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My Confusion about Internet.Org

There has been a lot of noise on the internet about Net Neutrality in India. Specially after Honourable Prime Minister visited the Facebook offices and the viral tricolour profile picture and the fiasco post that. I have been reading, following the discussion about the net neutrality starting from the Airtel, TRAI circular, Internet.org, AIB video and thousand other shared Facebook Posts, tweets, and blogs.

I have done all, shared those videos, posts, wrote emails to TRAI etc all in the name of net neutrality. I understand the concept and appreciate it. However, I have lately taken to wonder if my stand and belief is justified. A lot of it is based on Internet.org, the concept being propagated by Facebook where the below poverty line folks get access to a specific set of sites for no charge.

I understand this at some level violates the principles of net neutrality and might tilt a level playing field. To give you a perspective, I border on the obsession of being connected. I have two cellular connections with Internet connection, one data card, one fibre optic broadband and a fail safe broadband in case the fibre optic isn’t working. I spend a fair amount every month to get this kind of connectivity while fending for my obsession. I wonder what happens to people who don’t have money to spend on buying connectivity? Mark Zuckerberg wrote about those children in Chandauli village who saw connectivity for the first time, what about them? Don’t they have a right to experience Internet or a part of it?

While the middle class, upper middle class and the rich are busy sharing corny, degraded humour on whatsapp 24*7, what about the poorest of the poor, Don’t they deserve even to know the weather forecast for next week? They have to make do with the inaccurate one in the newspaper at the local tea stall? They have to wait for their exam results or latest news to be published in news paper or put on the government school notice boards. Why the people which belong to the lower strata of the society be deprived of the essential connectivity? Why they can’t search for some government or medical procedure?

I see a lot of people complaining about the net neutrality aspect of internet.org. I agree with their view point that the internet should be a level playing field. I totally agree with those funny AIB videos which talk about the importance of net neutrality. But what confuses me the most is when you go out and decide on behalf of those poorest of the poor, when you go all out on decide on behalf of those kids in Chandauli village that he should not get access to the restricted access to some 35 sites which are a part of internet.org, what do you offer him in return? Do you have a plan which will make a neutral internet available to those kids and others in need and lack of money? Are these people going to launch a startup to provide free access to internet, you don’t need to be restricted to that 35 sites, here is a completely neutral internet free of charge for you. If we can’t provide that to a kid in Chandauli with a better alternative, then what right do we have to deny him basic connectivity as restrictive as it may be.

As a matter of fact a lot of technological changes have happened in a similar fashion, where disrupters came and disrupted the industry bringing change in the entire dynamics of the industries. There are umpteen examples of this industry disruptions, the time when SMSes killed Pagers, then SMSes were killed by Whatsapp. Then there were times when Reliance launched mobile calls at a nominal rates of few paise per minute, when Google & Apple started giving weather update on your phone killing the Airtel Special service which provided weather forecast @3Rs/SMS.

Like any other industry there is a win-win fortune which lies at the bottom of the pyramid, and if internet.org is going to provide some kind of free service by cross subsidising the connectivity costs from advertisement revenues we should probably accept the challenge and come with a low cost connectivity solution with less restrictive internet. Calling foul on Zuckerberg doesn’t work in my opinion.

This is what makes me so confused about the internet.org platform. Two conflicting views and I am probably in agreement with both. What do you think

5 Not So Friends – Day 4

No this post is supposedly about the famous TV series involving Chandler, Monica, Joey Rachel etc. which I am a great fan. You can read the quiz about them here. This is about the word friendship and they way it has been misused raped by the hands of the social media and networking.

Friends and friendship used to mean a lot, but with the ever increasing place of social media in our life the word friend is actually losing the value and effect it used to have. I mean I have 500+ friends on almost every social networking site I am a part of. Am I friends with all the people? Friends, as per the orthodox and traditional usage in the English language.

The kids and the teen who are exposed to this storm of social media and networking, would they ever be able to relate to the depth and meaning of this beautiful word?

So here goes a list of people who send friend request but are totally #fail

1- Money Makers- “I just made $466 this week working from home for google. I cant believe how easy this is. Im recommending this to everyone, check out this guys google blog www.howimakeinternetmoneyandIamajerk.com”

2- Naukri Spammers- I noticed you work for XYZ company can we be friends. What salary you are getting there, what is your designation and which client are you working for? Would you forward my resume to your company?

3- Orkutiyans- Though being a guy, I get spared from a lot of these requests but when I see my female friends getting bugged by the morons approaching them. For them Friendship = She will sleep with me.

4- Site Inviters- We exchanged a mail some 3 years back and now they would assume me as a friend and send me friends request from a gazillion new sites expecting to accept. If you don’t realize I might not even remember you, if you haven’t referenced the conversation.

5- World of Mouth Mongers- I formed a startup and which does an extensive research on the effects of social media on reproduction of cockroaches. You ask spam me to like your facebook page, tweet about you. Really??

I believe its high time for Oxford to add a word like Onquaintances = Online + Distant Acquaintances to save the sanity of the beautiful word that friendship was.

TweetPals: Story of @Fraands

I was recently saw a video on CNN IBN featuring twitter. I have been using twitter since quite some time and I have my own set of experiences some good some bad. The thing which has kept me on twitter and addicted to it is my good experiences outnumber the bad ones by huge margins. Courtesy twitter, I have had some amazing experiences in the virtual world and I thought that I have got far more to share about my experiences on twitter and my journey on it. As I wrote here that my twitter experience have been enriched by the people I have met. I have started this series called TweetPals where I am going to document my moments (Pal in Hindi) of twitter and my friends (Pals in English, thankfully for the pun) of twitter.

The TweetPals Series #1 undoubtedly goes to @Fraands

In the initial days of tweeting, when twitter was still a very new phenomenon in India. Almost none of the high profile Indian celebs were there, there were some enthusiasts like me who were there vociferously tweeting. Generally despite the conversations being on an open time line on twitter, there are silos are created based on conversations, locations, interests, ethnicity, sports, News and what not. I too had a a set of people I interacted most with, our silo was basically what we can call as YUP (Young Urban Professional) and we had common taste in humor and satire. Primarily the group consisted of @brainstuck @CruciFire @crazytwism @Tweepak @fossiloflife @radha_ @prateekgupta @keeda @rush_me

We used to mark each with @replies when we were talking as a group. Eventually we reached a point that marking all of us consumed more than half of the 140 character limit on twitter, leaving us almost no character space to write anything. This was when @brainstuck came with this brilliant idea of having an id for us. The name of the id was decided when @Rush_me suggested friends @crucifire orkutised it as @fraands and then @tweepak RTed it and finally @brainstuck used it in the id which we could all relate to.

I can still remember the string of conversation/events after which we actually formed the entire @fraands group-

1- @Crucifire was our top contender for a contest called Yaymen organized on twitter. He was tweeting for people to vote for him in the contest.

2- @Crazytwism with his satire jumped in with an Idea that he should be distributing sarees as done by some politician who was in the news.

3- The laugh riot started with @brainstuck started taking case of @crazytwism that he wanted to wear a saree.

4- The conversationw as soon joined in by yours truly, @radha_ where we took to such an extent that the simple saree turned into suhaag ka joda for @crazytwism and @crucifire

5- Then somehow the direction shifted to @Radha_ and who mentioned about her stilettos, which comfortably turned by @brainstuck to Weapons of A** Destruction.

6- The situation was out of control everybody had joined and we actually had no space to name everyone and have our jibe too.

7- It was then @fraands was created.

A lot of things have changed since then, Twitter grew leaps and bounds. The users increased, and with them came the consciousness of too many people watching, it also grew new silos with more specific area of interests. Also a lot of change in companies where twitter got blocked and the bosses joined twitter, that the common leg pulling and satire mellowed down a lot. But still the bonds formed and the moments of tweeting then remain unparalleled in my hearts. All said and done we all tweet, discuss things and still laugh over the jokes often obvious and sometime hidden subtly beneath the tweets.

I must say that was my first and the most remarkable experience on twitter, I can proudly say till date my best on the Virtual Social media experience. 8 people who I have never met in my real life, but know them as if I have been friends with them for ages, I call that the Power of Social Media, my Tweetpals.


Blog Adda Spicy Saturday Picks

Update: This post was selected as Blog Adda’s Spicy Saturday Picks

Indiblogger of the Month

The best wishes of my precious readers, votes of the esteemed fellow bloggers and blessings of the social media, I managed to win the Indiblogger of the Month Contest for September-2009.
The category for this month was Original Poetry. It was a really tough competition, with an all new format and 185 participating poetry blogs. I actually visited everyone of the blog nominated and realized how tough the competition was and how every blog listed up there deserved to be there. This kind of quality blogs and nominations made this contest at Indiblogger such a coveted one.

Indiblogger of The Month- Original Poetry

Indiblogger of The Month- Original Poetry

Thanks to everyone who voted for me at the contest and believed in the writing’s at Ginger & Cardamom.

Thank You!

Thank You!

Special Thanks to Poonam who despite being in an accident, remembered to mention me in her post asking her readers to vote for my blog and Pal who herself was a worthy contestant for the award mentioned my nominations to her readers and asked them to vote.

Is Virtual Enough?

I spend a lot of time over the internet, and I have an awesome virtual existence where I have friends. But one drawback I always felt about the virtually existence, the personal touch of being friends only comes after a face to face conversation. The online world can start friendships/relationships for you but it’s highly unlikely that it can take it to the next level.

I have always loved the idea of twitter, but surprisingly I have felt that somehow the 140 characters may be enough to communicate, start a relationship but it drops a lot of thinks as well. Here I produce 5 instances I had online where I feel a bit left out/weird-

1- I have a lot of friends on twitter & blogs as I have already mentioned in my last post here but still I don’t think I am aware when are their birthdays and other trivial details like these which I think friends should know. I can add any all of them on a facebook or Orkut but then simply the essence of a virtual presence is a complete persona but it simply isn’t at one place

2- One of my friends Brainstuck, we actually were having a conversation when something conversation happened where actually my comment would have been unjustified if his age wasn’t close to mine (which I had assumed by default). I actually had to specifically ask him his age before giving comments on the situation. Now friends don’t do that.

3- Then another friend of mine Meera, I actually came in touch with her because of her awesome cartoons which I saw during the election period. Now after reading the cartoon and her take on Indian politics I always assumed somewhere she would be an elderly lady around 40 years of age with a very mature and balanced viewpoint on the Political scenario and obviously an amazing sense of humor. Yesterday when she shared her pic on the twitter, I realized the only thing I have misjudged more was to have thought of Meera as a guy. Well this is her pic and you will have an Idea how wrong I was.

4- I met Nikhil the other day at Costa Coffee after interacting with him on twitter and email a couple of times I always had a perception of him as a mature and serious guy. I was actually jaw dropped when I came to know that he was such a chill & cool guy and had actually recently completed his graduation.

5- A lot of times this happens that my friends are not online, I have telephone numbers of them and I have the inquisitiveness why the hell they are not online. Something wrong, something happening but somehow I never call, because it might be inappropriate.

I don’t if it happens only with me, but I think I sometimes feel a need more than twitter, blogs, orkut to make friends. May be I am skeptical, or may be I will grow with time. So people what do you think, have you also made similar mistakes online, do you feel a need for real connect too?

5 Types of People who I want them to leave me alone- Online

My post today have been 5 irritating kind of people I do not want to meet online. Social Media and Networking has been a great avenue opener in my life. A large chunk of my social interaction has been limited through this medium, be it real friends or virtual friends. Everything has an upside as well as downside; same thing goes with virtual networking as well.

Here I talk about 5 kinds of people I do not like to interact with.

1- The Bootylicious Man-Makers – Well you have nice display picture flaunting your silicon powered assets, and you promise me a lifetime remembering ecstasy which actually make me a man. I tell you I have been genetically made a man and it was stamped right there after detailed verification on my brith certificate by a qualified MD-MBBS doctor around 27 years back. So I am not sure if you can take man and make a man out of him, what I am sure of is that you can take a man and make a fool out of him. And regarding your blissful ecstasies I would like to tell you a secret, We had a server during college where we had approximately 200 GB porn which was neatly classified on the basis of Ethnicity, age, postures and level of grossness. So the thing is I hardly used/downloaded that collection then and I am not really interested in the bootylicious ecstasies you want me to offer. So Man-Makers of the world please excuse.

2- The Rich Philanthropists- So you got the key to make money, that too sitting at home, using internet. Awesome, that’s so good for you. So well, if you are so happy about it go tell it to Bill gates, Warren Buffet, or Larry Ellison they would be so happy to buy you out, poor people seem to be always struggling to make more money. Who you should not come to is Prats, you know actually the dumb guy really hates you. He will never ever make money, but you know what he is like that so please leave him alone.

3- The Make-You-Biggers- This a latest addition in the area of Internet Technologies. They are the Search Engine Optimizers who can make you rich though you blog. They can help you make money through Adsense. SEO’s of the world my single request to you, do you actually see an adsense on my blog. Yes I do not display ads on my blog, and no its not because of my ignorance of google adsense or inability to comprehend search engine optimization, If I could write device drivers for Linux in CPP 7 years back I am sure I would be able to figure out SEO. So please the adsense is not on my blog for a reason and please don’t spam me with an expectation that I would change it.

4- The Promoters- Oh man you people I don’t hate you. I love the fact that you are entrepreneurs, and I admire the fact and you have recently launched a new site which is nothing less than Rocket science and can change the word for me. It illicit my interest only to a level that you can leave a message and link, if you want a feedback say so and ask for it. Don’t expect me that I would fall in love with as much as you do and would like to talk about it day in and day out. After all you are the one who would get the money on the IPO not me right, so let’s keep your excitement limited to yourself.

5- The Spammers- Well everybody knows them and hates them, but still for the sake of clarity I restate that I am not interested in helping any Nigerian prince, or the poor girl who is 5 since last 10 years or the special photo that would bring me luck or the jerks who keep telling my about walk in interviews, selling me Viagra and genuine fake Rolex watches. Please get a life and let me get some.

10 Reasons why I like being on Twitter

I have started using got myself addicted to twitter. As my humble self would assume that most of you would already know, yours truly was mentioned in Pune Mirror for tweeting his way to glory. Smita commented that she didn’t actually understand twitter. First answering your questions, Twitter is basically a social networking, Micro-blogging tool. Think of it as every user has a timeline, Now all the people you would follow would be added to your timeline and you would be added to everyone who is following you. Now People post 140 character long updates which get replicated on the timelines real time. The limit of 140 characters because add 20 characters of twitter username and you can fit the entire line in 1 single SMS. A lot of people use twitter over SMS especially outside India. Now your timeline is public (you have an option of making it private) you can also send private messages to people who follow you. You can mention other twitter user by preceding their twitter handles with an @ sign. You can interact with multiple people simultaneously using this feature. So that’s the long and short of twitter, come and try it for a while I am so sure you would fall in love with the concept.

Now coming back to my tweeting away with glory here are the 10 reasons why I like being on twitter.

1- It’s short, so there are time savings as compared to when you write long blogs. Actually given the fact that I post around 50 Tweets (7000 Character, Damn that’s longer than lot of my blog posts) in a day and check the tweets at thrice the frequency so I actually spend more time tweeting.

2- Given the short span of attention I have nobody, minds if two of my consecutive tweets are unrelated and totally irrelevant

3- Nobody minds my bad grammar and spelling mistakes, as people do on Blogs. They just think it is in an attempt to compress the message in 140 characters. Regular readers of the blog would acknowledge my struggle in keeping the blog spelling and typo error free and my failure despite idiotic support from MS Word Spell Check.

4- You can never miss a tweet and always ignore you don’t want to read.

5- I also get a lot of amazing one-liners to flaunt on my status message.

6- Another reason which makes twitter real fun is that almost none of my real life friends are very active on twitter except for Nikhil Narayanan. About him the damn guy is everywhere, he is like the online ghosts that can haunt you anywhere.

7- A lot of bloggers/celebrities I read/admire are actually on twitter and I get a chance to interact with people like Gautam Ghosh, Gul Panag, Anindita Sengupta, Rajeev Chandrashekhar, Shashi Tharoor

8- All the latest news sites are on twitter and the way the Mumbai terror attacks were covered on the twitter even by the normal people I am so convinced that you get better news than any news site/blog and television

9- I have found amazing friends on twitter @Crazytism, @Crucifire, @Brainstuck, @Radha_, @Reema226, @Suddentwilight, @Rush_me we laugh at each other, Drape some in saree, support others in popularity contests, share views opinions humor and a lot more than that. Life has been fun, after interacting with them surprisingly we are so different, almost never met, but still every morning as soon as we log in we have a question how our friends have been. If the essence of any social media is relationships I have got mine with them. If anyone of you is reading this (what the heck I will make you all read this) You tweeps Rock big time!!!!

10- In these life and times of a global recession everyone can do with some fun, I believe so can I.


Feeding myself on connectivity and bandwidth for ages, IMs have become as crucial part of my daily dose as the mobile phones. I mean I have more active contacts on my Gtalk & YM lists than on mobile phone. Lately with increasing contacts and random people appearing in my contact list and I seriously bugged by how people behave on Chat. So here I spill the beans of my 10 paise of wisdom on (I wanted to throw 5 pence but I still get my emoluments in INR) Chattiquettes

  1. While adding someone- if you are adding me on your chatting list it is really a good idea to send an IM or a mail telling who you are and why you would like to speak to me (especially if you met me 5 years ago in a party when I was seven drinks down I hardly think your name would ring a bell). Especially if your chat id is jerkorder1@chat.com then you need to know I would be in no interest to be in conversations with some jerk of order first until you specify who you are.
  2. The Busy Sign- You know all the IMs come with some signs which indicate the recipient is Busy (Gtalk has red and green dots next to the name, Yahoo has a red color dash against the person’s smiley icon), so they are not just for the color blindness test but are meant for some rather larger purpose in life. When you find a busy sign next to my name it is a good idea to check first that whether I am in a state to talk or not. Your ‘Howdy’ and ‘My 3rd girlfriend’s 2nd ex boyfriend is an ass’ kind of message might be an irritant in the work I am doing.
  3. Perennially Busy- if you always keep you IM to busy then I think you should sign out and try to complete the work first. I mean it’s perfectly understandable your need to announce publically that the work is killing you and you are working your backside off and somehow you are still alive (and everyone wonders why you are) but apart from it people would stop respecting to your busyness. So for heaven’s sake put the sign when you are actually busy and want people to confirm your availability to talk.
  4. What’s New/Aur Kya syndrome- If this is a frequent occurrence in the conversation with me then boy you need to understand neither I am George Bush who would come up with I bombed after every ten minutes nor I am the Superman (trust me I might look as good as him but You would never find me wearing my underpants over my pants) who would tell you I saved the earth from and not even a cinema hall which changes the show every 3 hours. I am sorry to say I am boring and dull person who has a routine life and if something new happens I am the first one who would announce it on this very blog, twitter and mails. So if the first answer was ‘Nothing New’ then trust me answer wouldn’t change much in another 15 minutes.
  5. Secret messages- The status messages are you know kind of Public Announcement system the message is meant for everyone who is intentionally or accidentally in your IM list. So if someone asks what your message is all about and you reply “Ohhh! It is not for you, it is meant only for me and her” than trust me you are acting like a jerk, if you need to send across a message across to a specific audience in your IM list. There is a tool invented by Mr. Raymond Samuel Tomlinson, and it is called an E-Mail and it also has a subject line you can post the messages distinguishably to the selective recipients.
  6. The disappearing acts- If you are the one like the Chershire Cat who loves to appear and disappear unannounced, you must understand it is not even close to amusing. I know there are some calls very difficult to control and stop midway but saying a message like “back after some time” or “Be Right Back” or “talk to you later” would actually be convenient for the moron typing frivolously at the other end. I know you are very busy and there are hazaar things calling for your attention but it’s always pleasant & comfortable for the guy on the other end.
  7. Prompt Replies- You are busy, and so is everyone else. It doesn’t bring the earth crashing down upon you if you reply to a ping. Saying “Busy TTUL” takes just 8 characters and some 5 seconds to convey the message across. It just might be the person is counting on you for something important. By the way if you are too busy with something then what are you doing online. I mean I understand the need for connectivity but having an internet connection and IM doesn’t makes you Pervez Musharraf that you will only budge to American threats.
  8. Voice Chat- Hello people I live in a country called India where we fight out our life for love, peace and an extra MB of bandwidth. The voice conference over my internet connection sucks big time and yes I don’t even have a microphone. So next time when you ping me from the phoren Land be prepared to type.
  9. Block- If you are blocked in my messenger list then trust me I would have a very good reason to do so. So don’t ask me why did I block you until and unless you want me to rape you or go on an insulting spree. There is a technique called introspection, follow the same and you would get all your answers. (Even then you don’t get the answer, ok let me state it for you I AM TRYING TO AVOID TALKING TO YOU. No I wasn’t trying to test the Block feature of my IM absolutely not I already know how to works)
  10. Taking for Granted- If you have an internet connection and an instant messenger Id doesn’t mean they have hired me as their personal entertainer. I have all the rights to give non conversational answers and ignore your presence in my life. I have a life beyond IMs and have a friends’ list beyond you. So next time don’t ever try to take me for granted.

These were my 10 paise on the etiquettes of the IM. If you found this article rude yes it was meant to be this way.

p.s.: All these chattiquettes are not meant for close buddies and they know their liberties.

Technologically Challange(d)

Now don’t get me wrong with this post, I am one of the guys who are in love with the technology. All the girls in my life have been extremely jealous of the special attention received by the gadgets and this includes my mom who being sheer jealous of my deep love for my samurai video game when she wanted me to be hooked to ECO-101, she threw it out of the window. Though she claims it was for my good and out of respect I don’t disagree.

I always had a fear that one day some girl would be hot & happening enough to sway my mind of my little gizmo toys. Today Alee finally managed to pull it off in my life. I shared the following conversation and for a change I was speaking today for the most part (Mostly because she was engrossed in making a power point presentation. Which might be a raison d’être for my thoughts)

So we started ….

Me: Do you actually believe that technology makes our life simpler?

Alee: Yyyyess!!! (Afraid is he going to start again)

Then I started….

You know what, the thing with technology is so weird. It simply seems to be way out of purpose. You know two decades back we didn’t have the computers so common and alike. People used to rely on written or typed stuff. Given the fact that people used to either write or type the documents our regular documents used to be not more than 4-5 pages. The recipient of the document used to respect them and used to read them properly. ( I still remember my parents telling me stories of commendable people who would send the letter back marking grammatical errors and spelling mistakes to people and they were expected to correct them and learn from it, I sometimes get scared what will I teach my children when you type and there is red line underneath the word you just ignore it. BUT DON’T FORGET TO PRESSS F7 in the end before sending)

Then came the era of word processors when people could actually type in length and can get a printout the process was easier and supposedly less time consuming but was negated by a direct increase in the page count of the document. Then came Google and the documents swelled to unfathomable proportions and today even a 12 year old spans his project to volumes of literature.

I still remember the first class of my MBA they taught me how to write an executive summary. The objective of the executive summary is to give the insight to the reader in one or two paragraphs, as no one has time to read through the loads you would have prepared. My inquisitive mind when asked “If no one is going to read them anyway then what’s the point of having it in the first place. Why just don’t submit and executive summary only?” was pushed aside by the roar of the professor. Then we learnt the art of Power Point, you submit the 1000 page document which no one can/want/will read so you come up with bullet points to push you point in to the target’s head ( I guess that’s why they called it a power point). Amazed by the ability and capability of the power point the whole world got into it. Now if you find a power point ending within 15 slides you know it is forward messages with either some cute chicks in the night wear or some catastrophe which you can avoid by pressing the forward button on your outlook.

I mean come on with all the information in this world who has the time to actually go through it. Being into ERP business I sometimes wonder does a CEO of a company actually knows that the average time to figure out the complete capabilities of an ERP system exceeds multiple times the shelf life of the CEOs. But being a quick learner he hires someone from the breed of hardworking people called MBA’s and makes them work on another most powerful analysis tool which is blessed upon the human race- Microsoft Excel.

The poor chap burns midnight oil and struggles day in and day out with huge loads of documents/numbers data tweaking a bit and a byte there, trying to give a few more degrees of elevation to the sweet little things on the excel work sheet known as – YoY Profit, YoY Revenue, QoQ Profit, QoQ Revenue and blah and more blah. All his existence resting on .0001 degrees of elevation and a 150 page document specifying that why the .0001 degree is justified. This bible of 150 pages which is dispatched to the intended recipient called shareholders (which essentially are people like me, I mean people who have De-mat account J ) who are supposed to read them. However, even I don’t have the time to read 150 pages, so essentially one fine day my mom walks in and the 150 page bible is ripped page by page to place in the casserole to provide a base below the paper napkins to keep the water of the food. You know this kind of paper works too well mom says. Pity the guy who slogged his backside for that elevation.

Hmmmpff and I didn’t stop here but went on my take on mobile technology, more about it in a later post. But I must say power point does one commendable thing, giving poor guy a chance to speak more than the lady at least for the time when she is trying to work on another cent of elevation…..

Alee you can do wonders, I can’t believe I spoke so much that too against….Sniff Sniff

Where is this smoke coming from, Oh darling you are so sexy, Love your attitude, Love your name Dell Latitude D520, and your bright 15″ wide eyes. You know that i didn’t meant everything I said. You know you can keep me hooked with you for ages (Okay! you just have to keep you WiFi on baby)