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The Mugger – Day 6

As mentioned in my last place I am an ardent lover of coffee. To add to that I have a hobby of collecting authentic cafe mugs. I generally try and obtain a mug from the cafes I visit regularly and they have nice mugs. I have resorted to beg & borrow techniques to have an elaborate collection over 12 mugs. Here is a sneak into a part of my collection which I have carried with me till here.

Prats Mugs Collection

Prats Mugs Collection

The Old Barista Cafe Mug

The Old Barista Cafe Mug

The Costa Cofee & The Mocha Mugs

The Costa Cofee & The Mocha Mugs

The Matteo & CCD Collectors Mug

The Matteo & CCD Collectors Mug

So here by I declare myself the mugger 🙂

Coffee – Day 5

I am a huge coffee lover, and I believe that coffee is one of the important aspect of my life. Though I won’t say I am addicted but then a cup of good coffee actually makes my day. Circumstantially coffee has been very closely associated with my life but then my understanding of what all goes into making of my cup of coffee came only when I did a consulting assignment with one of the biggest coffee retailers of the world.

There has been so much already said about coffee, but I love a dialogue from the movie Shaurya which is said about the single malt scotch. However I feel the dialogue is so appropriate for coffee too. “Is Duniya main do hi anubhav sache hai, ek Single Malt aur ek Shaurya”.

I love my coffee pure, not conditioned with the milk or sugar for that matter. My coffee needs to be just rightly brewed and served hot.

So here I say “Is duniya main do hi anubhav sache hai ek shaurya aur doosra single brew black coffee”

How do you like your cup of coffee?

Here I leave you with some of the coffee quotes I have loved-

“Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.” – Turkish proverbs
“I like my coffee hot and strong, like I like my women; hot and strong” – Eddie Izzard
“Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat.” -Alex Levine
“Life is just one cup of coffee after another, and don’t look for anything else.” – said to be Bertrand Russell’s last words
“Blacker than a moonless night. Hotter and more bitter than Hell itself… That is coffee.” – Godot, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

5 Not So Friends – Day 4

No this post is supposedly about the famous TV series involving Chandler, Monica, Joey Rachel etc. which I am a great fan. You can read the quiz about them here. This is about the word friendship and they way it has been misused raped by the hands of the social media and networking.

Friends and friendship used to mean a lot, but with the ever increasing place of social media in our life the word friend is actually losing the value and effect it used to have. I mean I have 500+ friends on almost every social networking site I am a part of. Am I friends with all the people? Friends, as per the orthodox and traditional usage in the English language.

The kids and the teen who are exposed to this storm of social media and networking, would they ever be able to relate to the depth and meaning of this beautiful word?

So here goes a list of people who send friend request but are totally #fail

1- Money Makers- “I just made $466 this week working from home for google. I cant believe how easy this is. Im recommending this to everyone, check out this guys google blog www.howimakeinternetmoneyandIamajerk.com”

2- Naukri Spammers- I noticed you work for XYZ company can we be friends. What salary you are getting there, what is your designation and which client are you working for? Would you forward my resume to your company?

3- Orkutiyans- Though being a guy, I get spared from a lot of these requests but when I see my female friends getting bugged by the morons approaching them. For them Friendship = She will sleep with me.

4- Site Inviters- We exchanged a mail some 3 years back and now they would assume me as a friend and send me friends request from a gazillion new sites expecting to accept. If you don’t realize I might not even remember you, if you haven’t referenced the conversation.

5- World of Mouth Mongers- I formed a startup and which does an extensive research on the effects of social media on reproduction of cockroaches. You ask spam me to like your facebook page, tweet about you. Really??

I believe its high time for Oxford to add a word like Onquaintances = Online + Distant Acquaintances to save the sanity of the beautiful word that friendship was.

Self Help -Day 3

I watched her across the shelf in glistening yellow. I was attracted, despite her face was calling me an Idiot. Turned out she had a price tag attached with herself.

I know I am an Idiot but not kinds who would pay for to be called one,

that too for “An Idiot’s guide to Something….”

This is my second attempt to a 55er, I hope you folks like it. Now you know why I don’t read the Idiot’s guide and the dummies series 🙂

Rashmirathi – Day2



Source: Geeta Kavita

I have been a great fan of Mahabharata. This poem is describing a moment where Kunti tells Karna about his real parents and asks him to join the war from the Pandava’s side. At that point Karana’s views on the war and his approach towards it is reflected in poem. The poem is a literary master piece, I have tried my hands on the translation, have not been able to do entire justice with the piece but I hope this appeals to you.

When I see, I see Kurukshetra the land of war,
I see the dance of death on humanity, not so far,
The earth soaked and drenched in sweats and blood stains,
Still unstoppable Parth’s Chariot remains.

Lord Krishna himself is fading the darkness of the evil,
The destiny changing its course at Arjun’s will,
A million wasteful traps when the enemy plays,
But every time victorious does he stays.

I know mother what would happen tomorrow,
This epic war would only end in sorrow,
All the consequences do not scare me in my mind,
Rather double the enthusiasm in myself I find.

The times are scary, and the death is impending,
Invitations of death for list of people is unending,
All men of the world would face the wrath of the war,
The face of the earth would be left with a scar.

Nothing would be left towards the end,
No joys would victory bring with itself to spend,
The path on which Kurus would meet their destiny,
Would it be different from what would be Pandava’s epiphany.

There is only one way no matter you win or lose,
In the end it’s the country of death one has to choose,
The end would not change irrespective of any excuse,
Whether you killed the enemy or suffered the deadly bruise.

So meaningless is this war of the inflated egos,
Equally meaningless are mine and Parth’s vows,
Even then we find ourselves, impossible to stop,
And gradually on the path set by the death we hop.

The rivers of life has its unusual speed,
Beyond the human understanding are its deeds,
The brute force which engulfs everything in its way,
To finally lose itself when it reaches the oceans’ fray.

The waves, the flow all goes and quietly it sails,
All that remains in history is its tale,
In the end all of it merges into one,
Like a statue to clay with shape left in is none.

Same is the destiny of Kurkshetra that would survive,
Where the statues of this land, with each other would collide,
The end would be the same as the destiny of this land,
The warriors amidst this war will meet their end.

But this worry and concern of the end, I have to let it go,
However it is, let the sun of tomorrow rise and grow,
All around its difficult to see a small ray of light,
The darkest it seems to be is the passing night.

When the sun and the moon blend in darkness,
The lovers of light hope for some rays to be blessed,
Then the brighter comet cometh this way,
And light on the graveyard it does sprays.

5 Reasons Chariots Are Better Than Cars – Day 1

I was having a discussion with my dad, he is one person I can have most entertaining, enlightening, argumentative, and enjoyable discussions all at the same time.

I was telling him about my life in Bangalore and how the traffic and commute has become a part of life. I was complaining that how the mileage of my car has gone down by 5 Km/L just because of the Bangalore traffic, when the discussion moved to the relevance of cars in the economic growth.

While concluding the discussion, the eventuality seems that the future might belong to the horse carts. So here are 5 reasons that the horse chariots would be the future mode of commute and the government should ban cars-

1- Affordable– Now this one is no brainer, getting a horse cart is way cheaper than getting a BMW. Who are we kidding actually it might be cheaper than a Tata Nano or a 1970 model Ambassador. Also the setup to manufacture is small and easy so no more feuds in Signur, no more Mamta vs Tata.

2- Green Fuel– The problems of the emission norms like BSIV etc and the oil imports would reduce adding to the strength of our economy. The hay and horse food would be the common fuel which would still be obtained by agriculture promoting our agrarian economy

3- Time of Commute
– The original reason why horse chariots went out of fashion and were replaced by the cars, because back then cars were supposed to be faster than the horse chariots. This positive doesn’t seem to exist anymore I mean cars hardly average more than 20 Km/hr in the cities which is easily matched by the horse chariots

4- Reduced Road Rage
– I mean what would happen when the horse actually would touch the other chariot by mistake. I mean you can hardly blame the driver, as one would know even your horse could take a step more than you expected as it has a mind of its own and being minimalistic no insurances no damages hence reduced no road rage.

5- Enhanced GDP– Though the manufacturing automobiles do contribute to the GDP but is it fair to assume that every car produced has a positive effect on the GDP of the country. We can assume that 80% of the car owners directly contribute to the GDP through going to work. So the amount of time these 80% people spend in the car stuck in traffic jams doing nothing, could be used for positive work and actually add to the GDP. So if we really look the cars have a negative effect on the GDP.

So we can see that for the benefit of the society it is a positive step to ban the cars. I hope leaders from Pakistan read this and after facebook banning the cars might be the next step for their national development.