Book Review: The Professional by Subroto Bagchi

The Professional By Subroto Bagchi

The Professional By Subroto Bagchi

Author: Subroto Bagchi
Publisher: Penguin Portfolio
Price: 399/-

I generated a lot of respect for Subrto Bagchi, when I read High performance Entrepreneur as a writer in the realm of business and management. My respect for him increased manifolds after reading his story in Go, Kiss The World. Finally when I finished reading The Professional by him, he joined the place up there with the people I idolize, I aspire one day I can be in the same league as them. All this not because of what he has achieved, but the way he has achieved, it is more about the journey and the destination.
I would concentrate on “The Professional” here, the book is the percepts of how to be a perfect working professional. It is what, if I may call a bible for all working professionals people who would like to be professional in their conduct. Subroto Bagchi, has painstakingly illustrated the behavior, conduct and ethics of a professional.
In this world of falling moralities and flimsy loyalties, with likes of Satyam and Lehman rising from the dust and ending there itself, the conduct of a professional can be a grey area. What Bagchi illustrates is the mastering the art of being correct in spirit, not only in legalities. He writes the prescription for a strong and a moral work ethic still providing flexibilities to change organizations and switch loyalty. The examples he has quoted are relevant, inspiring and real life, motivating the professional on how he can follow the ethics and still be successful.
Though I am not sure how mature, the recruitment teams and the HR in the organizations are to value the kind of attitude Bagchi proposes in a professional. More difficult would be judging the professionals who actually live the attitude than mere glib who would try and speak their way to glory without actions. Bagchi, presents a correct and moral world pictures and also claims about the lengths he has gone to make sure these traits are identified and rewarded in his organization, but I have sincere doubts that these kind of model conduct would practically work in Non-Export areas, like government contractors, Builders, and many more agencies which thrive around the corruption in the government.
But still nevertheless, I would say it’s a brilliant book and a must read for all professionals. I would recommend it as a must read especially for the students of professional courses too, to understand the value and relevance of the perfect code of conduct for a professional.
Summary: A great read, very easy and free flowing in the content and message. Relevant, inspiring and still a light read. A must read for everyone.
Rating: 4.5 /5

11 comments on “Book Review: The Professional by Subroto Bagchi”

    • Prats Reply

      @Nu: Sure do, this one is a great read. Though every thing might not be applicable but a great guide to be an Ideal professional

  1. Smita Reply

    No doubt this looks like an interesting & relevant read but!!!

    I have a history of not finishing such books so chances of getting this are less. Nevertheless a great review 🙂

    • Prats Reply

      @Smita: Lollzzz History of not finishing… Wow!!! I thought u cud read anything and everything under the sun 🙂

  2. sri Reply

    cool. now that you have told me its the bible of professionals I got to read that 🙂

    I just finished 2 states and it was worth reading, thanks a lot for all your reviews!

  3. Monika Reply

    oh smitha i can say a ditto to that

    i pick these kinds of books, read a little and then leave it

    • Prats Reply

      @Phantom Brain: Quite possible, the review and recommendations are very personal. I agree a lot of it is very difficult to follow, hence I call it a bible which mentions ideals.

  4. Kartikay Reply

    I’ve been thinking of picking this book up. I guess you’ve provided that last “nudge” needed for me to finally BUY the book!


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