The Clockwork Man

Author: William Jablonsky
Publisher: Westland/Silverfish
Price: 225/-
Pages: 231

The book is a strikingly different tale of love, righteousness and relationships. Unlike a lot of other books, the author in this charts a different territory when he explores the humans from the lens of a machine. The protagonist in the book is a machine, an invention of genius which allowed the machine to walk think and learn a bit like humans.
18th century iconic automated clockmaker, Karl Gruber makes a new machine which works on the principles of the clockwork. This invention called β€œErnst” in the first half of life lives with the Gruber household and becomes incredibly attached to his inventor & his daughter. He is an important part of the household, A perfect gentleman with strongly imbibed morals and values. Life for Ernst takes unexpected turn when a tragedy strikes the family and Ernst finds himself all alone when he shuts himself down.
He only wakes up in 2005 and finds himself in an entirely new world and surroundings. The story deals how a machine lives and copes in the 21st century world with values, morals and principles practiced in 19th century. How the clockwork man finds his purpose in life and manages to move on from his past.
The book is written in the diary format where Ernst maintains spanning his entire life of over 150 years. The author has brilliantly brought the emotional aspects of the development of emotions, understanding and principles in the clockwork man. The relationship between Gruber daughter and Ernst is so well portrayed that even for a while reader is not faced with awkwardness of the romance between them. The pace of the story is a bit slow but the depth and the emotional portrayals more than make up for it. All in all book has a unique plot and a feel of a classic with all the 18th century plot.
Summary: A great contemporary classic; a good read for readers across genres.
Rating: 8.5/10

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