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Birthday Blues

I recently celebrated observed my birthday two days ago. Somehow I didn’t feel the enthusiasm as I used to over years, this lack of enthusiasm might have been because of multiple reasons. I actually thought about it and realized that birthdays are a lot more fun when you are a kid, there are loads of presents, party, and people, and did I mention loads of presents?
Somehow when you grow up the enthusiasm for the Birthday fades off. Presents generally loose value as you tend to buy almost everything you desire, except for the secret carnal desires of owning a Rolls Royce Phantom. I know it feels like air pumped into the chest, but let’s not kid ourselves, no we are not getting a Rolls Royce Phantom on our birthday. Not unless we are dating someone from the Ambani clan, but then If I had been dating someone there then firstly I won’t be writing this blogpost and secondly they would have lost their riches by now. So we can all be sure the above possibility ain’t gonna happen.
Left is Party and the people, generally party only leaves a big hole in your pocket. Until now you never bothered it was always dad who paid for the party and the big cake but now as soon as you pay for the party the mobile phone rings with an SMS alert Rs. XXXXX have been debited from your ICICI Bank account for Restaurant Name and you account balance is Rs. XXX. The XXX indicate the quantum as compared to figures. Now the people when you have had a life spread across half a dozen city and friends spread across more than a dozen, generally birthday are left for the wishes at midnight on phone. Which are again frowned upon as the Romantix Taalks on the late night calls with Wifeee /Girlfriend /Fiancée /Girlfriend in Pursuit being interrupted.
More or less I think beyond an age the enthusiasm for the birthday diminishes over time and came up with the below chart. I have a strong feeling that l recently entered in the quadrant two this year. Do you think the chart applies to you too?

Birthday Enthu

Birthday Enthu

Of Barbeque, Bloggers and Beer

The bachelorhood of yours truly is heading for an expiry date with a speed faster than the ball being hit by Sehwag for the boundary, you can safely tag these times as a desperate times. As the old adage goes, desperate times call for desperate measures; yours truly has developed a tendency to lap up anything that has delicious food, hawt babes, and awesome fun around. Now from my past experiences that has been honestly mentioned here, was that you get all this and more (Disclaimer: More here can be read as watching drunk friends acting crazy, weird and funny) when there is a Fosters’ Art of Chilling Party.
So this time when I get an invite again from Indiblogger and Fosters, I knew this was like my pre-bachelors party. Now being the narcissist I am, was thinking the bachelor would be the key word there but as it turned out to be later it was party.
So basically, what happens when you leave some blogger friends in a party where there is spicy barbeque, spicier models in the pool, and spiciest beer in the town, all free flowing? Well its all conversations, jokes & jibes, formation of beer can towers and some memories. Sitting by the pool, at the rooftop looking out to the Pune skyline, you know some moments in life cannot get better, and the Fosters’ AOC party was one of them.

I spent a gala time playing with beer cans, hobbling starters and joking away to glory, with Alps, Gaurav Saha, and Doc. I think we stepped down from the party only when the music was closed beers were over and in the glass elevator of the hotel when the Doc cracked the jibe on the water flowing on the glass wall, “Is it the beer on me or the wall is really pissing” we were ROFL quite literally.

Long after the party was over we were still in the hotel lobby trying the cake shop, sitting with each other and cracking jokes, none of us actually wanted to go. I being the teetotaler, could sense a difference, it was four blogger friends who went in the party but it was like it was four friends who were bloggers that came out of it.

Thanks to Fosters for the Art of Chilling and giving me a unforgettable story of the Barbeque, Bloggers and the Beer. Cheers to new friendships.

Results Quiz #3: How Well Do You Know Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S

So friends its time for the Results of Quiz #3: How Well Do You Know Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Now as I have already said that I really wanted to do this quiz and was thrilled by the Idea. Secondly I didn’t wanted an easy quiz you know someone would crack who doesn’t follows Friends religiously. We would all agree we would find loads of casual quizzes on Facebook, Orkut and web. So I wanted to make a real tough one for the people who religiously follow friends. So result I made a quiz which tried to capture some aspect of one of my all time favorite TV sitcoms.

Here are the Answers to the Quiz-

1- The first question she asks Chandler is “What the hell is this dog doing here?” referring to the porcelain dog gifted to Chandler by Joey, which was originally gifted by Ross to Joey when Joey had to give up all his stuff after the Credit Card bills came out large. The Dog stays with Monica and Chandler till the end of the series and when Monica and Chandler are shifting to their new house the movers & packers are shown to carry the Dog and Monica tips them if they can let it fall of the truck.

2- Rachel & Chandler was the answer I was expecting but after the answer and justification from Perx I am convinced even Ross has kiss everyone. So the correct answer for this would be Ross, Rachel & Chandler (any of the two and I have accepted it as the correct answer) I would be updating this one with the explanation later.
Update: Directly from Perx’s Response
a. Chandler –
ROSS (in the one where chandler can’t remember which sister, its off screen
and just implied) RACHEL (at a party at chan’s college) MONICA (relationship)
PHOEBE (where she tries to get the truth out of him) JOEY (where he is alone
on new years and shouts “somebody kiss me!”)

b. Rachel –
MONICA (to win apartment)
JOEY AND ROSS (relationship)
PHOEBE (where phoebe wanted to see what the fuss was all about) CHANDLER (at
his college party where she comes to visit)

c. Ross –
RACHEL (relationship)
JOEY (for joey’s audition practice)
MONICA (mistook her for rachel in college party where he thought she was on a
pile of coats on his bed while monica herself was the pile) PHOEBE (when his
marriage with carol breaks off) CHANDLER (in the one where chan can’t remember
which sister of joey’s he made out with)

3- The book is titled “Be Your Own Windkeeper”. Interestingly in real world there is no book by this name but only an Essay.

4- Pheobe and Duncan, Duncan Sullivan was the room mate of Pheobe, who told her that he was a gay. Pheobes married him to help obtaining the Green Card. They were not actually married but legally married and eventually they have a divorce where Monica is offended that she did not share this with her.

5- Mike Hannigan- Just before Pheobe and him got together again he was dating a girl called Precious, played by Anne Dudek. Mike and her break up on her birthday.

6- Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is the Godmother for Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) and David Arquette’s daughter, Coco.

7- The First ThanksGiving Chandler makes a speech that he is happy that all of their ThanksGiving Sucked and they could all be together and he was happy about it. That’s when Ross wishes by raising a toast “To a lousy Christmas” and Rachel follows “and a crappy New Year”. This was shown multiple times in episodes when they reminiscence about their lives.

8- First Picture (Caption First )- Bruce Lee = Bruce
Second Picture (Caption Second) – Wills = Wills
Combining the two Sounds Bruce Wills (which is close to Bruce Willis)
The connect being Bruce Willis made a guest appearance in Charlies Angels, Full Throttle same as he did in Friends as Elizabeth’s Father who dates Rachel for a while.

I got 12 entries answering this quiz and none of them were all correct answers. However the following entries had most correct answers (Not in any specific order)-

1- Perx
2- Deepti Dhyani
3- Ramya
4- Rahul

If you want me to link the names to your blog or twitter please send a mail to prats@prats.co.in I will link the same.

Quiz #3: How Well Do You Know Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Being a great fan of the Sitcom Friends myself, I always thought that I would be able to make a great quiz out of it. And I really thought people would enjoy it too, because Friends have touched a chord with almost everyone who has enjoyed watching it. But take my word on it, making a quiz on Friends was a really difficult task because of so much information on Google and the sheer volume of episodes it has. Nevertheless, this is my try of making a quiz from the sitcom, hope all you Quizzers like it.

1- What Is the first question asked by Monica to Chandler when he moved in with her?

2-Who are the two Friends Characters who have kissed all other Friends?

3- Which was the one book which was read by Phoebe, Monica and Rachel and were deeply influenced by the feminist insights?

4- This Friends character’s first spouse was an Ice Dancer and the couple finally got divorced because of the problems arising out of the sexual orientation issues around them, Identify the Couple?

5- I am a friends’ character and I dated a girl named Precious in one of the Seasons. Who am I?

6- Both of us are featured in Friends and our friendship became so strong over the years that I am the Godmother/Godfather for my co-star from Friend’s baby in real life. Identify both the friends’ characters (Ex. Joey is Godfather of Monika’s Child)

7- What is the first wishes on the first thanksgiving to everyone by Ross followed by Rachel?

8- Identify the Connect between the images below with the Sitcom Friends-





Same Thing

Same Thing

The answer can be submitted using the form below
[contact-form 2 “Quiz Results”]
You can also mail your responses directly to prats@prats.co.in

Quiz Rules-

1- Each quiz will have a theme and there would be a set of questions relating to that theme.

2- The comments for the post have been disabled please use the send button on the form to submit answers.

3- This is not a contest and there are no prizes however the Top 5 entries would be acknowledged on the blog.

4- Last date for receiving the entries with answers is the next day up to (up to 11.00 AM).

5- In case of tied scores or any conflict, my discretion would remains final.

6- I have the right to terminate this quiz at any point of time.

As Funny As It Gets

So as you would have read here already, that one fine day Alexander the great felt like conquering the world and he set on a long journey of conquest. When the ambitious desires haunted yours truly he took on a bigger conquest and got engaged. Now you don’t believe me that my conquest is bigger. Who are we kidding people Alexander’s ended in 13 years,  that’s lesser than ruling time of communists in West Bengal.

So getting back to my own conquest, I was bragging about my own self having a meaningful discussion with WhyFee and we happen to touch the area of sense of humor. Needless to say, I started harping my own trumpet (Ironically, you can be harping a harp but can you trump a trumpet) and you wonderful people know how I have a distinguished sense of humor.

Impressing a lady with sense of Humor, I immediately quoted the effective episode from the sitcom Friends where Chandler tells Monika all the Tulsa & Oklahoma jokes. Especially the one where they combine two words to make a new word (For more information you will need to watch the Friends episode “The One With Male Nanny”)

So Chandler tells combining the word jokes –

“Fried Chicken would be Frikkin’” and “Male Nanny would be Many”

So after quoting them I started my own ones-

Sada Masala Dosa = Samosa

Sick Duck = Suck

Pretty Chick = Prick

So you get the idea the kind of awesome jokes I was telling, when the WhyFee came back with the “Why The Hell I am Marrying this Weirdo Guy”® look on her face, “You really didn’t think that was funny eh right?”

“Oh it is darling, indeed it is you have to imagine. Think of it me and you standing in a room with proper lights and focus on our face and 50 people laughing in the background….” I said trying to salvage my prestige or whatever was left of it. When she came back with this

“You need 50 people with fake laughs in the background to be funny. Yes that’s exactly funny…”

Sheesh!!!! People please tell me the jokes were funny? Weren’t they?

Ps. On a totally unrelated note, Economic Times said that the US is out of recession marking a growth of 3.5% My authorized secret sources tell me the primary reason behind this is all the people in government have stopped doing anything and thus stopped messing interfering with economy, getting inspired from Barrack Obama, hoping that they just might be next contender for “Nobel Peace Prize for Doing Nothing” (My authorized sources have also confirmed that the Nobel Prize Committee has agreed to amend the name of the coveted prize). I sincerely hope the Indian government follows suit.

A Promise & Taj Heritage

It was evening around a year back on the fateful evening of November 26, 2008. I logged in to twitter and there was something about an attack on Mumbai all over my timeline. When I switched on the television there were live feeds about how ten terrorists brought intense pain and suffering to the entire country. It was a moment where you feel the pain for the country, the system, the traffic, nothing was relevant. All that was relevant there were some intruders who had captured hostages and were killing people who were so related to me by my nationality. I can never forget the tragic event, though I was at a distance away and in oblivion but still something was boiling inside, something wanted to react.
When finally the whole ordeal ended I was looking into the TV how the things have ended. One of the most prime hotels in India The Taj Heritage was still smoking fire and things seemed so bad. It felt so sad and connected. I promised myself that I am going to visit this place as soon as possible. This was a very emotional reaction and an illogical one too but somehow it did mean a lot to me. It was my way of belonging to the country, associating myself with the legendary history of a place which set examples in crisis. A place where the general manager was on duty the next day even when his family passed away in the tragic incident and I feel so proud to say that I belong to the same alma mater as him. A place where the staff was still there to help the guests when the bullets were being fired and people were dying and we thought it was Vijay Malya who treated customers as guest.
So a fortnight ago I visited Mumbai and as I had promised myself, I went to the Taj Heritage. The place simply took me by awe, though I had been there around 5-6 years back but that was a quick visit and it was just another hotel but this time it was different. I actually cruised around the hotel could see the wooden planks in the heritage building which were made to cover the previous entrance for renovation after the terrorist attacks. I could close my eyes and relive the scenes of disaster. I gave my car to the valet, I felt an immense respect for the people out there. They might have been the same guys who put up the brave face that day. I went inside the restaurant, they had closed the entire Heritage building for renovation but still I felt so proud to be at that place and it felt so being an Indian.
It was such an amazing experience, we did click some pictures will be updating them with the post here very soon. I was so encompassed on the greatness of the place and the legend it would be that I was totally lost in it. When I stepped out there were only two things in my mind “I will come here again, I promise.” and “F**K the god damn terrorists just hang them in public”.

10 Reasons why I like being on Twitter

I have started using got myself addicted to twitter. As my humble self would assume that most of you would already know, yours truly was mentioned in Pune Mirror for tweeting his way to glory. Smita commented that she didn’t actually understand twitter. First answering your questions, Twitter is basically a social networking, Micro-blogging tool. Think of it as every user has a timeline, Now all the people you would follow would be added to your timeline and you would be added to everyone who is following you. Now People post 140 character long updates which get replicated on the timelines real time. The limit of 140 characters because add 20 characters of twitter username and you can fit the entire line in 1 single SMS. A lot of people use twitter over SMS especially outside India. Now your timeline is public (you have an option of making it private) you can also send private messages to people who follow you. You can mention other twitter user by preceding their twitter handles with an @ sign. You can interact with multiple people simultaneously using this feature. So that’s the long and short of twitter, come and try it for a while I am so sure you would fall in love with the concept.

Now coming back to my tweeting away with glory here are the 10 reasons why I like being on twitter.

1- It’s short, so there are time savings as compared to when you write long blogs. Actually given the fact that I post around 50 Tweets (7000 Character, Damn that’s longer than lot of my blog posts) in a day and check the tweets at thrice the frequency so I actually spend more time tweeting.

2- Given the short span of attention I have nobody, minds if two of my consecutive tweets are unrelated and totally irrelevant

3- Nobody minds my bad grammar and spelling mistakes, as people do on Blogs. They just think it is in an attempt to compress the message in 140 characters. Regular readers of the blog would acknowledge my struggle in keeping the blog spelling and typo error free and my failure despite idiotic support from MS Word Spell Check.

4- You can never miss a tweet and always ignore you don’t want to read.

5- I also get a lot of amazing one-liners to flaunt on my status message.

6- Another reason which makes twitter real fun is that almost none of my real life friends are very active on twitter except for Nikhil Narayanan. About him the damn guy is everywhere, he is like the online ghosts that can haunt you anywhere.

7- A lot of bloggers/celebrities I read/admire are actually on twitter and I get a chance to interact with people like Gautam Ghosh, Gul Panag, Anindita Sengupta, Rajeev Chandrashekhar, Shashi Tharoor

8- All the latest news sites are on twitter and the way the Mumbai terror attacks were covered on the twitter even by the normal people I am so convinced that you get better news than any news site/blog and television

9- I have found amazing friends on twitter @Crazytism, @Crucifire, @Brainstuck, @Radha_, @Reema226, @Suddentwilight, @Rush_me we laugh at each other, Drape some in saree, support others in popularity contests, share views opinions humor and a lot more than that. Life has been fun, after interacting with them surprisingly we are so different, almost never met, but still every morning as soon as we log in we have a question how our friends have been. If the essence of any social media is relationships I have got mine with them. If anyone of you is reading this (what the heck I will make you all read this) You tweeps Rock big time!!!!

10- In these life and times of a global recession everyone can do with some fun, I believe so can I.

The Marriage of the IT Geek

So as evident from my last post actually two of my close friends have decided to get married. So I am writing this detailed post about one of them. Well both of them deserve a very special mention in my life.

I thought of writing the detailed post about both of them but there is hardly anything to write about Vicky and Shriya. They meet, they fall in love, they remain in love, they get married, and they live happily ever after. Trust me theirs have been a perfect love story, you know one of the perfect made for each other couple I know.

Now comes the second one, on her specific request order threat, I have been asked not to reveal her identity, I mean I still can but not if I want to live remaining days of my life. So basically this friend of mine she is a lady of strong convictions. The primary reason she is my friend would be that she loves her laptop more than all her boyfriend(s). So being one of the biggest Business+IT geeks I know around, I am charting out how probably here decision to marry would have been executed.

Symptoms- Lonely Soul, Random Weekends with nothing substantial to do, Dissatisfied stakeholders (read Mom, Dad and extended family), irregular no sex.

Internal Consultants-Aforementioned Stakeholders

External Consultants- Close friends (including me, at least till now)

Problem Statement- Absence of long term personal vision

Solution from the Consultants- Get married

Time Frame for implementation of solution- 2 Years

RFI floated- Interested vendors putting in their claims and portraying their eligibility. Including their strength in the market (read muscles/body building), financial position to execute the contract (read flaunting money), domain expertise (read learning and testimonies from ex-girlfriends on how good in bed) and intellectual capital

RFP- The guys fighting it out amongst themselves to position themselves a suitable match aka Rakhi Sawant’s much talked about svaiyamvar. Finally when the RFP process is over the appropriate vendor (read bgroom is selected)

Requirements Gathering & Fit-Gap- Now the dearie friend and the would be in waiting do a requirement analysis and identify where the process changes required. Now the process gets funny The client keeps having funny requirements which are finally signed off by all the stakeholders.

Go-Live- Now this what would be the marriage.

Post Go-Live Support- lets not talk about it here. 🙂

Ps. If I am found missing or absconding after this post. Please read an obituary for me.

Wedding Season

You know how friends can be jackasses. Yeah yeah I know, I love my friends but once in a while it’s not so bad hating your friends. Especially when two best of your friends act completely out of sync decide to get married that too on the same date and at venues more than 1500 km apart.
Then both of them ask you, “You coming for the wedding na!!” I mean how anyone decides this one. Thanks a lot you two for putting me in such a situation, hate you people for this. And yes congratulations, for the biggest step of your life.


I got a chance to attend a wedding after a long time. The last wedding before this one was way back in 2000 of my cousin. So when Varun, one of my very good friends from my school days, got married. Many of our teachers who had taught us during our school days were invited.

I was present with many of my friends from school days. We were standing in a group all the schoolmates when our teachers (surprisingly even a prime minister becomes an ex prime minister, a boss becomes an ex boss, even a girlfriend or wife becomes an ex girlfriend or wife. But a teacher always remains a teacher he/she is never an ex teacher may be because you can always learn something from him/her no matter how much you grow)

They saw us came to meet us, and it felt so good. But I had my Eureka moment when our teachers were trying to recognize us. Of course they didn’t remember most of our names (it’s been 10 years since we passed out and they would have taught us like 12-15 years back). My teachers saw me and they were like “Prateek, You were the computer whiz kid”. It felt so good when people who teach 500 students in a year and they remember you after so many years associating you with something which you really cared about. It was such a pleasant surprise that all of them recognized me, not because I was a brilliant student which obviously I never was. But because I had a passion for something and everyone in school knew that. The passion was computers, programming, hardware, software, anything related to technology. I used to bunk the games periods to sit back in the computer room, I know how weird it sounds but that use to be my craze for computer if not till late then at least till class 10th when I got my own personal computer.

I look 10 years down the line I was the whiz kid on the block, a computer champ, a solid programmer.  Suddenly I work for one of the most reputed IT companies in the word; I have become an engineer & MBA by qualification and a consultant by designation. But in this whole gamut the passion for the computers stands lost and defeated. The fun of writing a code and see it almost working and then spending nights to debug to finally see it working as it should has dwindled in the glow of corporate ladder and hierarchy.

This is a very incoherent and lost post. Just trying to tell myself how life has changed and things have gone haywire in a meaningless tryst.