The Karachi Deception

Author: Shatrujeet Nath

Publisher: Grey Oak/Westland

Price: 225/-

Pages: 251

The Karachi Deception the debut novel from the author and apart from the author introduction on the first page the book nowhere reflects as a debutant work. Very well written and thoroughly researched, the book reflects the amount of work the author has put in to finish this as a product.

The plot is based on the modern day terrorism and espionage when the Indian Military & Indian intelligence who undertake a mission to eliminate one of the most wanted terrorist and underworld don Irshaad Dilawar who is under the asylum of Pakistan. Three commandos from a secret army unit are expected to accomplish the mission. The story gets complicated when they find their plans and movements are already known to their adversaries, and they realized that their mission Project Abhimanu has been compromised. The mission they were determined to complete now appears to suicidal. The story progresses when the commandos from the army learn the harsh truth about the world of intelligence and how they were just small pawns in the large scheme of things.

The pace of the book is fast keeping the reader engaged and engrossed with the storyline. The characters though superficially portrayed work well due to the action element and suspense which has been handled extremely well. The writer has worked the plots on hyperbole of action while still convincing the reader of the plausibility. The climax could have been more fitting in comparison to the overall tone of the book but overall the suspense and intrigue were well maintained and addressed by the author.

I always wondered while reading the espionage novels from Sidney Sheldon, Lord Jeffery Archer, John Grisham etc. when we will have an Indian novel matching them in the plot and storytelling and I feel that The Karachi Deception is almost there.

Summary: A great fast read book with lot of suspense, action and intrigue in the espionage plot. A must read if you like the mystery, suspense, action, thriller genres

Rating:  8.5/10

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  1. Ruchira Reply

    I think I am going to read this since you say its almost matching in plt with Jeffery Archers and Sidney Sheldons ! Good Indian espionage novels are so needed !

  2. Suresh Taneja Reply

    Hi Prateek. If you remember you had reviewed my book ‘We can pull it off’ in Nov’10. I was trying to connect to you but it seems your email is changed. Could you please provide your new email id?

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