The Canyon of Souls

Author: Ronald Malfi
Publisher: Grey Oak/Westland
Price: 225/-
Pages: 303

I was reading the author for the first time, and the genre which seemed more like a mountaineering travelogue. The book actually turned out to be very different, it would actually fall into thriller more than the travelogue. The story is set in picturesque mountains of Himalaya, where the protagonist along with few other men tries to cross the Canyon of soul.  A mystical place where, according to the ancient legends, one world connects to the other a place where one can only be lead by the power of spirits they are lead by.

The story starts with Tim Overleigh the protagonist finding himself in a cave all alone facing death. The story depicts the protagonist heading to a path of self destruction while holding himself responsible for his wife’s death. Indulging in extreme sports and depression and his original talent for sculpting has suddenly vanished, the life of Tim seems to reach a dead end. That is when the plot unfolds and Tim runs into his friend Andrew, who is another extreme sports enthusiast. Who gives him an offer to join him on a mountaineering expedition with couple of other men to the canyon of souls. Tim, Andrew and his other friends set out to conquer the untouched canyon of souls, but it is not only the tough Himalayan terrain and conditions that post a challenge to these men. Their lives are threatened and the journey which looks plausible seems more dangerous, is it the sprits against them in the canyon of souls or there is something bigger waiting for them.

The book is relatively slower than the usual thrillers we read but the author has ensured that he has covered the picturesque Himalayas and the involved characters in appropriate detail. The book works specially because of the effort and attention to detail done by the author on the build up of the plot while leading the reader along with the details. The book manages to capture the readers imagination, and manages to use the brilliant storytelling to bring in the thrill moments. People looking for a quick and fast paced read might find the book a bit slow but nevertheless the story telling makes up for it.

Summary: A brilliant read, captures imagination well and manages to surprise the readers with a descript travelogue served alongside steaming plot.

Rating: 8.5/10

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  1. Ruchira Reply

    Imaginative and a travelogue as well .. this book looks like somethign I will definately enjoy reading. I love the way you review books Prats. SUch a well written, balanced review.

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