The Coffee In The House

So all of you folks know about my obsession for various gadgets etc and my joy of buying them. I shared with you when I bought my car and I shared with you when I bought this. So it was time for me to buy another gadget which I had my eyes on for a long time. So last week I jumped over the opportunity to get the desired coffee maker for myself and bought this model from Morphy Richards.

For the feedback, the coffee maker works well and makes a good espresso and cappuccino. I also got a Costa Rica Beans for brewing for my espresso. Here are some pics of my first few coffees from the new coffee maker and the coffee brewed on my own coffee maker.

Firstly this is the machine that I bought, though had some other models from Inalsa, & Lavazza but Inalsa was too crude (as a matter of fact there was another stripped down version of Morphy Richards where you could not control the strength of the brew which also was too crude thought a bit cheaper) and Lavazza was very expensive priced around Rs. 9,000.  So this is the model which yours truly & the wifee decided to pick up.

Once all the equipment was setup and cleaned, I added the coffee to the filter and water in the machine. Saying my prayers I finally switched it on, after a minute and a half, the espresso started pouring in the kettle.

Finally after full 3 minuted we had a kettle full of Espresso ready and though I wanted to immediately pour it down my throat, wifee gave me the “Do Not Touch It” look and took some warmed milk for the cappuccino.

Now we poured the milk and the espresso in the mugs, leaving space for the froth to be formed. Then we steamed the mixture in the mugs to generate the froth over the coffee. Generating froth is a bit tricky, specially in a small mug the coffee tends to spill around, inviting you are so dead look from the wifee. This is how the nozzle looked after we had steamed for making the froth.

and after all the steaming and a bit of mess which wifee cleaned up, this is what I can proudly present as the coffee made by me 🙂

24 comments on “The Coffee In The House”

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    • Prats Reply

      @Monika: Sure anytime 🙂 It’s worth it…I am using it with the coffee roast bought from CCD Square

  2. Ahmed Reply

    Interesting, with your help I’ll finally learn how to make a cup of coffee…

  3. Nu Reply

    that is so good…owning a coffee makes for a coffee drinker like you is such a pride 🙂

    The pics are tempting..I’m sure the coffee inside tasted great too 🙂

  4. Sraboney Reply

    WOW!!! Looks really good…I wish I could buy an espresso maker but since my husband doesn’t drink the stuff, there’s no point in buying it just for me…

    Happy Coffee Drinking!

  5. Tanvi Reply

    Hey…Looks tasty…though i ain’t a coffee person, It sure is tempting me to try.

    By the way, i hope at the end of it all, you also got a ‘next time you make coffee clean up urself’ look from wifee…lol

    Just kidding.

    P.S. Have tagged you on my latest blog. hope you take it in future…specially when you have trouble during NaBloPoMo. 🙂

  6. tikulicious Reply

    wow Prats .. sinfully addictive for a coffee lover like me. Awesome .. I am tempted to ask for an invite with Prats :p ..what say?

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