others? The fact that they are intelligent and responsible for handling businesses of major corporations but they fail to see that their acts on the road are only going to make the situation worse.

What is it that we find an unruly child of someone else a nuisance and when our own child creates a chaos he is small, innocent and naïve to understand and correct his behavior? I was once in a meeting with the India CEO of one of the most prestigious companies globally where he mentioned an incident. In an informal discussion the senior management of the company was complaining to him about how the youngster today are not hardworking and do not put in enough efforts. There was a general perception that the entry level crowd was unruly and over smart in attitude. The CEO then asked “Do you think same way about your children who are of similar ages?” and the answer was no. We have a different yardstick to measure people working for us as compared to people who are close to us?

I wonder what is it about Indians that make us the kind of A**holes we are, when I look at the Indians travelling abroad I feel that it probably is the air, water and climate. You hardly find an Indian on the wrong side of things when they are outside India. I kind of agree with our current Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Shashi Tharoor when he says “India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.”

How I Got Robbed in Broad Daylight

You know how bad things always happen to somebody else but never to you. When you narrate or hear the tales that somebody got conned, mugged or robbed it is always a friend of a friend or somebody who knew somebody are people but in a surprising turn of events it happened to me.

I was coming back home from the office in Whitefield to my home in JP Nagar, I took my usual route on Outer Ring Road passing through Marathalli, Belandur, HSR, Silk board and BTM layout. Silk Board for the non Bangalore Silk Board is one of the busiest crossings in Bangalore it connects the two IT hubs of Whitefield & Electronic city with two entrances to the city south and central Bangalore. On a Normal day during peak hours one has to wait for at least 25 minutes to half an hour to cross the junction. The time was around 6’o clock, and mine was the third or fourth car from the signal. I checked the mails on my cell phone and kept it on the non-driving front seat (I don’t do it generally but somehow I did it). A road side peddler who sell fake Rayban sunglasses  cam next to my car and kept on showing the glasses next to my window despite my waving him off.

Then after a minute when the red light just changed to green there was a guy who came  next to the non driving seat window and starting banging the glass pretty hard. I opened my window slightly to check what’s wrong.  At that moment someone started banging the rear side of my car, as if some other vehicle a bike or a car has come and hit from behind. I got distracted for a couple of seconds when I looked into my rearview mirror and back to the guy on the window. By that time all of them were gone and so was my brand new cell phone which I had got this morning. I immediately parked the car to the right and went to the police & traffic police who were standing on the signal.

They didn’t do anything except advising me to go to the police station and lending me their phone to check my phone (which was switched off by now). I finally went to the police station lodged a complaint, 24 hrs there hasn’t been any major development. I am not very optimistic about getting the cell phone back neither was the officer who registered my complaint.

So it was me this time, not somebody I knew who faced the incident. On hindsight I am pretty sure, though I don’t have any conclusive proof, that the location and the fact my phone was on the non-driving seat was tipped by the guy selling fake Raybans. The entire incident was a result of solid team work by professionals.

The cell phone I lost was a brand new Google Nexus 4, which my friend had sent from US. I had only collected it on morning and just had it for 6 hours or so, and the phone is not available in India so I can buy another one.

The idea behind sharing the incident that happened with me is so that I can warn others how the gangs are targeting people. Few precautions I could have taken in hindsight-

1-      Never keep expensive stuff, phones, laptop bags, wallets  in the non driving seat

2-      Be more cautious when the hawkers come near your car check if something is kept on the seats or dashboard

3-      No matter do not open the windows or the doors of the car for a stranger

4-      Always drive with the doors locked

5-      Never leave Ladies Bag/Laptop Bag/expensive items in the car when you are going out. Store things in the boot or under the seat where it is not visible.

Buying or Selling A Second Hand Car

I sold of my car recently and this was the first experience for selling a second hand car. Instead of the selling the car to one of the second hand car dealers like True Value and First Choice I wanted to sell it to an individual buyer. The advantage of selling to an individual buyer is that you get a higher price for your vehicle while the flipside is you don’t know the person, and there is a need for you to be extra cautious. This is a post which would provide to be of help to both the buyers especially on the documentation required for the transfer of the car.

The seller & buyer needs to sign the following forms for initiating the transfer of vehicle-

Form 29- Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle

Form 30-Application for Intimation and Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle

In case the vehicle is under hypothecation then you need following additional documents signed by the seller-

Form 28- Application and Grant of No Objection Certificate

No Objection Certificate- From the Bank which has hypothecated the vehicle

In addition to the above documents the following documents are required-

1- Original Registration Certificate of the Car

2- Copy of the Insurance Cover Note/Policy

3- Pollution Certificate

4- Identity proof of the seller

5- Identity proof of the buyer

6- Address proof of the buyer

In addition to the above documents it is always beneficial to get into a contractual agreement (on a stamp paper) which outlines the deal between the buyer and seller. A very important use of this document is it also ascertains the liability of any unwanted accident or incident specially if the car has not been transferred or the buyer is delaying the transferring of the car. I am attaching such an affidavit which can be used for outlining the contract on Twenty Rupees Stamp Paper which I used. You can access the document here. Like any other contractual agreement this would require two witnesses and it would be better if each buyer and seller have their own witness along with identity proof (but such a situation seldom happens). Also make sure you keep a copy on record for each of the documents above for your reference in case any unfortunate situation arises.

Happy Driving!!!

Disclaimer: This post is based on my understanding of the process and my experience on selling my car. I am not liable in case of any incorrect information above and also might not be updating the same based on changes in the RTO policy. Please visit the RTO office where your car is registered for an up to date procedure and contact lawyer for an accurate contract.

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Life and Other KnickKnacks Like That

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on this blog. There have been a lot of things happening in life, probably too many things that this piece of my soul got ignored for a while. It is weird that when pressed upon we tend to give up things which are really close to us, give us real joy. The lord almighty has ensured that some stupidity is hard wired into the human nature, probably for the kick of it.
As will all the other old friends I think the best way to start a conversation is to answer “Wassup?” And this is what has been up right into my posterior. Needless to say I have been super busy; after my long term assignment was closed I am assigned to a new client which is based out of Hyderabad. This involved a month long stay in Hyderabad couple April-May and a forthcoming stay there for next couple of months; but thankfully I have managed to stay back and enjoy Bangalore for some time. Life is tough when you switch from multinational fortune 500 clients to our own desi family owned business clients. You don’t have luxury of relaxed timelines, 5 days work week and proper processes, that is what I am trying to cope with these days.

Apart from work there are lots of things happening on the personal front too. I bought a new car, so this baby is now old and this is currently my new ride and needless to say that I am loving it.

In other news parents finally decided to visit us after a two year long hiatus, as always spending time with them was a lot of fun. Loads of shopping, eating and sweets happened, all this when I was trying to lose some weight which I am sure I would have lost but only in the negative quantities. It was great to eat sweets from my home town Kanpur. I tend to believe when it comes to sweets there are very few places in India which can match up to the quality, taste and variety available in Kanpur. So overall last couple of months have been eventful and fun. The times to come look promising too and now that I am back to blogging will be writing and sharing things more often.
So to end today’s post I leave you with a hilarious joke I heard sometime back, keep laughing enjoy life.
Santa: Mujhse panga mat lena, main Sher Da Puttar hoon (Don’t mess with me, I am son of a lion)
Banta: Yaar ek baat to bata Sher ghar aaya tha ya fir aunty jungle gayi thi. (Buddy, tell me one thing did lion came to your house or your mother went to the jungle)

25 Things To Do In Bangalore

Saw this post at Ratzz on things to do in the city you live in. Found it quite interesting, and since that I have lived in a lot of cities I might do it for some which I know well. So here is a list of 25 things to do when you are in Bangalore.

1-      Take a walk on the Brigade Road on a Saturday evening

2-      Eat Masala Dosa at Vidhyarthi Bhavan

3-      Take a stroll across the Lal Bagh

4-      Watch the sunrise over Nandi Hills

5-      Have a ride in the Red Volvo busses

6-      Do some window shopping at UB City Mall

7-      Have a cup of coffee in silver tumblers at Maiyas or MTR

8-      Have a Kingfisher beer  at Dewars’ the oldest bar in the beer capital

9-      Take a drive through electronic city or Whitefield to see the pulse of technology hotspots

10-   Visit the Vidhan Sabha of Karnataka on Sunday evenings or on Public holiday evenings when the lighting is on

11-   Have an authentic Uttar Kannada meal at Kamat Lokaruchi (pref on Mysore Road)

12-   Have a Gobhi(Cauliflower) Manchurian from the street peddler

13-   On a rainy evening get out for drive in cars around 6 in the evening to have a real taste of Bangalore traffic

14-   Take a stroll across the Cubbon Park

15-   Shop for Kaveri Handicrafts or Sandalwood in Majestic

16-   Have a drink at ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ followed by dinner at ‘Ebony’ Retaurant overlooking the skyline of Banglore

17-   Visit Visvesvariya Industrial & Technical Museum

18-   Visit the 16th century Bull Temple

19-   Visit the Blossoms Book Store if you are a book lover

20-   Visit the Rangashankara for a splendid theatrical performances

21-   Have piping hot Idlis at Brahmins

22-   Have a trip to Wonder La amusement park

23-   Have some gourmet cakes and pastries at Sugar & Spice, the patisserie at the Taj Vivanta at Trinity Circle.

24-   Spot some wildlife and animals at Bannerghatta National park

25-   Just take a walk in the evenings reminiscing the weather and if you are lucky there would be mild a drizzle soothing your face anywhere and anytime in Bangalore

Well this from someone who has been here in this city for close to two years, so if you folks have got to add something on Bangalore the comments is an open house.

10 Day You Challenge- Day 2: 9 Loves

So day 2 of the 10 day you challenge is to post about 9 loves. Actually when I decided to do this challenge I thought it would be quite simple but as it seems now it wasn’t. I mean there are so many things one loves, and choosing 9 of them is indeed difficult.

1- My Parents, needless to say I am what I am because of them. And how much I love them cannot be described in words.

2- The Wifee since the time we got married ours have been a “give and take” relationship. She generally gives her piece of mind and I seem to be taking it most of the time. Now that I am taking all the pieces of mind (wondering what would happen when she wouldn’t be left with any) and storing them safely in my mind despite all the storage constraints in mine is only because I love her so much.

3- My Friends, now I couldn’t have survived without them. I am lucky to have a very close bunch of friends who I can depend on with my life. I am so thankful to lord, that my paths crossed the way they did and I could collect these pearls of friendship during the journey of my life.

4- My Car – There as in entire post dedicated to my first car. You can read about it here

5- My house– Again there is a post about it if you want to read it in detail here

6- My gadgets, I am a gadget lover I have an Ipod Touch, WII, PSP (recently gifted by Radio Indigo), Home Theatre, Canon Rebel T1i, and the list continues. All of the gadgets are something which I totally love and I can spend hours fiddling with them.

7- Coffee, now my love for coffee has been previous talked about on this blog and some other forums. I actually have a make shift coffee bar at home with an espresso machine, single origin coffees, flavors to enhance coffee and a collection of mugs.

8- My books, the readers of this blog would already know the amount of reading I do and I can assure you that I do not subscribe to a library or a rental service. So for the most part the books I read are purchased and I have a mini library at home. And as with all book lovers I am very possessive about my books.

9- My writing and this blog. All the stuff which I have written in this blog or in my books or outside it, I wrote them because I actually loved writing it. The writing is my way to express and unwind myself. I wouldn’t have been the person I am had it not been for my writing.

So these were the 9 people/things I love. Now on a different note, the narcissist I am it is very difficult not to love myself. So I love myself, for one simple reason I am effin’ awesome. Now those of you planning to debate that please look at the image below, by a “trusted website” who does a facial recognition and matches you to celebrities. I am 53% like George Clooney. So you know I AM AWESOME (readers are requested to conveniently ignore the fact that there is a 55% match with Omar Sharif). So I just need to lose these extra 20 kilos around my waist to become the female magnet what George Clooney is, right people?


Once you are married you practically tend to spend almost all of your available free time in the company of each other. You tend to understand the other person better and enjoy random events which sometimes are absolutely fun.

So the other day me & wifee were driving along the Magrath road in  Bangalore. When out of the blue wifee suddenly shot back with a question/statement “Why on earth is Mac so expensive?”. Now this was an opportunity for someone like yours truly to impress the wifee with knowledge prowess. I mean you don’t leave this opportunity even if you are 10 years into the marriage and for me, I haven’t even completed 10 months.

So I went into details of how the Mac has a different hardware platform and the software which work more efficiently over the machine as compared to the others. I was about to delve into the drawbacks of restrictive hardware access by Mac and Apple. I saw the wifee was looking towards me as if I had just been reincarnated from a different planet.

That was when I realized I was talking about this-

And the wifee was talking about this-

After that I did the most sensible thing a man would do “Shut Up” :

5 Reasons Chariots Are Better Than Cars – Day 1

I was having a discussion with my dad, he is one person I can have most entertaining, enlightening, argumentative, and enjoyable discussions all at the same time.

I was telling him about my life in Bangalore and how the traffic and commute has become a part of life. I was complaining that how the mileage of my car has gone down by 5 Km/L just because of the Bangalore traffic, when the discussion moved to the relevance of cars in the economic growth.

While concluding the discussion, the eventuality seems that the future might belong to the horse carts. So here are 5 reasons that the horse chariots would be the future mode of commute and the government should ban cars-

1- Affordable– Now this one is no brainer, getting a horse cart is way cheaper than getting a BMW. Who are we kidding actually it might be cheaper than a Tata Nano or a 1970 model Ambassador. Also the setup to manufacture is small and easy so no more feuds in Signur, no more Mamta vs Tata.

2- Green Fuel– The problems of the emission norms like BSIV etc and the oil imports would reduce adding to the strength of our economy. The hay and horse food would be the common fuel which would still be obtained by agriculture promoting our agrarian economy

3- Time of Commute
– The original reason why horse chariots went out of fashion and were replaced by the cars, because back then cars were supposed to be faster than the horse chariots. This positive doesn’t seem to exist anymore I mean cars hardly average more than 20 Km/hr in the cities which is easily matched by the horse chariots

4- Reduced Road Rage
– I mean what would happen when the horse actually would touch the other chariot by mistake. I mean you can hardly blame the driver, as one would know even your horse could take a step more than you expected as it has a mind of its own and being minimalistic no insurances no damages hence reduced no road rage.

5- Enhanced GDP– Though the manufacturing automobiles do contribute to the GDP but is it fair to assume that every car produced has a positive effect on the GDP of the country. We can assume that 80% of the car owners directly contribute to the GDP through going to work. So the amount of time these 80% people spend in the car stuck in traffic jams doing nothing, could be used for positive work and actually add to the GDP. So if we really look the cars have a negative effect on the GDP.

So we can see that for the benefit of the society it is a positive step to ban the cars. I hope leaders from Pakistan read this and after facebook banning the cars might be the next step for their national development.


Ps. This is an old post, which published in November 2008. Somehow when I migrated from old blog to this new one. This post somehow was left out during migration. I was reminded of this post when Smita posted this comment on this post questioning extent of my love for cars vis-a-vis women.

Buying a car is one of the most important moments in the life of a person. The whole decision making process to buy a car is not much different from the other major decisions one takes in life. Courtesy the events in my life, yours truly have earned good experience in helping a lot of people to buy cars. So here are my 10 cents of wisdom on owning the car.

The first thing which one needs to remember while owning a car, it’s just like finding the ideal women of your life. The most important thing people tend to think are numbers like 1.6L, 1300cc engine capacity. But these numbers are like the vital statistics. They are highly irrelevant, neither do you drive your car at astronomically high speeds regularly nor do you make your girl walk the ramp everyday. So next time when the sales person confuses you with the mumbo jumbo numbers of the engine capacity, remember in the city driving conditions anything above 1000cc would be more than sufficient.

Another common thread which links the women with the cars is looks do matter. When you choose the women of your life or a car, the way she looks and the way she stands by your side is important. And more importantly you should find her beautiful enough that even after two years you should feel good about her.

But the thing which actually more important than the looks is how you feel when you are inside her, pun intended. As important is the warmth, joy, and the behavior of the women is in your life so is the feeling when you are inside the car. One should be entirely comfortable and if you think a feature is something which would make you feel nice. Then try to have it, you are not going to get another too soon is it car or….

One thing which people tend to ignore when taking crucial decisions is the cost of ownership. A highly sophisticated lady with a decent employment might seem like a very lucrative and a steal for a deal. But you know her javed habib’s bill, her Versace handbags, her Guess & Espirit designer wear might turn to be otherwise. Same happens with a car, which in terms of price might appear as a steal but if the mileage is low and the spares parts are costly it might make your wallet bleed bit by bit. So ensure you are making a right choice.

All who have been or are in a relationship would know how important the accessories are for a woman. You know if the stiletto doesn’t match the earrings you might always regret why you actually decided to come out for the occasion. So if you don’t have the accessories, like matting, mud flaps, Teflon coating you just might wonder why you stepped inside the car on a particular day did. So always insist your car is complete in terms of accessories, its better to negotiate to have them from the dealer.

To end it all once you are through with everything, always remember you don’t let other people go out alone with your wife. No not for a trial at the least, no in most cases not even to close friends I assume. So avoid doing that with your car as well, and I am sure you and your love will do just fine.

After all true love as pure as between a man and his car can not be bought its nurtured over the first times and times yet again. So in your lives just enjoy the RIDE (all the pun intended).

5 Reasons I Don't Celebrate New Years

Well for one lets make this one thing clear, new years party is something which I don’t get very excited about. I hardly go to new years party, actually I prefer to sit quietly inside my room may be reading a book or watching a movie, wrapped in a quilt. It’s not that I have never tried to be the “Hot and Happening” at new years. Actually I have made desperate attempts to enjoy New Year and failed miserably every time, to give up finally. Seems like I simply don’t get the Frikkin spirit of the new year, I am not just not meant to enjoy it. So here yours truly presents the 5 reasons that he hates the new year bashes.
1-No Alcohol Free Parties– Now every time I go out and inquire about a party I wouldn’t mind going to at the new years, there are two common factors in the response to the inquiry. The common factor being, Obnoxiously High Prices, and Unlimited Liquor on the House. Now when you combine the two for a teetotaler like me the party becomes totally useless. I mean actually you think I would pay Rs 5000 per head for some DJ Tamacha playing? And you think I am okay to pay this money because you are offering free liquor to anyone coming? Not Happening.

2-Too Many Jerks on the road drinking and driving– Almost every second person driving on the road is high/drunk/consumed alcohol. The roads are exceptionally unsafe and driving patterns are erratic, given that I am completely sober so stunts like wavering cars on the road seem like dangerous and idiotic.

3-Too Much Checking by Police– Because of the drink and drive cases galore, the police is extremely strict and you are stopped at almost every couple of kms to get checked for alcohol. Now that might be for good, but still reaching anywhere becomes a pain.

4-Jam Packed Places– Almost anywhere you go, restaurants, bars, lounges, everything is jam packed. People and more people everywhere, you have to wait for a seating for hours which you might not get at all. Even if the lords of Murphy don’t strike and you finally got a place, rest assured you would be getting extremely slow service. The dishes might even reach you half cooked or messed. The places which you can vouch for till a day before suddenly turn ugly.

5-The Jinx– You know the old adage goes, the thing you are doing on the new year’s day you keep doing it in huge amounts the entire year. So to ensure I sleep and then sleep some more. Hog on desserts and avoid anything to do remotely with bathing. That’s my ritual for celebrating the New Years.

So these are my reasons, nevertheless keeping the spirit of the new years, I wish all the readers of Ginger & Cardamom who would be celebrating “A Very Happy, Jam Packed With People, Congested With Traffic New Year”. Adieu 2009!!!