The Sands of Time

Since the beginning towards the end
The sands of time never remain in hand
With the fists so tight and the hands of glue
But sands of time slip out of blue
The wonders all around are so amazing
But the sand of time which we are all chasing
The air so dense, the horizons so wide
With disappearing sands we all survive
The water so black the people so dull
Within then sands it’s our lives we pull
The history speaks aloud about those dead corpse
But trapped in thee viscous circle circle are times forces
The life and death, the death and lives
Among the sands only spirits thrive
The world full of knots and tangles
Within the sands watching us, are angels
With our hands outstretched
Eyes burnt to color so red
The mouth torn for water and bread
all over earth are those sands which are spread

4 comments on “The Sands of Time”

  1. Srivats Reply

    lovely poem, the flow and the words fills the reader just like the sand clock 🙂

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