The "F" in Fun

What does one expects when he goes to a movie. Till early 90s the movie used to be walk in to the theater, sit glued to an uncomfortable chair for 3 hours, watch the movie and may be have some Pepsi & Popcorn in the intermission. Then came the decade of multiplexes; which converted the movie watching into an experience with better screens, better sound, and relatively comfortable chairs.

It might be the next progression of the movie watching experience is dominated by the idea of chilling out and stress busting while watching the movie. The idea is something which I realized when I went to watch the movie Inception this Saturday. Recently I had been hearing a lot about the Foster’s F-row Campaign on twitter and blogs. So when I got a chance to experience the much talked about F-row I grabbed it with my hands full.

The concept is quite novel and it actually adds a lot of flavor to the movie. When we reached in the waiting lounge of the theater, we were greeted with the Foster’s guys were waiting for us with one of the best feet massagers in the lounge itself. So before the movie we were subjected to a small relaxation session on the feet massagers which actually took away all the tiredness caused due to driving to the theater.

When we moved inside the theater the F-row was marked differently with Fosters logo and there as soon as we settled on our chairs there were special cushions we were provided with a goodies bag, which had a squeeze-me smiley ball, with Foster’s bottle opener and face wipes. So when we left with a hall we had a part of the movie watching experience going home with us.

So overall we had a brilliant weekend movie which was terrific and add to that the Foster’s F-row made it all the more memorable and pleasant. So next time you booking a ticket for a movie on a weekend, Foster’s F-row is well worth a try.

Images Courtesy: D33pak, Foster’s Blog

9 comments on “The "F" in Fun”

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    • Prats Reply

      @Monika: No they don’t serve extra… The charges are usual no markup or anything…Just that ur ticket should be in the F row. Also its only on wekend in Inox Garuda Mall in Blore 🙂

  2. pallavi Reply

    Awesome Prats!!! never heard of this before, but sounds really cool!!! And I second Monu above, do they serve anything good 😉

    • Prats Reply

      @Pallavi: Yes they recently started… They don’t serve anything…except for the goodies you see in the pic 🙂

  3. Nu Reply

    that’s called Marketing ! The guys at Fosters have done their homework pretty well in their management classes 😉

    Loved the idea and sure the experience sounds great 🙂

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