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Authorized to Authorize

I started checking my google reader as soon as I opened my laptop, generally the rest of the routine goes like this, there would be WTF sort of news item sitting right there on my one of the news feed and I would tweet about it. Couple of RTs and if I am lucky one of the biggies of twitter would reply back and the day starts at a perfect note. Something was wrong today, I opened my reader skim read through the various news feeds out of the 632 unread news items there wasn’t a single WTF news. I was wondering since morning what has the world come to, would my day be ruined in this fashion. Is our political class have gone so bankrupt that they cannot produce one WTF statement a day? What has happened to Mulayam, Mayavati, and mani Shankar Aiyer’s of the Indian Politics, how can they be so silent over the fall of the Indian politics?

However, the relief came only towards the afternoon and from our honorable Prime Minister himself. Finally, yours truly got the WTF line to tweet about. So finally the Cash For Votes Scam which has shot to limelight after the Wikileaks published the cable and mentioned Capt. Satish Sharma and Nachiket Kapur showed US embassy officials chests of cash for buying MPs. And as usual there was a lot of protest and chaos over the entire thing. Though we should not forget the people who were protesting were the same people who were offered the cash and they didn’t think it was appropriate to protest unless Wikileaks brought the whole thing in open. Sorry I digress, coming back to our Honorable PM shri MMSji has issued a statement whose crux in a single line would be “I did not authorize anyone to purchase votes” for uninitiated you may read the complete news article here.

Now coming back to the statement of our beloved PM, Sir we understand the inflated ego and I am “the” Prime Minister of India bit. But then one shouldn’t press the luck too far, I mean everyone in the country can swear you didn’t authorize it. That’s like the most obvious statement on the face of the earth. What reflects in your statement are two obvious facts, one that the purchasing of votes happened. Now, we all know that we saw the bundles in the parliament being shown across the world on television and to add credibility to it is wikileaks. Now coming back to the second obvious part of your statement, You didn’t authorize this purchase of votes. Now my dear sir since when did you ever had the power to authorize anything in this country. I mean I am the PM bit, we all know is a good joke till the Rahul Baba becomes old enough. To start with you weren’t authorized to authorize as mildly putting it. Given your statements in the past that you are not responsible for the CWG and 2G obviously you didn’t authorize those either. I mean I can totally see you telling Raja “Go boy fly your wings across the spectrum” and to Kalmadi was told “Go boy for CWG which is Congress Wealth Generation.”

So coming back to your statement, I would seriously like to know, “Who authorize you to give such a BS statement.” Come on Sir, better advices are readily available at 10 Janpath, that too pre-authorized. Make hay while sun shines J


Parenting & Alcohol

This is a topic, I am not an expert on but then whatever comments I make is based on my general sense of good & bad; which essentially is developed based on my religious belief and upbringing which I defended in a previous post of mine.

I have in recent times witnessed a lot of lapses in Parenting but then Shilpa’s Post finally triggered me to right this one. Here are some instances I have witnessed-

“A small gathering in the house, and breezer was served. A couple with children, aged around 10 years, allowed them to have sips/gulps from the drink.”

“A party and a large gathering the entire family is invited, everyone is drinking starting from beer, scotch, to tequila including the non adults in the party.”

“A mother during a party gives some spoonful of vodka to her toddler less than a year old.”

“Two kids discussing when they meet in a social gathering, where one of them asks other to have a beer. The other one refuses saying the parental restrictions and the other one counters telling that he always has a drink with the parents.”

All these instances have happened in front of me, the background of the kids is generally middle and upper middle class. The parents are supposedly super educated i.e. have completed their B. Tech, Mtech, MBA etc. and maintain an English speaking culture amongst them and the kids, send them to classes starting from singing, dancing, karate to salsa, tango and personality development.

Now very honestly, I don’t condone drinking for anyone and when it comes to women I believe they harm them more and for kids my only reaction is being aghast, even at the thought of it.

I know in countries like UK & US, there is a agency or a watch dog which keeps an eye on how the children are treated and an act like any of the above would be deemed illegal for the parents. And for repeated offenders the agency reserves the right to place the children in a more responsible home. In short the way the children of the country are grown up is the collective responsibility of the country and is implemented quite responsibly and rigorously.

On the contrary, India is a different land all together where we as a country are struggling to implement education for all, abolition of child labor. I am very sure that there is a law which makes the parents condoning of Alcohol below the minimum drinking age illegal but then it is never implemented. In India you can never be sure of that if you tip off the names of the people your identity would be concealed (which obviously belong to your social circle) and also the cops would come and take a bribe from the parents and leave things at that.

Now my views are totally based on the premise, that alcohol is not the best of the edible things around, not for anyone and not for kids for sure. Given the situation in India some 20 years ago the people in your social circle it was against our culture and our religion too. There would be elders who would point out that’s wrong; and even the so called forward minded drinking people would not introduce their children to alcohol. There used to be a social taboo, a religious tenet against drinking and even the people who used to drink regularly were ashamed and avoided doing it in front of their parents, children and immediate family.

Now today, “I drink with my parents” is one of the most common answers I hear from youngster I talk to these days on the topic of alcohol. In my humble opinion the legal route to this problem would never work in a country like ours. Nor does this mean I support the route of “Ram Sena” and their act of vandalism in Mangalore. But the way we have diluted the fabric of our religious tenets for the comfort and forgotten that the advancement for the sake of advancement should not be accepted.

I certainly feel that there is a need to ask that what kind of world we are creating and who governs the individual decisions that have an impact on the overall society. Consider the family and child below (Excerpt lifted and mildly edited from Wikipedia)

“He was asthmatic and was given special attention in his childhood. He was educated at the elite Mayo College in Ajmer. He then completed two years of undergraduate courses in Commerce at a college in Chandigarh. He initially thought of completing an MBA, but he joined the family business instead. He also built up the Piccadilly hotel chain including a pub-cum-discothèque in Chandigarh, and a theatre.”

Everything sounds hunky and dory and great choices above but then I believe in the family nobody questioned that why a boy less than 22 years of age has started drinking or entered in pub & disco business. We as a society will only cry foul when that 22 year old boy shoots Jessica Lal for not serving him a drink. I question the fact that he got into Alcohol and nobody in the family was aware or did anything to stop him. I don’t sympathize or support Manu Sharma but then I also believe 22 is a young age and there are mistakes you might make. There should always be a social guidelines & a check on people to avoid them from being fatal for them and the others.

This brings me back to the initial issues that how do we, as a society, keep our checks & balances? How do we distinguish right from the wrong? Is our legal system strong enough?

I believe the answer is within a broad sense of right and wrong which essentially lies in religious tenets and way of life which continuously evolve with time.

Discourse from the Prime Ministerial Household

The year 2010 is coming to a close, this year has been a year of achievements amidst disasters. Now given the fact that achievements harbor jealousy, while the disasters harbor jeer, jibes and sarcasm; I believe it would be appropriate to stick to the later while writing this post.

So talking about the disasters I got married early this year which in itself a disaster of the century. This also strikes me out of dating/scoring with any female I know *sigh* and the little thing called wedding ring stuck on my finger makes sure I am repelled by the ones I don’t know *bigger sigh*. Now most of you would be thinking that why I won’t remove the wedding ring and get back to the game. Well the lovely Wifee & the in-laws ensured that I am showered with so much love which coincidentally wrapped in loads of trans-fat leaving a tyre around my waist and the finger so thick that I can’t seem to take out the ring without slicing off my finger.

As I complete my digressions with knick knacks of the Gupta household; 2010 wasn’t only the year of my personal disasters but the entire country joined me in the unprecedented series of disasters. We had the CWG sham scam of 70,000 crores and the 2G Spectrum scam of 1,76,000 crores. I mean I don’t even know how many effin’ zeroes are present in either of those figures. And to top that out the person who is in charge of the cabinet where these scams happened, our beloved Prime Minister Manmohan Singhji (MMS), wants to be Caesar’s wife. As if being Rahul Gandhi’s proxy wife wasn’t enough he also wants to be Caesar’s wife too. My heart goes out for Gursharan Kaur(GK) that she has to go through all this, from what I have heard she is strong valued lady who still manages the MMS household under her tight and able reins.

The word is that the following conversation took place between the PM and his wife last week-

MMS: What is for dinner tonight?

GK: Caesar Salad.

MMS: You are still stuck on the Caesar thing I didn’t mean it literally. It was just a figure of speech.

GK: Yes, Yes as if I don’t know you, one white firangi womam and you become a puppet. 6 years puppeting after Sonia wasn’t enough you find another one that too someone else’s wife

MMS: Oh god! It’s just an idio…m

GK: Don’t you dare call me an idiot, I did a google image search on Caesar and his wife he is some Roman general and his wife is also a pretty blonde.

MMS: Enough of it, why are we having salad? I thought we were supposed to have chicken do pyaza.

GK: At Rs. 70/Kg we cannot afford onions, so chicken do pyaza is cancelled.

MMS: What do you mean we cannot afford onions I am the Prime Minister of the country.

GK: So what? Are you a part of the 2G scam….

MMS: No I am clean and I am above suspicion like the Caes…..and I am ready to appear before the PAC but JPC is not necessary on this particular event.

GK: You are not addressing a press conference or media. I am your wife. So did A. Raja gave you any money?

MMS: No, I think he gave it all to the Karunanidhi family. You know they bought Spice Jet airlines. He is not even from congress no so I hardly have any control over him.

GK: Ok! Did Suresh Kalmadi give you any money, he is from your party?

MMS: No, whatever he gave Rahul ji took it away saying he will use it in Bihar and the rest Suresh kept with himself.

GK: So how do you think we can afford Onions.

MMS: Very true, but I can always ask Sharad Pawar to give us some. I hear that he is hoarding tones of it to keep the prices artificially high.

GK: I am not sure if he will give you any, but yeah If you can ask Sonia to exert some pressure he might cave in. But then if we are found in possession of Onions when the CBI, PAC, JPC or whatever comes to our house they would conclude that you took a cut in all the scams which are coming on TV these days.

MMS: Yes true. Lets have salad, anyways at this age salad is good for health too. I have to keep in good health; given the election results in Bihar from Rahulji, I might get a shot for the third term as a PM if the congress wins the elections again.

GK: Whatever.

Disclaimer: The post is a figment of an imagination and the above mentioned statements might not be entirely factual. So if you can’t take some fun lightly please hit the close button on your browser.

We Can Pull It Off

Author: Suresh Taneja
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Price: 200/-

After reading multiple Indian authors who have written with books on relationships, campuses, love stories deceit. We Can Pull It Off is different, it has been a long time since an Indian author has come up with a light but an issue based book. We Can Pull It Off is based in 2030 with a view that India has become a super power; and one of the most prosperous nation of the world. The book starts with the Indian ambassador helping the US government with an aid of 100 bn USD.

Then the story charts back how the transformation of this scale happened within a span of 20 years. The story charts back to close friends of the ambassador in their early teens that were pivotal in addressing the mammoth problem of corruption through their movement. The catch of the book are two brilliant ideas using which the protagonists address the problem of corruption. I am sure every Indian has at one time or the other wondered, is there a solution to the problem of corruption which has infected the entire country like cancer. The place where book scores, and scores big time is the innovative ideas through which the protagonists solve the problem. It leaves the reader with two things, a thought if it is really possible and a distant ray of hope.

The pace of the story is fast, and most of the story runs in the flashback with very little references to the present of 2030 every now and then. The storyline is issue based and it never loses the core focus on the central issue during the course of the book. The book has managed to capture snippets of a social revolution and aftermaths very well though in order to maintain the flow there have been instances where the protagonists acted like superman.

The place where book fails is the characterization, the book has too many characters and too less characterization. The audience miss the emotional connect with the protagonists of the story because there isn’t too much to know about them in the book. The author has used a grouping technique where he refers a group of characters as G4, G3, G6; I believe this was done to indicate the idea that the movement was a group thing not giving any individual character a limelight, but then it takes away a lot more connect from the audience when the individual characters are concerned. If one is very particular about literary elements, characterization and narratives than this might not be the right book to read.

Summary: A nice book, a must read for people who have wondered is there a solution to the problem of corruption for a possible and probable solution. A fresh breather by an Indian Author optimistic, hopeful, a break from college romances, which will hook you to the idea.

Rating: 3/5

5 Cents on Child Employemnt in India

So Swaram posted on how her gas agency was employing children, I have always been a bit hesitant when it comes to opposing the child employment (note the use of word employment instead of labor). I have been a little apprehensive of condemning this practice specially in the Indian context. Here are the reasons behind my belief-

1- Lack of Social Security- In a country like India where social security mechanism are absolute zero, where a person if hungry might as well die of it without the government even batting an eyelid. In a country like ours, where if you are out of employment or a regular income there would absolutely be no support from the system. What should a child do? Do we have a system where a poor family if nothing else then is at least provided three square meals a day without being harassed? I know a lot of government scheme would be here, but practically we all know the schemes remain on paper.

2- Lack of Alternatives- So if a child from a poor background doesn’t work, what does he do? The education infrastructure for the needy in India is again in a poor state, the classes seldom happen. Facilities for the most part are absent, and there is a lack of direction on what they are producing. I believe that the basic schooling system in India is fabulous when it comes to educating a person for further studies (what primarily middle class does), but it lacks big time in making a child independent and employable. I mean when one passes out of class X or XII and if one wanted to work, there are hardly any opportunities or skills till then. Given the fact there are families to be looked after in the houses and earning hands fewer. I believe this is one thing which needs to be corrected. The answer to the question “School jaa kar kya karegi” should be more than “College main padhegi”. The children people of India deserve it.

3- Better Choice-
given the above two I feel that a child who started working early has made a better, moral and a worthy choice. If one doesn’t has anything to eat what are his alternatives, beg or steal. I find the children far more respectable and better human beings who choose the better option of hard work to achieve something, if nothing else at least an honorable survival. Every time I see a child on the traffic signal begging, I find a growing respect for the children who chose a better path to work. Given the fact that our government can anyways hardly do anything about both of them (except leaving the second child jobless accd to the child labor law)

4- Importance of Work- Somehow I appreciate the American or the so called western culture, where the children from almost all strata of society actually do odd jobs like cleaning the pathway of snow, cleaning the car, mowing the lawn, helping with grocery shopping and get tips for the work they do. I believe firmly that this develops two important qualities, a good work ethic in terms of all kind of work is good and secondly importance of money. I believe that in India the typical caste based culture still exist at large, where people consider some work to be as lowly and would not like them or their children doing it. Though this is very distantly connected to child labor or can be called child employment but I think that this kind of environment where children working should not be treated with pity but with respect for their spirit and hard work is really necessary for Indian mindset.

5- Failure of Law against Child Labor- The complete ban of children under 14 years of age would be a complete failure until the points 1 & 2 are addressed which are far from being met. Secondly it also makes an activity employing a child as illegal, which allows the employer not declare the child worker and also to cut corners and often the child worker doesn’t even get what he deserves for the work he has done. Also he missed out of what might be a structured and a long term employment benefits which might be available to other workers in the same organization

All said and done I do know that there are people who exploit children, and they might get into things which might be hazardous and have long term negative effects but then I also believe that the government can’t just create a law and then don’t provide them an easier approachable alternative. If they really want the law to be followed with the spirit then they should cancel the agency which employed the boy which had a gas connection, and identify why the boy was willing to pick those heavy cylinder instead of going to school and address the root, case by case basis. If they can’t address both the sides then may be they should leave the free markets to balance it out.

5 People I Would Meet in Heaven – Day 10

I noticed someone on the road today, I don’t remember the face of the person or anything in particular about him. All that remained with me was an interesting message, “Everybody wants to go to Heaven, But Nobody wants to die”. Ironical, Satirical and so true, I mean death is always a factor that has haunted people time and again.

Though I love my life, no matter how much I crib or rant about it, the bottom line is that I love my life too much. But somehow I have always fancied the death, I am not sure but I always felt there would be positives. If nothing else I might get a chance to meet people who have already died.

So here is a list of 5 people I would like to meet in Heaven-

1- Ram Prasad Bismil- I have always been a fan of the Krantikari group, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Ramprasad Bismil, Ashfaq, Rajguru, Sukhdev. But specifically Ram Prasad Bismil because he would be the person to tell me the stories of the great struggle and also his brilliant poetry.

2- Karna- I have never been more fascinated by any other character as compared to Karna. His principles of friendship, generosity and the will power to stand by what he really believed in; is something which appeals to me to the core.

3- Dhirubhai Ambani- I believe there have not been many people in India who were as visionary as Dhirubhai Ambani. I would love to sit beside him and talk about his vision of making one of the largest PetroChemical companies of the world, or bringing down the cost of a phone call comparable to the cost of a postcard.

4- Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel- I believe that he was one of the greatest practitioners of realpolitik in modern India. His legacy and vision is what today we call as the modern India

5- Munshi Premchand- Just for his super brilliant stories which could keep me engaged for lifetimes to come.

So which five people would you meet in heaven?

Rashmirathi – Day2



Source: Geeta Kavita

I have been a great fan of Mahabharata. This poem is describing a moment where Kunti tells Karna about his real parents and asks him to join the war from the Pandava’s side. At that point Karana’s views on the war and his approach towards it is reflected in poem. The poem is a literary master piece, I have tried my hands on the translation, have not been able to do entire justice with the piece but I hope this appeals to you.

When I see, I see Kurukshetra the land of war,
I see the dance of death on humanity, not so far,
The earth soaked and drenched in sweats and blood stains,
Still unstoppable Parth’s Chariot remains.

Lord Krishna himself is fading the darkness of the evil,
The destiny changing its course at Arjun’s will,
A million wasteful traps when the enemy plays,
But every time victorious does he stays.

I know mother what would happen tomorrow,
This epic war would only end in sorrow,
All the consequences do not scare me in my mind,
Rather double the enthusiasm in myself I find.

The times are scary, and the death is impending,
Invitations of death for list of people is unending,
All men of the world would face the wrath of the war,
The face of the earth would be left with a scar.

Nothing would be left towards the end,
No joys would victory bring with itself to spend,
The path on which Kurus would meet their destiny,
Would it be different from what would be Pandava’s epiphany.

There is only one way no matter you win or lose,
In the end it’s the country of death one has to choose,
The end would not change irrespective of any excuse,
Whether you killed the enemy or suffered the deadly bruise.

So meaningless is this war of the inflated egos,
Equally meaningless are mine and Parth’s vows,
Even then we find ourselves, impossible to stop,
And gradually on the path set by the death we hop.

The rivers of life has its unusual speed,
Beyond the human understanding are its deeds,
The brute force which engulfs everything in its way,
To finally lose itself when it reaches the oceans’ fray.

The waves, the flow all goes and quietly it sails,
All that remains in history is its tale,
In the end all of it merges into one,
Like a statue to clay with shape left in is none.

Same is the destiny of Kurkshetra that would survive,
Where the statues of this land, with each other would collide,
The end would be the same as the destiny of this land,
The warriors amidst this war will meet their end.

But this worry and concern of the end, I have to let it go,
However it is, let the sun of tomorrow rise and grow,
All around its difficult to see a small ray of light,
The darkest it seems to be is the passing night.

When the sun and the moon blend in darkness,
The lovers of light hope for some rays to be blessed,
Then the brighter comet cometh this way,
And light on the graveyard it does sprays.

An Open Letter to Times of India

Dear Times of India,

You have been a part of my daily routine since times I don’t even remembered. Though I developed an appreciation for The Hindu, & The Economic Times, but still my loyalty towards you was unaffected. I have kept you a part of my life, a part of my house despite the falling standards of Journalism. I tolerated you despite when you advertised Fiat Punto & some really crappy movies on the entire page and the paper had more pages of advertisements than news content. I endured it all believing that one day you would rise up to the need of Journalism and news, one day the time of India would be what I expect it to be, and far lesser of nonsense.

But today has been heights, is it that the headlines are drafted on blackberry’s while taking a daily dump or have you gone to a level where you believe why would people read headlines when there are so many advertisements. Why would people bother about crimes committed by a high profile IPS officer when your add-ons have preposterous bikini shots of women and glamour and glitz of the page3 parties.

Yes I am talking about this headline “Law Finally Catches Up With Rathore”. It’s terrifying to read that you find the miniscule 18 months sentence as catching up. When the entire nation is worried about the morality of an ex DGP and the systematic crimes he committed on a girl and then went on to torture her entire family and you condoning the judgment communicating the justice have been delivered.

I can understand that these days there are more important issues which need to be reported and bring in notice of public. I mean obviously the exhilarating piece of information that Amitabh Bachan uses a public toilet was revealing. Had it not been for this particular piece of news the nation would have assumed that the Bachan household was still using the open air toilets by the side of railway tracks.

I mean you have so much of time and energy to keep track of when the bollywood answers the nature’s call but don’t have a capable staff which could at least capture the essence of news on the front page. I think it’s now time to move on, severing my ties with you. I think I have had enough WTF news of the day for now.

A worried reader

Why Media Bashing of Sunanda Pushkar Was Justified

I read this article written on The Hindu’s Opinion Page, which blamed the Indian media to pound on Sunanda Pushkar. The article accused of the media being sexist and biased against the professional women.

I am no authority on the treatment on women by Indian media, but I never see Indian media bashing the successful career women like Sonia Gandhi, Chanda Kochar, Kalpana Morparia, or Kiran Shaw Mazumdar. Though it bashes Mayawati big time but then I can safely assume her bashing has got nothing to do with her being a women or being a career women for that matter.

Coming back to the case of Sunanda Pushkar, so do we really believe that she was bashed by the media because she was a woman dating a high profile minister? I would not agree to this, because as far as my understanding goes, the Su-Shi relationship is not a new one and hasn’t been extensively covered by the media. All this despite Tharoor’s knack of inviting controversies, Sunanda was never covered much in media.

So why is she being targeted now, is it because of she is a successful career women or because she is dating a minister? I don’t think that has caught the eye of the media, what has caught the eye is the pretty little sweet equity she got in a deal being “mentored” by her “beau” minister. I haven’t heard a career women getting sweet equity like this, that too worth close to 70 crores. I agree there are professional services required and deals are done but then why Sunanda? And why such a deal? And why is Tharoor involved and trying to influence decisions?

I mean why are equity worth 70 crores being given away free, this is something not normal, doesn’t happen to every career women and is a big deal. So the media bashing and glare is bound to happen. Another question is now that Sunanda has surrendered her equity, is she still doing the services for the team. If yes then is she getting paid in accordance to 70 crores which her services were initially valued at. Does the writer defending her realizes that the dividend income show would have been receiving out of her equity would have been tax free and a loss to exchequer which now would be taxed at the normal taxation laws. If she is not the one doing the services the alternatives providing the same services are being compensated to the same extent?

Neither the people of India nor the media are fools. Both have enough sense to understand and derive the two plus two equals to four. The personal equation of Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor was an important consideration of the equation behind that 70 crores of free money. The reason behind the media glare, bashing and probing was not her being a successful corporate women but rather an obscene amount of unaccounted money being involved. When that sweet equity is gone and resolved the glare is off too. In cases like these the media glare is justified, required and necessary for the people to know the facts and place them right, be it Mayawati’s garland or Sunanda Puskar’s free equity.

An Ode to IPL Season 3

An Ode to IPL Season 3

An Ode to IPL Season 3

Once in the land called India in recent time,
Elite fun was limited to one part tequila and two parts lime,
A man decided to rise through richness, glamour and fame,
All through means which can be called just a stupid game.
Getting sick and tired of the reality in MTV Roadies,
An idea struck in mind of our dear Lalit Kumar Modi,
He formed a cricketing league called I-Pee-Yell,
From players to stadium chairs everything to sell.
Truckloads of money pouring in without a sigh,
Everybody wanted the darn piece of the pie,
Season one and two saw all the glamour and the rise,
Shooting up all the fame, money and the price.
“Mere five percents for my girlfriend, that too for free,
And mentoring to me, everything so honky dory and glee”
This song brought the murk into the moor,
All orchestrated by Shashi Tharoor.
The affairs of the external affairs’ minister got out too far,
Left no mentoring for him or any equity for his push-car,
The issue was settled with Tharoor getting an axe,
While Modi got the raids from the Income-Tax.
Betting, fixing, and black money, they pulled plugs,
With involvement of everyone including Tycoons & thugs,
So our dear Lalit Modi had a great fall,
Finally BCCI pushed him to a wall.
He too got the suspension, irritatingly bore the axe,
Realizing his spat with Tharoor was the biggest faux pas,
The season of inquiry and raids for the government to put up a face,
Arranging black money for IPL Season 4, as people forget this phase.
The tournament ended, the roar of scandals would subside,
Both Tharoor & Modi will get certificates of conduct so Bonafide,
End of a season where parties lasted from dusk till dawn,
As a viewer I am just happy that the F**King MRF Blimp is gone.