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I have always hated Ekta Kapoor and the likes that produce intense daily family drama serials. But I never knew or had any objective reason why I did.
Surprisingly, today talking to one of my very close friends I realized why. They are the competition; I have it in me to create all those soap operas. Thanks to her that I got a brilliant idea of producing this serial. This is how the Eureka moment happened-
My friend was telling me that she had visited a Fortune Teller (Jyotshi) (yeah, don’t mind she is from the Jupiter) who studied the lines of her palm and told her that she would not get married before she turns 29. She actually believed it, and she shared her concerns with me. This was the Eureka moment which had the potential to change my life. As this is what I came up with in response to my friend let’s call her Jupiter (though she has quiet an enlightening name but let’s keep that undercover lest she might decide to kill me before my TV serial completes 10000 episodes) for a while-
Dil main Pyaar ki talaash
Aankhon main Piya se Milne ki aas
Kya Jupiter badal payegi apne haath ki
Jan ne ke liye Dekhiye Lakeereinnnnnn roz 8:30 pm Colors par.

Now the whole thing is ready for the 10,000 episodes I have to just fill in the small details starting Jupiter’s life from 12 years when she had her first crush till 95 when he grand daughters’ daughter gets married just ensuring that she looks 28 and a half years old throughout the 12 to 95 year journey and allowing a series of accidents, hospital scenes and plastic surgeries as and when the star cast increases their price. Now that I have a script for the next big thing on the Indian Television, I need financers. Takers anyone????


Every time I see Top Gun which is one of my all time favorite movies, one scene makes me nostalgic, when during the second hop Maverick is defeated by Jester and all the Top Gun Pilots are in the Washroom-

Goose: At least Viper got Iceman before he got us. We still got a shot at it.

Maverick:It was stupid I know better than that. It will never happen again

Goose: I know (Gets up)

Goose: I know……

Thats the kind of confidence which marks unbelievable friendship. I am one of the few lucky guys who got a chance to be trusted like goose did Maverick.
Thanks Waggy, for being there, saying I know with you I can never meet an accident, sitting at abnormal speeds with me, and always believing in me.


When you look back towards the years spent one finds the life, that there have been series of practical lessons people who have been important at some point in life. I here jot down some of friends who have made me learnt some very important lessons in my life.
•Shantanu- Always stand by your friend, no matter what!
• Ankit- Live every moment to its maximum
•Prince- When you are aspiring for the best, its hard work that makes the difference not the talent
•Shubhajeet- My will I can.
•Wagas- Sometimes it just matters that someone is there doing nothing, but still there for you.
•Sripati Sah- Do everything in life but never loose focus.
•Ravi Mishra- Lust and Liquor can outweigh closest friendships
•Rohan- Sometimes it is better to let go things than to cling on them
•Priya- To trust someone is the fist step to getting betrayed
•Aditya Shekhar- Some people remain beyond the purview of rationale & logic
•Anupam Pathak- No situation in life so worse that you can’t laugh at it
•Shubhadeep Sarkar – How to be a perfect diplomat
•Namit Srivastava- Attitude does count a lot
•Deepti- There can be another line of thought apart from my own
•Somendra Chaubey- The best time to have faith on people is when they are loosing it on themselves
•Reena- Never take a stand but still communicate what I want
•Sumeet- Being ethical
•Sumit- How to do what you think is right.
•Vishay- Being professional and leading from front
•Vikram- How to be nice yet truthful always
•Praveen- Focus Focus & Focus.
•Neha- Sometimes its just a few lines and a smile which can win friends for a lifetime
•Ruchi – Being practical and emotional at the same time
•Mahashweta- Being happy go lucky might win you friends but also lead you to ultimate chaos
•Arindam – Playing Squash
•Vikash, Anoop, Sid, Balli, Saurabh, Rahul – Sometimes a lot of things can happen over silly little nothings
•Nikhil Narayanan – Blogging and Standing up to take the onus to bring changes about things which are not justified.

To everyone who has contributed beautifully to my life. Thanks a lot. And here I tag Vinni & Nik.

Memorable Times

Some of my memorable time spent in a past few month would include these, missing my life and stepping forward to finding my identity. Hope these time come back to my life.

  • Tapping the keys of my laptop and see the collection of letters giving rise to what is my first story after almost 3 years.
  • Relearning very old lessons I had learnt the hard way “Relationships are like investment, get out of a bad one ASAP”
  • Going out on drives and trips near the places.
  • Going to one of the best places to eat, sitting on the corner seat looking down at the ground 7 floors below enjoying the view. Ordering without looking at the prices.
  • Walking back to my room in the rain sipping my cup of coffee
  • Talking to a friend to revive an old friendship which was left bruised in a war of unmatched ego.
  • Buying things for people who really matter.
  • Traveling in an early morning flight and see the rising sun beneath from the clouds.
  • Talking to close friends and accepting you were wrong.
  • Pampering myself with new condiments for my life.
  • Sleeping late on a Monday morning.

Busy!!! Call U Back

I got a message from an old friend saying “Bhool Gaya Mujhe, Corporate ban gaya tu!!!” (You have forgotten me and turned into a corporate). This line set me into thinking what I had been on my mind a lot lately, Is this true? I out of habit keep pinging and calling friends and acquaintances to be in touch. Yes that’s true that I actually have nothing to say but just a small phone call to say that I still do care. I have discovered some responses on which actually I can categorize conversations-

1- Hey Prats!!! What are you doing man? How is life?….blah… blah and a 10 min conversation.
With all said and done 10 minutes that make your day, make you feel that you exist apart from your employee number, cubicle number, and extension number. There is more in life than e-mails, the replies and the contemplation of to whom it should be carbon copied.

2- Hello!! Who is this? Prateek?!?!?!? (a minute of mourning silence for the dead memory cells) oh yes!! Prateek. How are you?
This one is a tricky kinds, if the short term loss of memory is temporary there can be a hearty conversation like the earlier one. If not then the situation becomes a lot funny. The conversation goes like following-

Ol’ Buddy: So tell me man how is life?

Prats: Cool yaar, I have recently moved to Bangalore.

OB: Oh Banagalore!! Lovely place lovely weather.

P: Yeah man very true, U tell me how r u doing

OB: Nothing much man, some good work keeps coming on and off. (Good answer Have and have no work keep guessing). How is your company doing?

P: Oh its been fine except for some jitters because of the weak dollar.

OB: (Thinking and fitting correlations & regressions) oh you in IT services?

P: yes, I am with MyCompanyName.

OB: Oh man I completely forgot. I thought you were with Goldman Sachs.

P: ( Confused) I was in marketing not finance.

OB: You were in my class…eh… y..eee….s!!! Aur batao Howz Life?

P: Blah Blah …. Acha chalo will talk to you later!! BBye.

3- Hey Prateek!! I am a bit occupied can I call you back later.
And they call back. Take time to talk and show true professionalism.

4- The most interesting ones are who say “I am a bit busy, I will call you back.” And they never call back. This is one category I seriously pity. They don’t want to keep in touch and don’t give an F word. But they would be diplomatic they might need to revive the contacts in future.

Of all things said and done I was wondering when my friends says that I have turned into a corporate, have I fallen in the dreaded 4th category myself. I hope not, because always in my life I have believed in some principles which I found were articulated in a blog, Whose I don’t remember but the exact worlds stuck to me as a paraphrase of my own thoughts “When Business and relations are difficult to pull together, Relations must survive.”

P.S.- To my old friend, I have not turned into a corporate, couldn’t call you because I missed your number trying to get it from the common friends and will give u a buzz ASAP.

A Walk Down the Lanes of Yesterday

It has been 7 years when I last walked down that gate, and thought I would never return back. Have rushed across the familiar building a zillion but didn’t ever felt like strolling through those corridors. After seven years here I decided to go to the same building where I started my life. Almost a quarter of century and a journey where I have reached an end of being a student. I believe that I started my career from PCVN, because I really don’t remember anything much from my former school where I did my education till class III except for some people who joined with me to PCVN and one Mansi Khare (which my mom and dad will keep praising because of her good hand writing).

It was so nostalgic to walk in there, walk in those corridors, and classrooms where I have grown up got my education. The place which introduced me to computers, books and above all my friends which are still with me. I couldn’t believe when people say that I have changed a lot, my teachers could still recognize me. My class teacher from the eighth and ninth grade still remembered me and also remembered how I used to carry those diskettes with me all the time (p.s. CD ROM were not into fashion at that time and I used 3.5” floppies to carry my data). The librarian whom we used to call library ma’am was still there and told me that how she always knew that I used to bunk library classes to go and sit in computer lab. My English teacher was still as stylo and arrogant as she always used to be. Things had changed, lots of faces were new, and the ones which were not the age showed on them. Life changes a lot of things, when I walked through those corridors they were so familiar the grey stone and the red brick wall. The wall magazines of the houses placed towards the right. But none of the faces seemed familiar, I was just wondering the people who would be passing out now would have been fifth graders when I used to be in school.

It was so good when I saw genuine smiles on faces of people who had taught me when I was a kid. Such feelings and compassion hard to find in the professional world, when people celebrate your life and trivial achievement with pride not with just a passing smile. The 2 hours which I spent in the school were few of the best times of my vacation. No matter where I go and what I do I will always remember PCVN.

Nostalgia: Preeti & Me after 8 Years.

It was after 8 years I was going to see her. Time is a great change agent. Has she changed a lot? Will she be the same spoilt kid, as she used to be back in year 1993? 13 years have passed since I have known her. A lot of things have changed since then, Even I have changed, Now I am more than a foot taller than I used to be then. I entered the lobby of the huge multiplex, suddenly my phone rang and she had already reached and was waiting for me. I entered the Barista, and looked for a female sitting alone, there was only one, someone in white shirt. I went ahead trying to guess if it would be Preeti, and she was. She had changed a lot but still there were streaks of resemblance, with Preeti I knew when we were in Class Vth. Sitting across her on the table after 8 long years was an amazing experience. The last time I sat beside her was perhaps in 8-9 years back, when we sat together as seat partners. Long time, the ironies of time are strange, situations occur and then reoccur in different settings leaving you puzzled, but what doesn’t fades in the Nostalgia and the feeling of Deja Vu
which leaves one question in your mind- Is it one of the days when i was in studying in class fifth?????

Chennai…Yennala Unna Maraka Mudiyala

The two months have come to an end, My summer internship over will be leaving Chennai tomorrow. It has been once in a life time experience. I never thought that I will be able to like the place. Two months back when I got down on the station and suddenly I felt where the hell i have come all crowde around me people shouting running around, I stood still just trying to figure what is happening, trying to guess on which platform I am. It seemed that these two months would never pass. The time flew by as I could have never guessed, lots of ups and downs, but in this period it has left me with an amazing experience. Great friends, nice place to work, Walks down to the spencer plaza, Spending hours in Landmark going thorugh the books, Regular coffee at Java green (Though my friends here in Tata Indi call it corporate espionage, everytime I go out to have a coffe sip in the Reliance outlet) all my days have been remarkable experience. I dont know that I would ever come back but one thing is for sure I will Never forget Chennai- Yennala Unna Maraka Mudiyala. Some of my memories…

My Office on Anand Mount Road, Chennai
Marketing division Tata Indicom, My battle ground…

My Cubicle, I worked from here 🙂

My friends inside the office….
With my friends on our Chay ki tapri…

That was an experience…for Now it is TATA TATA INDICOM, TATA CHENNAI